Kharkiv International Medical University (KHIMU Ukraine)

Kharkiv International Medical University (KHIMU Ukraine)

Kharkiv international medical university is the best MBBS College in Ukraine. University was formerly called Kharkiv medical institute. It is situated in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Ukraine's scientific college diploma is legitimate international. Ukraine MBBS is valid in India if students score eligible marks in a screening test conducted via the clinical council of India.

Kharkiv international medical University in Ukraine for Indian college students is one of the topmost options as they provide nice schooling to their students. Ukraine has properly skilled professors and doctors, with lower-priced fee criteria. There are MCI / NMC recognized colleges in Ukraine.

The college maintains vast worldwide relations with higher education and studies institutions around the world, which lets students enroll in their colleges to do internships, and teachers to enhance their skills overseas in cooperation.

KHIMU Ukraine has created a strong material and technical base. They care about teaching specialists who are sincere, experienced, capable of developing and improve student’s skills. The teaching way of a university is great and in a perfect manner.

The infrastructure of the instructional institution is set up for the student’s development and for their medical career. Mutual understanding, help, assistance, and protection - these are the concepts of partnership at our university.

Highlights 2021

Kharkiv international medical university highlights are created to tell the viewers about some important specifications of the college. University is MCI / NMC recognized medical college in Ukraine. They show the establishment and where the university is situated and the motto of the university all this is reflected in the highlights below.

Some important highlights of the university are:


Kharkiv international medical university

Founded in 



The value is good 

Selection type

Entrance exam

Academic calendar


Control type


Why Choose Kharkiv International Medical University?

Kharkiv international medical university comes under one of the best Ukraine medical colleges lists. They have a motive to develop their students in their particular field as well as possible. Institute has a different way to deal with each and every certain subject, they provide study materials to the students for every subject.

It has built its reputation by growing time period with their best medical services. They have many facilities within the campus only like a hostel, mess, labs, library, research labs, and many more. Choose Kharkiv international medical university because they have always been very serious regarding their student development and provide them a high-quality education.

They have massive development every year. They also provide the best internships in private hospitals as well as in government medical health organizations to their students. The degree of the university is valid everywhere and has very good recognition by every health firm.

Kharkiv International Medical University Ranking

Kharkiv international medical university ranking is considered as best MBBS College in Ukraine. They have many things planned and prepared for the students from the hostel facility to the mess facility and also provide them safe and healthy campus. They have always been concerned about their student’s better future and provide them all the facilities as best as possible.

University world ranking is 7866 and country ranking is 122. They provide as high-quality education as possible to their students. It has the best graduation, post-graduation, and Ph.D. degree program for the students. They also have many links with huge hospitals that train students in the best possible way.

Kharkiv International Medical University Fees 2021

Kharkiv international medical university fees are well settled and limited in budget. It is one of the low-cost MBBS colleges in Ukraine. Ukraine MBBS is quite budgeted it is easy for students to afford medical colleges and get the best medical education. 

They have every facility available for the students on the campus only like a hostel, mess, labs, library, scientific centers, and many more. The fee structure for the university is:

Kharkiv International Medical University Fees 2021

Tuition Fees (USD) Hostel Fees (USD) Other Charges (USD) Total (USD)
1st Year 4000 700 2000 6700
2nd to 6th Year 4000 700 4700 4700*5 = 23,500
      Grand Total 30,200

Kharkiv International Medical University Courses 2021

Kharkiv international medical university courses are nicely arranged according to every subject requirement. Study MBBS in Ukraine can be very helpful for students as they provide a high quality of education to their students. Their courses list is all according to a particular field. Even universities provide very good study material to their students of each and every particular subject.

It has always been very serious about their student’s medical future they always wanted the best for them. Their courses are framed according to the student’s development and through which students will be clear about their subject and particular field.

Medical courses provided by the university are:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • computer science
  • pathological anatomy
  • pathophysiology
  • pharmacology
  • internal diseases
  • general surgery
  • radiology
  • operative surgery

Kharkiv International Medical University Eligibility

Kharkiv international medical university eligibility criteria are generated by the higher authorities of the university. They have been MCI / NMC recognized medical college in Ukraine. It is compulsory to fulfill the university eligibility criteria if he or she might not able to fulfill every requirement of the college, they will not able to enroll in the university.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Kharkiv international medical university students need to have at least a 50% Score in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 10+2.
  • Students also need to have qualified scores in NEET-UG Within the academic year they are applying to university.
  • Universities also ask for valid scores in the English language.
  • Student age must be 17 years at least or more than 17 years old if he or she is below 17 years student will not allow enrolling in the university.

Kharkiv International Medical University Admission Process 2021

Kharkiv international medical university admission process is so easy it does not create any kind of confusion for the students. They make it as simple as possible. It only asks for few documents check and students need to clear their eligibility criteria. They are a bit strict towards their requirement of documents and the eligibility criteria. If he or she might fail to do so will face problems while enrolling in the university. To know more further details about the admission you can contact our consultant team.

Documents Required

Kharkiv international medical university asks for a few critical and simple documents from college students as its far simple requirement requested by way of the institute from the scholars. If, students do not have the required document he or she might face problem to get admission in Kharkiv international medical university. As documents are the primary issue all people have and people who do not have those basic documents can be requested numerous questions. So for enrollment simple documents are important.

Documents Need:

  • High school mark sheet and certificate
  • Health certificate
  • Identity proof
  • Residence proof
  • NEET valid scorecard
  • Student visa
  • Working passport


  • Kharkiv international has a big infrastructure built for their college students.
  • University has nicely deliberate training device prepared for their college students.
  • The advantage of Kharkiv international medical university is that they've well-trained professors and nicely skilled scientific doctors for their students.
  • College provides hostel facility and additionally mess facility too.
  • They have a very splendid hostel which incorporates large rooms with a kitchen in addition to a mess facility is also provided to The scholars.
  • Universities also provide internships to their university students in among the course in private medical companies in addition to in government medical corporations.
  • It has a scientific research center where they allow students to discover and test in their specific discipline.
  • Students get the right schooling for turning into fantastic doctors.
  • It also has quality software in its labs that beautify scholar’s information.
  • University provides excessive first-rate schooling to their students.
  • It has an ATM facility on the campus.
  • It got a sports activities complex, playgrounds, cultural pastime center all to be had within the campus.
  • The railway station from the college is the simplest 10kms away.
  • It got modern-day computer labs.
  • Their clinical labs have all new and developed device which have been used within the students' experimental method.

Hostel in Kharkiv International Medical University

  • Kharkiv international medical university had a huge hostel area they have both boys and girls hostel facilities available for the students.
  • With the hostel, they provide a hygienic mess facility.
  • In the hostel, they provide everything in the room like a bed, table, cupboard, window, and all the basic requirements.
  • They also have an internet facility, television facility available in the hostel area.
  • Students can also bring outside food to the hostel.
  • The hostel has both a single and sharing room facility available for the students.
  • University has options available for air conditioner rooms and non-air conditioning rooms.
  • In sharing rooms also they provide the choice of double sharing and triple sharing rooms.


Que. When Kharkiv international medical university was established and where it is situated?

Ans. Kharkiv international medical university was established in 1805 and situated in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Que. Does Kharkiv international medical university ask for an FMGE exam valid score?

Ans. Yes, Kharkiv international medical university asks for an FMGE exam valid score.

Que. What is the motto of Kharkiv international medical university?

Ans. Kharkiv international medical university's motto is “the value is good”.

Que. What is the world ranking and country ranking of Kharkiv international medical university?

Ans. The world ranking of Kharkiv international medical university is 7866 and the country ranking is 122.

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