NMAT Exam 2022 for MBBS Philippines

NMAT Exam 2022 for MBBS Philippines

The National Medical Admission Test 2022 is a national-level exam to upgrade the selection process for admission to Philippines Medical colleges. To study MBBS in Philippines NMAT exam is compulsory for applicants. Additionally, this test is “standardized” in such a way that only the brightest and most qualified candidates are able to crack it.

This exam is conducted two times in a year, one in March and the second time in October. CHED is the conducting body of the National Medical Admission Test in Philippines.

As far as an MBBS in Philippines is concerned, the entire duration of the program is divided into two parts. First, a part is dedicated to BS/AB course with a duration of 1 year or 1.5 years. After that, students have to appear for the NMAT 2022. Also, it is important that students get good marks according to the university admission requirement.

Quick Highlights of NMAT 2022

Full name National Medical Admission Test (NMAT)
Exam frequency Twice in a year
Official website https://www.cem-inc.org.ph/nmat
NMAT Duration 3 hours (Part I)
2 hours and 30 mins (Part II)
NMAT Results In 15 working days

Why NMAT Exam 2022?

As it was evident from the above, the main reason to introduce NMAT exam is to improve the quality of education in the Medical Sector. Thus, it’s through the NMAT Exam that the authorities try to make sure that students who are going to get an MD degree (Equal to MBBS), should be proficient to tackle the Medical Situation.

This test is designed to assess and test the knowledge of the applicant in every important medical discipline possible. This means that the Students/applicants need to study hard to get admission to Top Medical Colleges in Philippines.

As far as the results of the NMAT Exam are concerned, these shall be displayed/announced 15 days after the completion of the exam.

NMAT Eligibility 2022

In order to appear for the NMAT Exam, students first need to be eligible for the same, for which, there are a number of criteria. Indian Students have to pursue the BS course (1-year duration) before appearing in the NMAT exam as the education system in the Philippines accepts students fulfilling the 10+3 pattern of school education instead of the 10+2 of India.

Apart from this, college graduates and those in their final college year can also apply for the said exam.

Additionally, students should have to pass the higher secondary board exam with at least 50% marks. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology should be as main subjects in 12th.

In case any Indian student is pursuing any UG medical course in India and wants to get MBBS Admission in NMAT Philippines then after 1 year he/she can be allowed. 10+3 is mandatory for appearing in NMAT Exam.

Apart from this, if any student has completed the BS course from any university but is unable to get the required cutoff, then the student will be allowed to sit in the MD course. However, the degree will be offered to them only if they successfully qualified for the National Medical Admission Test. Thus, even those who have given the NMAT Exam before but haven’t been able to get the required minimum marks can re-appear for it.

NMAT Cutoff

According to the information available on the official website of the Indian Embassy, Indian Students have to pass the NEET Exam 2022 first in India and only then Students can enroll in MCI recognized Medical Colleges in the Philippines. After BS degree completion students have to pass NMAT Exam.

As per the information available for NMAT Cutoff then 40% marks is mandatory for MBBS Admission in Philippines. Also, some universities may ask you for more than 40% marks. However, foreign students can get admission in different quotas reserved for students. 30% of the total medical seats are reserved for international students.

NMAT Registration Online 2022

The process to do NMAT Philippines registration online is pretty simple and hassle-free. Students have to follow the step-by-step process in order to complete NMAT 2022 Registration.

    •  Visit the official website of the exam conducting body
    •  Create an account with true and verified information on  https://www.cem-inc.org.ph/nmat/user/register
    • Once this process is completed, you will get an email on your registered email id, informing you about the payment instructions.
    • Pay the fee by using the online payment mode. This shall generate a “payment confirmation receipt” from the particular payment partner. Make sure to download this and take a printout for safekeeping.

 In case you don’t receive the payment confirmation receipt within 2-3 days after the above  process, contact the NMAT Secretariat.

Things you need at the time of registration

    • Valid email id (should be the one that is used for online application)
    • Passport size photograph in Digital mode (No selfies or informal poses)
    • The Foreign/International applicants and/or those taking the NMAT exam in foreign centers need a hard copy of a valid Photo ID card or any other ID proof issued by the government and academics documents.
    • Graduation certificates or a PDF file consisting of a Transcript of Records.

