Xinjiang Medical University China

Xinjiang Medical University China

Xinjiang medical university is considered to be one of the best MBBS colleges in China. This university was established in 1956. It is situated in Xinjiang, China. The motto of the university is assiduous, diligent, devoted, and creative. 

University has a complete of 40 schools and faculties with affiliated hospitals. They cover a campus vicinity of about 1954.6 acres having a total ground location that incorporates 739,000 rectangular meters. Currently, more than 2,039 postgraduate students, 13,000 undergraduates, and seven-hundred worldwide students are enrolled in the university.

1,520 professionals and technical faculty have given their service to the college consisting of the university hospitals. University has well-experienced doctors for their students who provide high-quality education to their students. 

Xinjiang medical university has world-class infrastructure build for their students where they have all kinds of facilities available for their students like a hostel, mess, labs, library, research centers, scientific labs, and many more.

The campus of Xinjiang medical university, a massive cultural variety that can be discovered because of the international students and teachers from all around the globe. Xinjiang medical university has step by step accomplished popularity for the power of its superb coaching and main-aspect studies all through the past years after its founding.

Highlights 2021

Xinjiang medical university highlights are given by the higher authorities of the university. As it comes under NMC / MCI Recognized Medical Colleges in China. They have some certain rules and regulations assigned for the students and this highlight is created only for the student’s betterment that they will clearly understand the major points about the university and not get confused.

Xinjiang Medical University Highlights


Xinjiang Medical University

Founded in 



Assiduous, diligent, devoted, creative

Selection type

NEET exam

Academic calendar


Control type


Why Choose Xinjiang Medical University China?

Xinjiang medical university has a great reputation amongst the world. As it is the best MBBS College in China. They provide all kinds of facilities in the campus only like a hostel, mess, labs, library, research centers, and many more. University has almost 800 + international students studying under them.

This university teaching mode is the English language as that makes communication easy between national and international students and also helps international students to study easily. Choose Xinjiang medical university because: 

  •  High-quality education system.
  •  Advance way of teaching.
  •  Highly trained teachers and experienced professors.
  •  Have massive scientific research centers.
  •  Qualified doctors who train the students.
  •  Labs with all the new applications.
  •  Provides study material.

Xinjiang Medical University Ranking

Xinjiang medical university ranking is well recognized in China. As they have low-Cost MBBS Colleges in China. Which provides a settled education system and does not create any confusion in the education process. The country ranking of the university is 36th and the world ranking of the university is 2944.

They provide perfect education guidance to their students, as they have well-trained teachers and experienced doctors under their supervision students will attain a proper amount of education and medical experience.

Xinjiang Medical University Fees Structure 2021

Xinjiang medical university fees structure comes under low-cost MBBS in China. They create it according to every student whether it is a national student or an international student. University provides all the facilities like hostel, mess, labs, library and many more within the campus only. This fee structure is specially built for students to understand the entire university procedure. The fee structure of Xinjiang medical university is:

Xinjiang Medical University Fees Structure 2021







Xinjiang Medical University Courses 2021

Xinjiang medical university courses are decided and assigned by the higher authorities of the university. They offer graduation, post-graduation, and Ph. D degree programs to their students. The university has 1163 professors who give training to the students. 

Medical Courses are:

  •  Emergency medicine
  •  Genetics
  •  Chinese internal medicines
  •  Pathogen
  •  Physiology
  •  Pediatrics
  •  Nursing
  •  Nutrition and food hygiene
  •  Pharmaceutical chemistry
  •  Gynecology and health statistics
  •  Surgery
  •  Stomatology
  •  Clinical Chinese 
  •  Pathophysiology
  •  Oncology

Xinjiang Medical University Eligibility Criteria

Xinjiang medical university eligibility criteria are set by the senior authorities of the university. This university is one of the MCI / NMC approved medical colleges in China for Indian students. The criteria are set according to every national and international student. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  •  College students need to have finished 10+2 of their training or any equal schooling with a minimal 50% mixture marks.
  •  They need to have Physics, Biology, and Chemistry as the main topics of their 10+2 degree.
  •  The applicant needs to have a non-china nationality.
  •  The age of the applicant must be a minimum of 17 years and a maximum of 30 years.
  •  The scholar must be fluent in the English language.
  •  it is compulsory to have a valid score in NEET Exam.

Xinjiang Medical University Admission Process 2021

Xinjiang medical university admission process is not tough at all. They have divided it in a very simple manner for the student's betterment as the procedure will be simple it will save everyone’s time and as well as will not create any kind of confusion for the students and helps them to enroll easily in the University. Click here

Documents Required

Xinjiang medical university asks for some important documents from students as it is a basic requirement asked by the university from the students. If, students do not have the required document he or she might face disqualification from the admission. Documents required for Xinjiang medical university are:

  •  Health certificate
  •  Identity proof
  •  Residence proof
  •  10th and 12th mark sheet and certificate
  •  NEET scorecard
  •  Working passport
  •  Student visa


  •  Xinjiang medical university is MCI / NMC Recognized Medical Colleges in China.
  •  University has highly trained and well-experienced professors and doctors for the students.
  •  The advantage of Xinjiang medical university is that they have a massive infrastructure build for the graduate, post-graduate, and Ph. D scholars.
  •  They have a huge library with several books available for the students.
  •  Allows internship to students within between the courses with private as well as government hospitals.
  •  Have highly updated gadgets in the lab.
  •  Use all-new software in the research centers.

Xinjiang Medical University Hostel

  •  Xinjiang medical university offers on-campus well known to house for global college students and it's far from apartment-fashion.
  •  College students are supplied with single and double rooms in the hostel, but because of one-of-a-kind furniture and facilities, their prices range.
  •  All rooms are geared up with a bathroom, a separate restroom, water dispenser, kitchen, air conditioner, television, simple fixtures, telephone, and broadband internet.
  •  Foreign students can cook dinner by themselves. It will assist them to shop their cash spent on food and it is also a new kind of life-style for them.
  •  International college students stay happily within the dormitory, due to true dwelling situations and analyzing the environment.
  •  On the campus of Xinjiang medical university, there are a school clinic, restaurants, stores, supermarkets, banks, and some lifestyle carrier centers, basketball, volleyball, badminton, football, tennis, desk tennis, and different outdoor sports activities venues.
  •  The hostel charge is about RMB 4500-5000/12 months for a single individual living in a double room.


Que. When Xinjiang medical university was established and where?

Ans. Xinjiang medical university was established in 1956 in Xinjiang, China.

Que. Does Xinjiang medical university ask for the FMGE exam?

Ans. Yes, it is compulsory to give FMGE exam for enrollment in Xinjiang medical university.

Que. What is the motto of Xinjiang medical university?

Ans. Xinjiang medical university's motto is assiduous, diligent, devoted and to be creative.

Que. How much land does Xinjiang medical university cover?

Ans. Xinjiang medical university covers a campus vicinity of about 1954.6 acres having the total ground location incorporates 739,000 rectangular meters.