MBBS in Russia: An Avenue For Quality Education at Reasonable Fees

MBBS in Russia: An Avenue For Quality Education at Reasonable Fees

Russia has had a respectable position in the world of medical science since the Soviet days, primarily for world-class practices and because MBBS in Russia fees was comparatively lower than the rest of the world. This has been sustained since the 17th century as the number of medical universities in Russia has only grown. As of today’s date, there are more than 70 medical colleges, providing top-quality education to all, and students from all around the world plan to study MBBS in Russia and there’s a reason for this. Russian Universities ensure that the cost of MBBS in Russia for all students is affordable.

This is true even in the cases of the top medical colleges in Russia, which are a more budget-friendly alternative to pursue MBBS, as compared to Indian colleges. Even the government of the Russian Federation also shows great dedication to advance affordable education, which is evident from the fact that a major chunk of their annual budget is invested in education. Therefore, students can enjoy the lowest-cost MBBS courses in the top Russian Universities. 

Below is a breakdown of the MBBS in Russia Fee Structure. These give a rough estimate of the expenditure one’s likely to incur and include the tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses. 



Chuvash State Medical University (Cheboksary)

4,04,118 INR

Kabardino Balkarian State (Nalchik)

3,35,000 INR

Crimea Federal University (Simferopol)

4,47,000 INR

Bashkir State Medical University (Ufa)

4,47,000 INR

Kazan Federal University (Kazan)

5,74,000 INR

People’s Friendship University (Moscow)

7,30,000 INR

First Moscow State Medical University (Moscow)

10.5 Lakh INR

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Moscow)

5,63,000 INR

Voronezh State Medical University (Voronezh)

6,60,000 INR

Altai State Medical University (Barnaul)

4,84,000 INR

Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok)

6,85,000 INR

Dagestan State Medical University (Makachkala)

4.5 Lakh INR

Orenburg State Medical University (Orenburg)

5,22,000 INR

Tver State Medical University (Tver)

5,21,000 INR

Ulyanovsk State Medical University (Ulyanovsk)

4,85,000 INR

Perm State Medical University (Perm)

4,90,000 INR

Tyumen State Medical University (Tyumen)

2,88,000 INR

Amur State Medical Academy (Amur Oblast)

15,20,676 INR

Omsk State Medical University (Omsk) 

22,32,000 INR

*The above values are estimates and thus, viable to changes made by the university/concerned authorities.

As is visible from the table above, MBBS Fees in Russia are comparatively affordable as compared to their Indian counterparts. A major advantage Indian students have in Russia is the fact that the Russian Rouble has an economic value that’s almost the same as the Indian Rupee (1 rouble = 1.01 INR). Therefore students have a clearer estimate of the MBBS in Russia Fees and thus, can plan accordingly. 

MBBS in Russia also becomes a much better alternative if we look at the curriculum as well as the coverage of universities. Russia boasts of the top medical colleges in the world, which are recognized by WHO’s “Directory of World Medical Schools”.At the lowest cost, students also get to learn through a curriculum, which is recognized by the medical councils of nations like the USA, UK, India, Canada, etc. What this means is that students after completing MBBS from here can appear for various licensure exams in the world, like the FMGE Exam of India or the USMLE Exam of the United States, among others.

What makes MBBS in Russia Fees more pocket-friendly is the fact that most Russian universities have a system of “direct admission”. This means that students need not pay any capitation fees or give any donation of any kind, which removes a major economic burden off the shoulders of both parents and students. This is perhaps the game-changer when it comes to the fee structure of both nations. 

Adding to this, when students realize that they have the opportunity to get into colleges with the lowest MBBS fees in Russia, they flock in huge numbers to this destination.

What makes the affordability of MBBS in Russia fees stand out, is that not just education, but even the living costs of international students is pocket-friendly. This means that students are not only exposed to a curriculum that meets global medical standards and practices but they get all these top-quality services at the lowest cost.


Q1. What are the exams compulsory for MBBS in Russia?

Ans1. One of the major reasons students are increasingly pursuing MBBS in Russia is the ease of admission there. The top medical colleges in Russia do not have separate entrance tests.

Indian students only have to attain a certain minimum percentage in 10+2 and the minimum qualifying rank/percentile in the NEET Exam. Thus, the only important exams are 10+2 and NEET.

Q2. How long is the duration of MBBS Courses in the top medical colleges in Russia?

Ans 2. Keeping in mind the top medical colleges in Russia, the duration of MBBS in Russia is 6 Years, which includes 5 years of the curriculum and a 1-year internship. However, if you wish to study in the Russian medium, there’s an extra year of a “preparation course” before starting.

Q3. What is the average cost of MBBS in Russia?

Ans 3. As compared to private Indian medical colleges, MBBS in Russia is a more affordable alternative, incurring somewhere between 5-6 lakhs on average. MBBS in Russia fees can also go as low as 2-3 lakh in some universities.

Q4. Which universities have the lowest MBBS in Russia fees?

Ans 4. Though the majority of the top medical colleges in Russia offer subsidized education, the top 5 universities with the lowest MBBS fees in Russia include Chuvash State Medical University = around 4 lakh INR, Kabardino Balkarian State University = around 3.5 lakh INR, Crimea Federal University, and Bashkir State Medical University = around 4.5 lakh INR and Tver State Medical University = around 5.2 lakh INR.

Q5. Is it worth choosing MBBS in Russia over Indian medical colleges?

Ans 5. Definitely! This is primarily because MBBS in Russia is a more budget-friendly alternative. As students need not pay any capitation fee/donations and as the Russian Ministry of Health and Education adequately supports educational institutions, MBBS in Russia fees are lower.

Not only can you find the lowest cost services here, but most universities are also NMC/MCI-approved, which means that students will find it easy to complete MBBS and appear for the FMGE Exam to practice in India.

Q6. Does the MBBS in Russia Fee Structure include only academics?

Ans 6. No! The MBBS in Russia Fee Structure includes each and service provided to the students. It includes tuition fees, hostel charges (accommodation + mess), extracurricular charges, and in many cases, even charges of the university-provided medical insurance and related services.