Topics will be covered in NMAT Exam Syllabus


    •  Organic Chemistry basics
    •  Kinetics
    •  Gases and Gas Laws
    •  Hybridization
    •  Bonds
    •  Biological Compounds: DNA, RNA, Sugar, Proteins, Fats
    •  Acids and Bases
    •  Equilibrium
    •  Concentration (molarity, molality, moles,..)
    •  Radioactivity and nuclear chemistry
    •  Solubility
    •  Periodic Table
    •  Thermodynamics
    •  Solutions


    •  Sound
    •  Light
    •  Gravitation
    •  Centripetal and centrifugal force
    •  Electromagnetics
    •  Nuclear Force
    •  Fluids and fluid dynamics
    •  Linear Motion
    •  Circular Motion
    •  Vectors
    •  Optics
    •  Simple Pendulum
    •  Friction
    •  Projectile Motion
    •  Rotational Motion
    •  Thermodynamics
    •  Mechanics
    •  Efficiency
    •  Waves (electromagnetic, mechanical)
    •  Circuits
    •  Air resistance


    •  Osmosis
    •  Cell
    •  Plant tissues
    •  Embryology
    •  Genetics
    •  Circulatory System
    •  Nervous System
    •  Animal tissues
    •  Muscles
    •  Digestive System
    •  Immune System
    •  Endocrine System
    •  Ecosystem, community and population interaction
    •  Cell Division (mitosis, meiosis)
    •  Cell Respiration
    •  Scientific Names
    •  Reproduction

Inductive Reasoning

    •  Figure Series
    •  Figure Grouping
    •  Number and Letter Series

Quantitative Reasoning

    •  Fundamental Operations (mostly arithmetic)
    •  Word problems (work, power, probability, area, surface area, volume, percentage, profit and loss, basic trigonometry)
    •  Data Interpretation (Statistics)


  •  Reading comprehension
  •  Analogies
  •  Here is the complete information about What is the NMAT Exam in Philippines, syllabus, results, and registration process.


Things Needed to Give The NMAT Exam 2022

1.Laptop/Desktop (with a functional mouse) with Windows (Windows 7 and above) Operating System. Macbooks, Mac Desktops, or Android and iOS devices are not compatible.

2.Make sure that the browser you’re using is the latest version (for Chrome it should be Version 63 and above and Firefox needs to be of Version 52 and above)

3.The test is incomplete without a “webcam” and thus, it’s COMPULSORY. The same goes for a functioning “Microphone” (Volume of the mic needs to be kept on maximum)

4.Perhaps the most important aspect in terms of requirement is a stable internet connection (having a speed of at least 5 MBPS). Avoid using hotspots or unstable connections. You can check your system’s internet speed through http://bandwidthplace.comhttp://www.speedtest.net

5. A scratchpad is allowed for the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology tests as well as the Inductive and Quantitative Exams.

6.Students must be carrying a valid ID proof which needs to be presented to be allowed into the online session.

Finally, the NMAT Exam 2022 needs to be given in a well-ventilated and well-lit room.



Que. –When is the NMAT exam?

Ans The NMAT Exam 2022 shall be held in April (23rd-24th, 26th-27th, and 29th-30th) as well as in May (2nd-4th and 6th-8th). Registrations for the same have now closed!

Que. –Why is the NMAT exam compulsory in the Philippines?

Ans –To get admission to top medical colleges in the Philippines it is compulsory to qualify for the NMAT exam as it improves the quality of education in the medical sector.

Que. –What are the important documents students need while registration?

Ans –While registration students required following documents are:

  •   Valid email id
  •   Passport size photograph
  •   Photo id card issued by the government
Que. –Is NMAT exam in the Philippines hard?

Ans –Though a very subjective question, it can be said that the standard of the NMAT exam is up to the global standard. It is designed to ensure that only those who have their concepts at their fingertips can crack this exam. 

Que. –If I failed in the first attempt, can I reapply for the exam?

Ans –Yes, you can easily reapply for the exam as there is a limitation for attempting the exam. There will be 2 more attempts that you can give after this.

Que. –What is the marking scheme of NMAT Philippines?

Ans –For each correct answer students get +1 and there is no negative marking. 

Que. – What if you fail in Philippines NMAT?

Ans –Failing in the NMAT Exam is not something you need to worry about. There are a total of 3 attempts that one can give for this exam. Each year’s score is valid for 2 years.