Beihua Medical University | MBBS Fee Structure

Beihua Medical University | MBBS Fee Structure

Beihua University is public medical University which is located in Jilin China. The University is owned by the state government and offering medical education in China. It is counted among the top oldest medical Universities of China as it was established in the year of 1906.

In the present scenario, the University is offering several kinds of medical courses to the medical aspirants. If you are willing to study any of the desired medical course from the University then we urge you to go through this article. The article will help you to know more about the University and the medical programs offered by it.

Courses Offered by the Beihua University:

Beihua University is a very popular Chinese medical University which is having several kinds of courses in its offerings list. Here you can study the medical courses such as the MBBS, BDS, Nursing and many other types of the bachelor and the master’s medical courses. 

The University is the prominent University of China which attracts the wide numbers of the subscription for its several medical courses not only from China but from Worldwide. 

MBBS from Beihua University:

As we have mentioned above that there are many kinds of medical courses in an offering from the Beihua University China but MBBS is the most subscribed program of the University. 
The duration of the MBBS course from this University is of 6 years which has been decently divided into the academics and the Internship session for the students. 

The first 5 years of the program has been dedicated to the academic session of the University where the students are required to study the medicine system of the Country and in the last 1 year of the program, the students are required to undergo the Internship session of the University.

The Internship session is all about granting practical exposure to the applications of medical studies. 
Here below are the main courses which you will study in the MBBS program of the University. 

  • Human systematic Anatomy 
  • Community Medicine
  • Diagnostics Radiology 
  • Forensic Medicine 
  • Physiology 
  • Gynecology
  • Medicine Surgery 
  • Pathology 
  • Immunology 
  • Obstetrics 
  • Pediatric etc. 

Beihua University Fee Structure:

Well, if you have made up your mind to study the MBBS course from the Beihua University then you must make yourself aware with the fee Structure of the University so that you can prepare your budget accordingly. Here below is the MBBS fee structure of the University. 


Beihua University Fee Structure

24000 7000 31000 319734

We have provided you the fee structure of the Beihua University in the Chinese currency which you can easily convert into your own regional currency. Here you are notified that the fee structure of the University doesn’t include the living and the food facilities cost. 

Amenities and the other facilities provided by the Beihua Medical University

Beihua University provides all kinds of basic facilities to its students which are necessary for the course of their studies so that the students don’t face any kind of trouble in their routine studies. Here below we are listing down the facilities that you will get from the University. 

  • Internet and the library facilities for the student’s knowledge strengthening
  • Mess and the hostel facilities 
  • Gym and the sports ground facilities 
  • Medical healthcare facilities.
  • Separate hostel facilities.
  • Big and the spacious lecture halls facilities.

Scholarship Program of the Beihua University:

The Beihua University offers the scholarship program to those students who come from the financially weaker section, who want to study with the University but are unable to fund their fee. The University offers the scholarship program to such students so that they can study their dream course and achieve their wild dreams. 

In the Beihua University, the students are open to apply for the several scholarship programs such as the Zilin scholarship, Chinese local government scholarship and the Confucius scholarship programs. We advise the students to visit the official website of the University to get more information about these scholarships programs of the University.

You are advised to check the eligibility criteria and the date of scholarship application so that you can apply for your own scholarship program.

Placement and the scope of the Beihua University:

While studying the MBBS program from the Beihua University you don’t have to concern yourself about the scope of your MBBS degree. The MBBS program from the University is recognized almost by all the medical bodies of the other countries, hence you don’t have to worry about the scope of the MBBS program from the University.

You can easily work as a doctor in China or anywhere else after earning your MBBS degree from the University. 

Contact Details of Beihua University and the Climate of China:

As you are looking forward to studying the MBBS from Beihua University hence we guess that you should be aware of the climate of China so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Well if we talk about the climate of Jilin China then here you will witness the typical four kinds of weather which are the summer, monsoon, autumn, and the winter. Here the winter is generally long in the comparison of the summer season. The weather gets really cold and dry in the winter during the month of January the temperature can reach -16 degrees on the average scale.

On the other hand the temperature in summer can be anywhere around 22 to 26 degrees in the month of June and July. Overall the winter season weather could be the extreme for the cold-sensitive people, so you need to make your plan accordingly in the course of your studies.

Here below is the contact information of the Beihua University, so that you can reach them in order to raise your query and get it sorted out. 

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