Tver State Medical University: Noted MBBS Centre in Russia

Tver State Medical University: Noted MBBS Centre in Russia

About the University

The Tver State Medical University was founded in 1902 for the dental course but a few years later it became a Medical University. The University is one of the oldest and finest Universities in Russia. Thousands of aspirants take the Entrance Exam to become candidates for the University every year. The University provides a 6-year MBBS course including 1-year of internship. 

Faculty or professors create a friendly environment for the candidates which makes aspirants feel relaxed from the extra burden of education, especially foreign aspirants. The University country ranking is 285th and in the world it is 7653rd. The University is the country’s first flagship university. More than 30% of the seats are allocated to international students

Tver State Medical University has been a leader in the development of medicine and the training of physicians and scientists for many years. The quality of education, highly-skilled academic staff, the quality of administration, campus environment, high-standard hostels, and the quality of student life are among the best in the country. 

Quick Highlights of Tver State Medical University

Founded in: 1902

Education Year: English

Yearly Tuition Fees: 2,62,760 RUB

Recognized by: NMC and WHO

Exam need to qualify: NEET Qualified

Students Trained every year: 500+

Country Ranking: 285th

World Ranking: 7,653rd

Why choose Tver State Medical University

The University is counted among the best Universities in Russia and also in the world. There are so many reasons candidates choose the University for their studies, A few of those reasons are:

  • Tver State Medical University MBBS fees are too affordable which especially helps those candidates who are financially weak.
  • Faculty and staff are highly skilled in guiding students to achieve their career goals by providing quality education.
  • The University provides students with laboratories, realistic classrooms, auditoriums, halls, etc.
  • The Universityprovides students with extracurricular activities such as debates, quizzes, and sports competitions.
  • No donations are required for the admission.
  • Hostel amenities include fully-furnished rooms, sanitization facilities, canteen or mess facilities, etc.
  • In hostel rooms chairs, tables, desks, etc are provided to the students. 
  • The university's education system is of excessive quality, including English as the language of instruction.
  • One of the top reasons why students choose to attend university is because of its quality education.
  • Every week, students visit hospitals and clinics for practical classes.

Tver State Medical University Ranking

According to the 4ICU Ranking, the Tver State Medical University Ranking in the country is 285th and in the world it is 7,653rd.

Tver State Medical University fees

The University is considered to be one of the top medical universities in both Russia and the world.Tver State Medical University fees are very affordable, which is a great advantage for students who are not financially well-off. The average annual fees for MBBS at the University are 2,62,760 Rubles.

Courses Specialization offered at the University

Tver State Medical University offers UG(undergraduate) and PG(postgraduate) courses in the following fields:

  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biophysics
  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Biomedicine
  • Preventive medicine
  • Physiology

Eligibility Criteria for Admission to Russian Universities



  • 50% marks for the General Category in the 12th standard.
  • 40% marks for reserved category candidates.
  • For admission, compulsory subjects required are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


  • The minimum age should be 17 till 31st December of the year in which admission is taken.

The admission process at the Russian University

Steps of taking admission to the University:

  • Apply online
  • Get the Invitation Letter
  • Pay Enrolment expenses
  • Apply for the Visa
  • Arrival in Russia
  • Commencement of classes

Documents Required for Admission to Russian Universities

  • 10th and 12th Board Exam Marksheet
  • NEET Scorecard of the Candidate
  • Original Passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Health and fitness certificate
  • Covid-19 Report(Negative)
  • HIV Report

Hostel Facilities at the University of Tver State Medical University

  • The hostel has fully furnished rooms, sanitization, mess or canteen, etc.
  • Rooms have chairs, desks, study tables etc for candidates.
  • Separate hostel provided to both boys and girls.
  • For security purposes, CCTV cameras are active 24 hours, and guards are always available at the gate.
  • Provides water supply 24 hours in the candidate's rooms.
  • There is a facility of gym, laundry, reading rooms, medical rooms, etc for the candidates in the hostels.
  • Internet facility provided to the students.
  • Every week students visit theatres to watch movies.
  • In hostels, chefs provide all types of food whether he/she vegetarian or non-vegetarian candidates.
  • TheTver State Medical University hostelis the perfect choice for those candidates who can’t afford to pay high money for outside campus..
  • There is a separate kitchen for 10-12 students who can make their food which is more hygienic and tasty.

