NEXT Exam 2024-25: Purpose, Syllabus, Eligibility, and Exam Pattern

NEXT Exam 2024-25: Purpose, Syllabus, Eligibility, and Exam Pattern

National Exit Test?

The National Exit Test will be conducted to provide admission to postgraduate medical courses. It’s a mandatory licensing test for undergraduate students to practice in India. Those candidates who complete MBBS abroad or in India need to qualify for theNEXT exam to provide their medical services. 

AIIMS Delhi conducts the National Exit Test. The NEXT exam will be organized twice a year. The exam is organized into 2 steps, the first is theoretical, and the second is practical. This exam is a gateway to getting a practice medicine license in India. 

Latest Updates for the Next Exam 

Based on the recent updates shared by the conducting bodies, the Next exam is likely to be organized in August. We advised candidates to check the exact examination date on the official website. 

Highlights of the Exam 

The next exam in 2024 will be conducted by AIIMS Delhi for admission to postgraduate students. This exam is replaced by the FMGE exam from last year. 

Exam Name 

National Exit Test 

Conducting Body 

AIIMS Delhi/ NMC mostly 

Object of exam 

Medical license 

Exam Level

Postgraduate at National level 

Eligibility for the NEXT Exam 

Final-year medical students, 

Exam mode 


Number of paper 

2 paper 

How many restrictions 

No restriction

Questions types 






Objective of NEXT Exam

  • First, this is conducted for those who dream of studying MBBS abroad and then coming to their home country to provide their medical services. 
  • Second, It ensures the selection of one of the best students for PG courses.
  • The next exam aims to uplift more qualified and skilled medical professionals in India. 

Conducting the Body of the Next Exam

All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi, has declared the Next exam conducting body. An official announcement regarding the same was made in June 2023.

NEXT Exam Eligibility Criteria 

The National Exit Test will be suitable for undergraduate medical students. Next/FMGE exam criteria include some important facts; kindly consider them. 

  • All undergraduate medical students are enrolled in the MBBS program from that medical college, i.e. approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • Every foreign medical graduate who has been approved by the NMC to apply for a license to practice medicine in India as a registered medical practitioner. 

NEXT Exam Pattern 

The National Exam Pattern is divided into parts, as we discussed above. Next is the theory exam, which will be held online, while NEXT 2 will be held offline. If we talk about NEXT 1 there are 540 MCQ questions. Those candidates who are clear are eligible for an internship program. Candidates must be required to obtain 50% marks in it. Students must clear both exams (NEXT 1 and NEXT 2). 

Next Exam Pattern Important Point

  • The theory-based NExT 1 will be conducted online.
  • In NExT 1, 540 multiple-choice questions covering 19 subjects will be asked.
  • The next 2 will happen after the internship.
  • The practical exam, NExT 2, will be held at relevant state colleges and universities.
  • Next 1 scores are valid for two years to be eligible. Paper-2: Practical Examination. 

NEXT 1 Exam syllabus 

The NEXT/FMGE exam syllabus comprises six subjects covering clinical, pre-clinical, and para-clinical areas. Next, we focus on testing the theoretical knowledge of students through these subjects. 

  1. Medicine & allied subjects 
  2. Pediatrics
  3. Surgery & allied subjects 
  4. Otorhinolaryngology
  5. Obstetrics & Gynecology 
  6. Ophthalmology 

NEXT 2 Exam Syllabus

  1. Medicine & allied subjects 
  2. Surgery & allied subjects 
  3. Obstetrics & Gynecology 
  4. Pediatrics
  5. Otorhinolaryngology
  6. Ophthalmology 
  7. Ophthalmology Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR)

NEXT Exam Marking Scheme 

A minimum score will be required for candidates to be eligible for the exam. If necessary, matching percentages (marks out of a maximum of 100) with suitable decimals may be computed. The marks in NExT 1 will be calculated as whole numbers that will serve as the raw scores with reasonable decimals. Only pass or fail will be indicated for the NExT 2 Exam results, depending on the acquisition of the relevant competence that is being considered.

NEXT Exam Question Distribution

The NEXT 1 is designed in three main parts. As mentioned above, the exam consists of a total of 540 multiple-choice questions. The breakdown question types in the paper are as follows:

  • Paper-solving questions: This section, which makes up 60% of the paper, is dedicated to assessing the candidates' capacity to resolve challenging issues about medical scenarios.
  • Comprehension and analysis questions: 30% of the question paper consists of tests of student's “understanding and analytical skills.”.
  • Recall applied basic science, preventive, and public health questions: This section covers 10% of the paper. It includes questions about the candidate's “knowledge of fundamental medical science, application of concepts, and public health principles. 



No. of Question


Day 1

Medicine & allied subjects 


180 min



90 min

Day 2 

Surgery & allied subjects 


180 min



90 min

Day 3

Obstetrics & Gynecology 


180 min



90 min



810 min

Next, Passing Marks 

  • Those students who clear the exam must obtain 50% marks in the Next exam.
  • In each of the six papers, students are required to attain 50% marks in the exam. 

NEXT Exam Application Form 

  • The official notification regarding the application form has not been released yet. 
  • It is expected that the NMC will provide an online form for the Next exam in 2024. 
  • The application process includes registration, filling out the form, uploading images, paying the registration fee, and submitting the form. 
  • Before filling out the registration form, we advise checking the eligibility criteria. 


The next exam is comparatively easier than the NEET UG exam; there was 1 exam for 9 subjects, but the next exam includes only 6 subjects. As a result, students' preparation will be concentrated on these six subjects, making their overall preparation simpler. 

Preparation Tips for the Next Exam 

Below, we share some amazing tips for test preparation. May this be helpful for you. 

  • Strengthen your basics 

90% of the paper covers problem-solving questions. Students need to work to clear their basics. Questions on this MBBS exit exam will integrate pre-clinical, clinical, and para-clinical learning. If you haven't worked hard to master your foundational knowledge, your chances of passing will be extremely low. 

  • Focus on developing a clinical concept 

 Pay extra attention to your practical experiments in the FMGE exam and try to learn the new concepts in an applied manner. 

  • Use Active Learning Techniques 

Active learning techniques such as making notes, summarizing the content, and teaching others. Involvement with the study material increases the probability that you will maintain and understand it. Think about utilizing mind maps or flashcards to aid in the retention of important ideas. 

  • Create a study plan

Creating a study plan is crucial to effective learning. It helps to structure your time, set priorities, and allocate enough time to each subject in a better manner.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1.Is the NEXT exam MCQ based?

Yes, the exam will be conducted in two parts, i.e., part 1 or part 2. The first part will be conducted online. NEXT 1 covers 540 questions. 

Q2.Who is eligible for the Next Exam?

Final year MBBS students who have pursued medical degrees from foreign universities or those who seek admission in postgraduate courses after MBBS. 

Q3.How many times is the NEXT exam conducted in a year?

This exam is conducted twice a year. This exam is held in computer-based mode. 

Q4.What is the purpose of this exam?

For MBBS students, the NExT exam fulfills the dual roles of a licentiate exam and an exit exam. It functions as a qualifying test for prospective Indian medical specialists and an entrance to postgraduate education. 

Q5.What are the criteria for the next exam?

This is possible for final-year medical students enrolled in medical colleges approved by NMC. Appearing candidates must have 50% marks in the MBBS course. So, this is the eligibility criteria for undergraduate medical students. 

Q6.How many attempts are allowed to students for the Next exam?

The number of attempts is unlimited. The only condition is that the student must pass the first phase of the exam in 10 years.