Metropolitan University College of Medicine Antigua

Metropolitan University College of Medicine Antigua

Located in the Eastern Caribbean Islands, the Metropolitan University College of Medicine is one of the premier medical schools for MBBS in Antigua, which combines top-quality education with a decent quality of life. The curriculum is designed to train and develop students into intelligent, compassionate, and efficient medical professionals.

For this purpose, the university encourages original research, case studies, and self-learning alongside a curriculum set to American standards. This ensures the all-round development of students prepares them to crack the USMLE licensure exam.

Highlights 2022


Metropolitan University College of Medicine Antiguas (MUCMA), School of Medicine






  •  Govt. of Antigua and Barbuda
  •  Antigua and Barbuda National Accreditation Board
  •  WHO’s “World Directory of Medical Schools” (WDOMS)
  •  GMA
  •  The program also meets the guidelines of CAAMP-HP


Newgate Street, St John’s, Antigua


M.D (includes Pre-medical, Basic Science, and Clinical Science program)



Metropolitan University College Of Medicine Antigua Ranking

There is no ranking per se when it comes to medical schools/colleges in the Western Hemisphere. Instead, the “rank” of a medical institute is determined by its affiliations and accreditations. These accolades can only be achieved once the said institute has fulfilled a number of quality checks (academics and other facilities).

As the Metropolitan University College of Medicine Antigua is closely aligned with the American and British ways of working, it too doesn’t come in any ranking. However, it has been accredited by the WHO, NBA, FAIMER, MCI Approved as well as the Govt. of the Antigua and Barbuda Accreditation Council.

Pursuing MBBS in Antigua especially from the MUCM will definitely ensure top-quality internships and clerkships with renowned hospitals across the USA.

Eligibility Criteria 2022

  •  Bachelor’s Degree/Associate Degree/Pre-medical Program from any medical school
  •  1 year of undergraduate (or equivalent) English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry (Organic and Inorganic), Biology, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences.
  •  Ability to read, write and speak English fluently.
  •  Clean and scot-free criminal background
  •  Completed Nursing/Dentistry
  •  BSc/Bachelors in Health Sciences/Bachelors in Pharmacy
  •  At least the minimum qualifying score in NEET Exam

Metropolitan University College Of Medicine Courses

Pre-medical Program

The primary aim of this course is to build a solid foundation, in terms of the knowledge required to pursue and understand MD. Consisting of 3 semesters, this program takes a little less than a year to complete (45 weeks). Students who have successfully completed their 10+2/high school are eligible for this program.

  •  Students who haven’t undertaken this course before, have to compulsorily take this in order to be eligible for the Basic Science program.
  •  Students who have fulfilled some of these prerequisites or have undergone some sort of premedical course need not take this course. This applies to students with an Associate’s Degree/Bachelor’s Degree as well.
  •  Along with exemption from the PM Program, these students are also eligible for advanced placements

This program has a total of 90 credits divided among 18 subjects, including English, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, General and Organic Chemistry, Sociology, Anatomy, Research Science, General Biology to name a few. These are enough to meet the requirements for American medical practice.

Basic Science Program

The primary aim of this course is to build a solid foundation as well, but in this case, it would be in the field of medicine. This shall give the students a head start, which will be helpful in the clinical science program. Consisting of 4 semesters (MD1 to MD4), this program takes a little more than a year to complete (60 weeks). Students who have successfully passed the PM or a similar program are eligible.

  •  Includes case study analysis, group discussions, research projects, and an overall integrative approach.
  •  One-to-one tutoring and individualized academic support are available too.
  •  The minimum GPA required to pass is 2.0 or Grade C or above. Students unable to do so are provided Remediation a.k.a Remedial exams at the end of each semester.

This program has a total of 150 credits, divided into 18 subjects, including History, Physiology, Neuroscience, Microbiology, Pathology, Immunology, Pharmacology to name a few. After the 60 weeks, there’s also a 15-week “Integrative Clinical Science Program”, which is a semester integrating the Basic Science with the Clinical Science Program.

Clinical Science Program

This program is 72-weeks long (6 semesters), consisting of Clerkships/Rotations (both core and elective). While the Core Clerkships are for 48 weeks, electives last for 24 weeks.

Core Clerkships in university-affiliated hospitals are mandatory for all students. It includes subjects like Internal and Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Surgery as well as Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 

Elective Clerkships are chosen by the students according to their likes and dislikes and are somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks long. Electives can be chosen from the core subjects as well as other specialties/subspecialties. The latter may include: -

  •  Gastroenterology
  •  Nephrology
  •  Oncology
  •  Neurosurgery
  •  Trauma care
  •  Critical care
  •  Dermatology, among others

Students can pursue this in American states like Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Maryland, Illinois, and many others.

