National Exit Test (NEXT Exam)

National Exit Test (NEXT Exam)

NEXT Exam?

National Exit Test is now mandatory to pass by the MBBS aspirants to get a “Dr” tag with their name. The central government of India introduced the NEXT exam in the National Medical Commission bill 2019. The NEXT exam implementation is expected in December 2021 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may get postponed for a couple of months.

Latest Update

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has recently released a medical draft for foreign medical graduates. According to the purposed draft, they have to clear the National Exit Test within two years of completing MBBS abroad. The FMGE will be replaced by the NEXT Exam.

This bill is considered a big milestone to improve the medical education system of the country and develop the Indian healthcare system. The National Exit Test will be mandatory for students who graduated from MCI/NMC approved medical colleges abroad also.

They have to pass the NEXT exam to get register for medical practice in India. 

Based on the score of this exam, PG admission in medical colleges of India will be invited. The NEET-PG exam may get replaced by National Exit Test. It is designed to test the skills and knowledge of final-year medical students.

NEXT Exam Highlight 2021

The aim of the new medical bill is to start a single-window exit exam for final-year medical students. Once the government implemented the new law, there will be only one exam for a final year degree, medical practice license, and medical PG entrance.

Full Name of Exam 

National Exit Test

In act from


Conducting body

National Board of Examination (Expected)

Aim of exam

  •  Final year degree
  •  Medical License
  •  Medical PG entrance exam

Exam Mode


Question Type

  •  MCQs
  •  SAQs
  •  LAQs

Exam paper

  •  Paper 1
  •  Paper 2

Objectives of NEXT Exam?

According to the Ministry of health, the main objective of the NEXT Exam is to improve the medical health system of the country and produce more talented doctors. The government wants a "one nation one exam" plan for all the students of the country. With this exam plan, the government will solve three objectives.

  •  Filter Unqualified students
  •  FMGE Exam
  •  NEET PG Exam 

After National Exit Test, only those candidates will get a medical degree who will pass this national level exam. Even foreign graduates have to clear this exam to register themself to work in India. Apart from this, students who have good scores in the National Exit Test can get admission in medical PG courses offered by the medical colleges in India.

National Exit Test Conducting body

There is no official announcement that has been made about the conducting body of the exam yet. According to some media reports, the National Board of Examination will conduct the exam across the country. The reason behind this is the NBE conducts FMGE and NEET PG exams

The complete blueprint of the NEXT exam has been not released yet, but it is expected that the National Exit Exam will be key to three issues at a time.

Advantages of NEXT Exam?

  •  Equal Education system throughout the country- Due to the NEXT exam, every state has to follow the same education pattern for medical study. Also, they must provide standard education. Currently, the medical colleges of Karnataka, Punjab, and Delhi are considered to be the best.
  • Colleges will enhance their education level as their students will compete with foreign medical graduates in the same exam.
  •  Overall enhancement of Medical Education in the country - After the president’s signature on the bill, it will become a new law to enhance medical education in the country. Also, the country will follow the same education culture as developed countries have. 
  •  Fewer arrangements for foreign students- Foreign graduate doctors will get a practice license if they pass the National Exit Test. They can appear in the exam with Indian students. 

NEXT Exam Eligibility?

Few eligibilities are compulsory to be followed by the students who wish to appear in the NEXT exam 2022. No aspirant will be allowed to fill the application form for the exam, who has not completed the requirements. Their application will be canceled.

NEXT Exam pattern?

According to the expected Exam pattern of the National Exit Test, students will get to solve Multiple choice questions, short answer, and long answer questions. Time duration and marking system of the exam will be available with official notification of the exam.

Important points of NEXT Exam Pattern

  •  The exam will be conducted in two parts that are NEXT 1 and NEXT 2.
  •  Students will take NEXT 1 exam after their final year exams.
  •  The first part of the exam will be MCQ based
  •  540 Multiple choice questions will be in the question paper
  •  NEXT-2 exam will be organized after an internship
  •  Part-II of the exam will be a practical exam. It is expected that NEXT 2 will be organized in your university.
  •  The score of the paper-1 exam will be valid for the upcoming two years to pass the National Exit Test paper-2 exam.

National Exit Test Exam Pattern

NEXT Exam Question Pattern

The question pattern of the National Exit Test paper- 1 exam is expected to be divided into three important parts. There will be a total of 540 multiple choice questions in the exam. 60% of questions will be to test problem-solving skills, 30% questions for comprehension & analysis, and 10% recall questions.






Day 1

Pre- Lunch

Medical Allied


180 minutes

Post- Lunch



90 minutes

Day 2

Pre- Lunch

Surgery & Allied


180 minutes

Post- Lunch



90 minutes

Day 3

Pre- Lunch

Obstetrics and Gynecology


180 minutes

Post- Lunch



90 minutes



810 minutes

How NEXT is the complete alternative to NEET PG and FMGE?

The National Exit Test is drafted in such a way that it covers an important part of the NEET PG and FMGE exam syllabus. Part 1 of the exam will test the theoretical approach of the student in various subjects of medical science. It will not only enhance the education system of the country but increase healthy competition.

Students who will score well in the National Exit Test paper-1 or clear the exam can go for an internship. After their internship, their university will conduct NEXT-2 itself. In case, the student gets failed in paper -2 then they have to wait for one whole year as the exam will be organized once a year. 

Keep in Mind- NEXT-1 score will be valid for two years and students have to pass the second part of the National Exit Test within the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question- How should I prepare for National Exit Test?

Answer- The syllabus of the NEXT Exam will be pretty similar to the medical syllabus of India. With good knowledge of the basic concept, students will crack the exam easily. 

Question- Can I clear the NEXT Exam by preparing with the final year MBBS syllabus?

Answer- No, the final year syllabus is not enough for clearing the exam. Students have to cover the previous year's studies and concepts to perform well. Also, students have to get good practical knowledge because pg admission will be invited through the exam.

Question- Is NEET PG 2022 going to conduct next year?

Answer- The plan to replace NEET PG 2022 with the National Exit Test was the part of National Medical Commission bill 2019. It is expected that medical PG admission will be invited through this exam. The final announcement regarding this will be done at the time of the official announcement. It is expected that the NMC bill will be applied at the end of the year.

Question –Does NEXT replace the FMGE Exam?

Answer –Yes NEXT is the exam which is replacing FMGE Exam in 2022. This exam is changing the medical education of the country. 

Question –Why is the NEXT Exam introduced in India?

Answer –The motive of the exam is to improve the quality of medical education in India which gives best medical professions to the country and it is a one nation one exam plan for all the Indian students. 

Question –How many question types are for the NEXT exam?

Answer –The exam has 3 question types which has:

  •  MCQs
  •  LAQs
  •  SAQs
Question –Is the NEXT Exam difficult from the FMGE exam?

Answer –According to experts it is said that it is more difficult than the FMGE exam as they filter many unqualified students and produce more talented doctors.