Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are for all the users/visitors of Affinity Education Pvt Ltd’s websites and applications. The “we” & “our” words refer to Affinity Education and its associate platforms. We request our users to kindly read each point of the Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions. In case, any visitor does not agree with any point of T&C, we do not allow them on our platform. Affinity Education needs your consent before proceeding.

Who Are We?

Affinity Education Pvt Ltd is one of the authentic and trustworthy educational recruiters for India and Abroad. We are a bunch of experts who are proficient to answer your queries related to admission and assist you throughout the enrollment process. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. We reserve the right to allow or disallow anyone on our platform. Also, we hold the right to stop our website’s access to few regions and we are not bounded to answer anyone regarding this. 
  2. The content available on the platforms is authentic and correct according to us. Also, the content does not have any virus, trojan, or harmful file for your computer or device.
  3. We will store your personal information with your consent, According to our Privacy policy
  4. We will not endorse any third-party app, website, or person on our platform
  5. Eligibility to accept the terms and conditions is, the visitor should be 17 years or above. If you are less than the age limit, we need the consent of your parents.

We have mentioned every point of our T&C to let you know that what is the information you are giving to us and how we will work on this. Proceed with your agreement on this. 

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