American University of Antigua MBBS Fees 2022

American University of Antigua MBBS Fees 2022

Established in 2004, the American University of Antigua has slowly grown on to become one of the premier institutions in the Caribbean that promise top-quality academics as well as a wholesome and enriching environment for the students. This includes ECAs, student clubs, and various other facilities for students pursuing MBBS in Antigua.

Along with this the sheer affordability of the American University of Antigua MBBS Fees attracts a number of medical aspirants from different parts of the world. This has led to this university holding the #1 rank in the Caribbean region. It’s also steadily rising in the world university rankings as well.

Highlights 2022


American University of Antigua College of Medicine a.k.a AUA






  •  CAAM-HP
  •  US Dept of Education
  •  Medical Board of California
  •  Florida Department of Education 
  •  NY State Education Dept
  •  Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine


University Park, Jabberwock Beach Road, Coolidge, Antigua


M.D (Pre-Medical and Clinical Sciences)



American University Of Antigua Ranking

The quality of this university is apparent through its high ranking in the country, despite being established in the early 2000s. Currently, if we go by renowned rankings like the 4icu rankings, the American University of Antigua tops the ranking in Antigua.

Whether it’s the world-class practical and theory curriculum, faculty, or the affordability of the American University of Antigua fees, it has propelled this university to be the best in the Caribbean. This, therefore, becomes a really great destination for pursuing MBBS in Antigua.

Eligibility Criteria 2022


Minimum 17 years old as of 31st December of the year of admission 


At least 50% marks or more in Class Xth and XIIth (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as main subjects)



(IELTS and TOEFL are only for those who’ve completed previous education from non-English medium institutions)

American University Of Antigua Courses

B.Sc To Md Program

This 6.5-year program is meant mainly for high-school graduates and non-traditional students, looking to pursue MBBS in Antigua. Just like your typical MD course, this one too includes the “Premed” and “Clinical Sciences” stages.

  •  The first 2 years of the program require students to study at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).
  •  Following this, students are called to the Antigua campus of the American University of Antigua for the rest of 4.5 years of study of basic and clinical sciences.
  •  After the Basic Sciences stage, students need to pass a Basic Science Integration Course (BSIC) before proceeding to the Clinical Sciences stage.
  •  The last 2 years of this program consist of clinical rotations across the United States. Here, students undergo both core and elective rotations.
  •  This stage is basically for the students to practically apply all the concepts they’ve learned in the stage of basic sciences.

Pre-Med To Md Program

This 6.5-year program is meant to inculcate efficient and professional medical personnel. The American University of Antigua ensures this through a well-designed program that focuses on concept clearance and practical exposure.

  •  For the first 2 years, students are required to study at the A.I.C.A.S.A (American International College of Arts and Sciences-Antigua)
  •  As far as the rest of the course period is concerned i.e. 4.5 years, students finish it from the American University of Antigua campus.
  •  It’s during this stage that students get to be a part of clinical rotations (clerkships and Internships across the USA). It’s often during the final 2 stages of the program.

This program is mainly for those students who have completed Class XII.

What Is Pre-Med?

This is a course that aims to help students fulfill certain requirements before entering medical school.

  •  Students have the opportunity to gain almost 60 UG school credits within 2 years.
  •  High school graduates can gain necessary prerequisites (knowledge and otherwise) through this course and be well-prepared and well-qualified to enter into the Basic and Clinical Sciences programs.

Students who have a 2-year Associate Degree in Health Sciences from A.I.C.A.S.A, are given preferential status during admissions.

Important Documents

  •  Official transcripts (or e-transcripts) of UG or graduate from the medical/professional school.
  •  2 letters of recommendation out of which at least 1 should be from your science professor. In case the student hasn’t taken science classes in 2 or more years, a letter from any medical colleague, employer, or any other professional is acceptable. 
  •  IELTS/TOEFL certificate (in cases candidate has completed the required academic courses from a non-English medium university)
  •  Criminal Background check certificate
  •  Marksheets of 10+2 (particularly Class X and XII)
  •  Covid Test (to be taken within 7 days before travel) OR a Covid Vaccination certificate
  •  Valid passport
  •  Passport size photograph as requested by the university
  •  NEET Scorecard
  •  Birth and Character certificates (if required by the university)

American University Of Antigua Admission Process

  •  Fill the online application form (if you are eligible for the course).
  •  You need to attach scanned copies of the documents to the application. Some universities may demand them in the form of a transcript. For this, you need to approach the issuing school authority as it’s them who create the transcript.
  •  Students also need to submit 2 letters of recommendation (1 academic and 1 professional in nature) and a personal statement, stating the intention of joining the university.
  •  Successful completion of the above formalities will lead to an Associate Director contacting the student to schedule a Zoom meeting/interview.
  •  After the call, a summary of the said interview will be sent to admission officials, who’ll scrutinize it along with your application.
  •  After confirmation of admission, pay the admission fee.