Important Documents

  •  Completed and duly filled application form (fill and submit at [email protected])
  •  2 letters of recommendation
  •  Curriculum Vitae
  •  Passport (with the requisite validity)
  •  Criminal background check certificate
  •  Personal statement (This is a short essay about yourself in 500 words or less)
  •  Official transcripts
  •  Class X and XIIth mark sheets and certificates
  •  NEET Scorecard

Metropolitan University College Of Medicine Admission Process 2022

The Admission process for this university keeps changing and tweaking every year. Therefore, to have the most accurate information on the admission process, contact our well-informed and experienced counselors, who shall guide you through every little detail. 

Metropolitan University College Of Medicine Antigua Fee Structure 2022



Pre-Medical (3 semesters)

12,28,000 INR


Basic Science (MD1-MD4 semesters)

16,38,000 INR

Pre-clinical Integration (MD5 Semester)

6,70,000 INR

Clinical Science Program (6 semesters)

40,20,000 INR

Hostel/Dorm Charges

  •  52,000 INR (single occupancy)
  •  30,000 INR per person (double occupancy)


63,30,000 INR (approx)


The Metropolitan University College of Medicine Antigua provides accommodation for all students. This ensures that throughout the duration of MBBS in Antigua, the students aren’t just exposed to top-class academics but a decent standard of living. For this purpose, there are several on-campus dormitories, which allow both single and double occupancy per room.

The University ensures that students have all the requisite facilities to have a quality and decent stay on the campus. These include: -

  •  Fully furnished and air-conditioned dorm rooms
  •  Single/Double Bed based on the occupancy selected 
  •  Study table, chair, closet, and even a small refrigerator
  •  A bathroom for each room
  •  24x7 water, electricity and internet services
  •  Laundry (self-laundry also possible) and Garbage collection services
  •  Gym facilities
  •  Hygienic and safe meals

Students also have the freedom to choose to stay outside the dorms. Contacts of reliable real estate agents are provided by the university in such cases. Additionally, help will be provided by the Student Services Representatives in the paperwork during such times.


  •  The Metropolitan University College of Medicine boasts of a staff of qualified medical professionals who ensure the best quality learning experience for the students who are pursuing MBBS in Antigua
  •  There is an equal emphasis on the practical (eg. Clinical clerkships across the Caribbean and USA, simulation labs, anatomy labs, and other labs) and theoretical aspects of the subject, which ensures all-around knowledge.
  •  Located in the Caribbean Islands, students can enjoy the fun-filled Caribbean lifestyle outside their campus.
  •  Spacious university dorms. 
  •  Centrally air-conditioned campus, Free Wi-Fi, and Round-the-clock security
  •  The curriculum is designed according to the US Medical curriculum and the USMLE Licensure exams. Those who pass USMLE are readily accepted in India, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK among others.
  •  Optimal teacher to student ratio
  •  Opportunities for students to gain experience by working in dynamic student organizations, which are supported and funded by the university.
  •  Free airport shuttles for students (includes pick up and drop at the beginning and end of the semester, respectively)
  •  Helpful and accessible student help and services as well as 24-hour access to the online library and reading room
  •  Students can choose to undergo Specializations only in the field of their interest.
  •  Easy access to the USA as its academic program resembles American school programs
  •  Clinical clerkships in the US Hospitals
  •  Interview Counselling by an experienced panel, consisting of American doctors
  •  Helpful e-resources and question banks in a 24x7 accessible online library.


Que. What are the Class timings in the Metropolitan University College of Medicine?

Ans. On most days, class timings are 8 AM to 3 PM. However, these timings can be flexible too. 

Que. How will out-station students have information about banking and other facilities?

Ans. The university carries out an orientation program as well as student interactions with representatives of Student Services. Through these, students shall get all information regarding the nearby banking services, grocery stores, restaurants, and other essential services.

Que. Can the student bring pets or spouses into the dorms?

Ans. No! While a temporary visit can be fine, students cannot permanently bring them here. If that’s the case, students can opt for off-campus accommodation. The university provides contacts of reliable agents to get you a decent place to live.

Que. What other activities are available for students, other than academics?

Ans. Students can always join the Student Government Association (SGA) and in turn, participate in event coordination, community outreach, and other programs. They can also join other clubs like the Journal Club, Pediatrics Club, Caribbean Students Association, and the First Aid Club as well, or start their own club.

Que. How does the Metropolitan University College of Medicine prepare students for the future?

Ans. Students have 24-hour access to the online library, consisting of books, case studies, and other relevant material. Students can also access the online question bank that gives an idea to students about the pattern of the USMLE Exam (steps 1 and 2). This is in addition to the core and elective clerkships offered by the university.

Que. What services are provided by the “Student Services” of MUCM?

Ans. The representatives of Student Services mainly provide Academic Counseling, Career Counseling, Financial Aid Counseling, Personal Counseling, Residency Interview Counseling as well as Health and Special needs services.