WhatsApp-Based Course for NEET and JEE Aspirants

WhatsApp-Based Course for NEET and JEE Aspirants

Stress management is one of the most important determinants that play an important role in a candidate’s JEE/NEET journey. Thus, to ensure this, PeakMind, an EdTech company has officially launched a “WhatsApp-based Course” named COMPETE.

What the Course Seeks to Achieve 

To start out, this statement by PeakMind encapsulates the aims of Compete

The program aims to handhold students to gear them for productivity, mindfulness, countering stress, nervousness, performance anxiety, and setbacks, and make them adept with quick strategies for their performance improvement. The students can reach out to the coaches anytime to provide quick help and assessment. Over 5000 aspirants from leading schools and training institutes have already benefited from the program

The CEO of PeakMind, Mr. Neeraj Kumar claimed that Compete seeks to instill confidence into the candidates, which will, in turn, improve their performance. In simple words, the goal is to make sure that candidates develop a strong foundation before heading into the exam so that the time and efforts, as well as, the financial and emotional investment of the parents and students are rewarded.

What It Includes

Mr.Kumar also highlighted the fact that competitive exams like the JEE and NEET take a huge toll on the young minds of students. Thus, Compete’s PRIME framework; Productivity, Reliance & mental strength, Intellect, Mindfulness, and Emotional well-being.

Students need to pay only INR 499/month for a COMPETE Lite Program. As part of this, there are dedicated coaches who are assigned to the candidates. These coaches are regularly in contact with the candidate, monitoring their progress and helping them strategize to red themselves of roadblocks during their journey. 

As far as accessible NEET coaching, study materials, LIVE classes, webinars, and updated tests are concerned, students can also access all of that FOR FREE on the Affinity Education App as well.

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