Student life at Tver State Medical University

  • University service: The University provides a friendly environment to the candidates which makes sure that they feel comfortable and foreign students feel like they study in their country. The University has fully furnished classrooms, a library, museums, etc. The library facility makes sure that candidates study with ease as there is no noise. In Museums, students see scenery, sculptures, monuments, etc which makes students connected with history.
  • Sports facilities: The University provides extracurricular activities regularly to the candidates which allows students to remain physically fit and make their lifestyle healthy. It also relaxes them from the extra burden of studies and feel more comfortable during their studies.;
  • Heritage and culture: The University provides top cultural and heritage facilities to the candidates which makes students to be linked with the heritage and the culture. The University has a garden, in which beautiful flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. are present which helps students to spend some time there relaxing for studies burden.
  • Friendly Faculty and Staff: The University has friendly faculty and staff that make sure that candidate is on the right path during their study life. It makes sure that students become one of the finest doctorate holders in their respective fields.
  • Visit hospitals and clinics: Candidates visit hospitals and clinics regularly for practical training. It provides more exposure to the candidates in their medical lives. University faculty and staff help students to be more innovative during their education. Candidates also see the treatment of the patients in front, which helps them in the future when they become doctors.
  • Help in research conferences: The Institution hosts conferences for students, where students present their research results in front of a bigger crowd. These conferences are very helpful for the candidates, as they interact directly with the faculty share their knowledge get feedback, and be in touch with them regularly. It also helps students in their communication skills.
  • Having research opportunities: There are highly skilled faculty and staff in the University priority is to help students to be encouraged in the research projects. They give them scientific knowledge in the labs which helps them to get students in touch with practical knowledge of doctorate.
  • Applicants Organizations: The university provides extracurricular activities like debates, quizzes, sports competitions, etc. regularly to the candidates. It also helps students in their cultural activities, scientific conferences, and many more. Students also get knowledge about how to bond with other students in the University.
  • Global Exchange Programs: The University provides a chance for the students to study international exchange programs at partner Universities around the world, where they can get health-related exposure to the cultural field over the globe. The exposure in the world helps students to get a more significant knowledge of the medical field on the world stage.
  • Supportive to the candidates: The University’s priority is the health of the applicants. The University provides academic guides and advisors that help students throughout their medical course. The University also provides facilities to the candidates for counseling services which judge the personal and academic difficulties in a great environment
  • High-Standard Accommodation services: As mentioned above, there is a high-standard accommodation facility for the candidates in the University which especially helps those candidates who can’t afford to pay high accommodation fees. There is food availability for both veg and non-veg students. Indian food is also available for the candidates which makes sure that Indian students no need to visit outside hostels in hotels or restaurants.


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Que 1: Which are the best medical Universities in Russia?

Ans 1: The best medical Universities in Russia are:

  • Voronezh State Medical University
  • Crimea Federal University
  • Tver State Medical University
  • Far Eastern Federal University
  • OMSK State Medical University

Que 2: Which is the medium of instruction in the University?

Ans 2: The University provides education in the English language to the candidates which especially helps foreign candidates who refuse to do MBBS in Russia due to the language barrier.

Que 3: Is Russia a good country to study MBBS?

Ans 3: Yes, it is the perfect place to study MBBS courses as University tuition fees are so much more affordable, and the environment provided to the students is also friendly which is mostly suited to students who want to do MBBS abroad.

Que 4: Is the degree of MBBS valid in India?

Ans 4: Yes, the MBBS degree is valid in India because it is approved by organizations like WHO(World Health Organization) and NMC(National Medical Commission).