UGC Warns Students Over MBBS in China’s Validity in India

UGC Warns Students Over MBBS in China’s Validity in India

Recently, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has come out with a notice that talks about the various medical universities of China that are offering medical degree programs for the current and upcoming academic years.

Since the pandemic struck in 2020, Indian students have not been able to return to classes due to the Covid-induced travel restrictions/suspensions. Thus, Chinese authorities had conveyed earlier that said courses shall be resumed online. This decision came at odds with the AICTE, NMC, and UGC norms that do not recognize courses that have been done online.

Thus, the UGC notice has asked students to pursue such higher education degrees only with prior approval, to ‘avoid further problems in employment or higher studies.

What the NMC Earlier Said

Earlier this year, the National Medical Commission (NMC) had come up with a notice stating that medical courses that are taken COMPLETELY online shall NOT be valid in India. 

“As per the extant rules, National Medical Commission does not recognize or approve medical courses done only by online mode”

Returning Indian Students to Chinese Universities

As far as this issue is concerned, India has been in constant talks and contact with Chinese authorities, whether it’s the Chinese embassy and other authorities in New Delhi or the Indian embassy in China.

“I took up strongly the predicament of Indian students studying in China who have not been allowed to return, citing Covid restrictions. We hope that China will take a non-discriminatory approach since it involves the future of so many young people.”

The Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi has also recognized the hardships of Indian students and thus, has given an assurance stating that he would speak to the relevant authorities for necessary action.

The issue is currently being resolved by both Minister Jaishankar and Minister Wang, and we shall soon have Indian students returning to their parent institutions.

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