Jilin University in China for MBBS Course

Jilin University is a prestigious and prominent Chinese medical university, which is located in Jilin China and was founded back in the year 1946. The University is having the tag of double first class University under the Chinese ministry of education.


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It is involved basically both in the research and the educational field and offering the various kinds of medical courses to the national, and the international students such as the MBBS, etc.

If you are planning to study MBBS at the Jilin University China, then you should be reading this of our article to have the basic knowledge about the University and Jilin University MBBS program.

Courses Offered by the Jilin University :

Jilin University comes under the top 10 China medical universities which offer the vast range of the medical courses including the medical courses such as the MBBS, Nursing Program, Preventive medicines program, Dentistry program, and such other medical courses. MBBS is the topmost featured program of the University which is widely subscribed both at the national and the international scale. 

If we talk about the MBBS program of the Jilin University then it is 6 years long and the medium of the course is entirely in the English language which makes it easy for the international students to study in China. The program has been kept well balanced between the academic and the internship session. 

The first 4.5 years of the program the student is taught about the basics and the advanced knowledge of the medicine, where the students study the main branches of Medical science such as microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy, pathology and other branches of the medical science.

The last 1.5 years of the program is allocated to the internship session, where the students are given the practical exposure to apply their medical knowledge over the patients of the hospital so that the students can become well versed both at the practical and the academic aspects of the program.

 Jilin University for MBBS program

Jilin Medical University Fee Structure:

If you are interested in studying the MBBS from the Jilin University, then you must make yourself aware with the fee structure of the University so that you can plan your study session accordingly.

Here is the fee structure of the Jilin University for your concern. 

Jilin Medical University Fee Structure

29000 3650 32650 336785

The fee structure has been provided in the Indian currency, which you can convert into the United States currency easily. The above-mentioned fee structure includes both the tuition and the hostel fee as well.

Amenities and the other facilities by the Jilin Medical University China to the students :

Jilin University takes care of the basic facilities and the amenities, which are required by the students in order to keep their study sessions well going without any troubles.

Here is the list of basic facilities which are provided by the Jilin University 

  • Library along with the internet facilities so that the students can broaden their intelligence and explore the new things in the medical field.
  • The mess and the hostel facilities to provide accommodation with healthy food.
  • The big spacious study session halls so that every student can study in an open environment. 
  • Sports ground to encourage the students towards good health.
  • Boys and girls are allocated the separate hostel room which manages the unisex education environment in the campus. 

Scholarship Program of the Jilin University :

If you are someone who belongs to the financially weaker section family and can’t afford the fee of the Jilin University, then you can apply for the scholarship program of the University.

As per the scholarship program of the university, any student who is eligible for their scholarship program can apply for it and if the concerned student qualifies all the relevant criteria, the University will grant the scholarship to the student to fund the partial or the complete fee of the student.

Chinese government scholarship and Confucius Institute scholarship are the major scholarship programs of the Jilin University that the student can apply for.

Placement scope of the Jilin University

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the article that Jilin University is one among the top 10 medical universities of China, and the MBBS program of the Jilin University is well recognized by all the international medical bodies such as the WHO, GMC or MCI.

You can definitely pursue MBBS from the Jilin University and once you get your degree, it will be valued in any major country after passing out the screening exam of that country, you can even start your own medical practices or get a job at the hospital.

Contacts Details of the Jilin University and Climate of China:

The Republic of China is one of the largest economies in the world which is known by its world-class medical and other infrastructure. The medical council of China is recognized across the world, and for that reason, both the national and international students come to the country for their MBBS and other medical courses program. 

The climate of China is dominated by the dry weather and for that reason here both the summer and the winter seasons come with the dry aspects in them. You will experience the normal temperature of winter, and summer in the country with the wet monsoons, which makes it the ideal place for the international students to study MBBS here.

Here, at last, we are providing you the contact details of the Jilin University, which you can use to get you any query resolved by calling at their number or reaching their website. 

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