However, this is just the rough idea of the admission process. Contact the university or our counselor for updated information on the process.

American University Of Antigua MBBS Fees 2022






Preclinical Sciences 1

INR 16,65,023

INR 1,01,023

INR 17,66,047

Preclinical Sciences 2

INR 16,65,023

INR 1,01,023

INR 17,66,047

Preclinical Sciences 3

INR 16,65,023

INR 1,01,023

INR 17,66,047

Preclinical Sciences 4

INR 16,65,023

INR 1,01,023

INR 17,66,047



INR 14,18,075

INR 1,01,023

INR 15,19,099


Clinical Sciences 5

INR 22,26,266

INR 1,01,023

INR 23,27,290

Clinical Sciences 6

INR 22,26,266

INR 1,01,023

INR 23,27,290

Clinical Sciences 7

INR 22,26,266

INR 1,01,023

INR 23,27,290

Clinical Sciences 8

INR 22,26,266

INR 1,01,023

INR 23,27,290

Students can also opt for the AUA Global Health Track.Under this, if students need to pursue Basic Sciences and BSIC for around INR 1,65,000.

Students can also pursue clinical rotations at FIU HWCOM in Miami, Florida during the period of 5-8 (Clinical sciences). This will cost them around INR 30,000/week

Additionally, the University Fees also includes certain other charges like: -

  •  Basic Life Support (BLS) Fees: Students pursuing Preclinical Sciences 1 need to pay this, which will cost them around INR 6400. However, those having an existing BLS certification need not pay this.
  •  Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS): This has to be paid by students under the Preclinical Sciences 4, which would cost them somewhere around INR 18,700.

Apart from this, the American University of Antigua also makes all the necessary arrangements for the medical and medical insurance of students. The costs involved here include: -

  •  Health and Emergency Evacuation Premium = INR 74-75k
  •  Emergency Evacuation Only Premium = INR 11-12k

The university also ensures decent accommodation for the students, through its spacious and well-furnished hostels/dormitories. The costs regarding the same are mentioned below: -

  •  Students are required to pay around INR 30,000/month for a double sharing room.
  •  For a single room, students need to pay INR 52-53k/month.

The costs mentioned above include, lodging, housekeeping, and meals (provided by the hygienic mess).


Students who come to pursue MBBS in Antigua are basically giving 5+ years of their lives to this university. Therefore it becomes important to create an environment that’s a home away from home. Thus, the American University of Antigua provides world-class hostel facilities for all, glimpses of which are mentioned below. 

  •  Fully furnished rooms with TVs, ACs, and other major appliances along with necessary utensils
  •  Apartments of the American University of Antigua are a mere 3-minute walk from the academic blocks.
  •  Additionally, students can also avail the complimentary weekly housekeeping services provided by the university.
  •  A wide variety of options when it comes to bedroom sizes. Students can get everything from a one-bedroom apartment to two-bedroom ones and apartment complexes.
  •  Moreover, there’s 1 bathroom for at least a couple of students and even for a single student in some cases.
  •  Above all, personal property insurance is also available 

Advantages Of American University Of Antigua

  •  The American University of Antigua is assured to provide top-quality theoretical and practical education as it has accreditations by renowned bodies. These include the CAAMP-HP, US Department of Education as well as medical boards of New York, Florida, Massachusetts, and California.
  •  The university also provides counselors whom students can contact anytime as they’re available round the clock. This ensures physical, behavioral as well as mental well-being.
  •  Not just counselors but even the faculty are easily accessible to students. Students can approach them for any and every kind of guidance, whether it’s academic, study-life balance, time management, or professional development. This aligns with the student-friendly approach of the American University of Antigua. 
  •  Whether it’s the hospital mess or cafeteria, the American University of Antigua ensures safe and hygienic food. Additionally, the cafeteria offers a wide variety when it comes to food. From roti-sabzi to salads to Subway sandwiches and even local restaurants, everything is available here.
  •  The university even looks after the health of all students, which is evident from the presence of an on-campus health clinic. This clinic ensures ready access to emergency medical aid. Apart from that, students can access the clinic for counseling, routine checkups, and screenings, tests, vaccinations, etc.
  •  In fact, there’s a student body called the Emergency Response Team that ensures timely availability of health services to both the students and staff of the American University of Antigua.
  •  The overall campus is extremely spacious, having even a 400-seater amphitheater. This is a multipurpose place for holding concerts, seminars, and other events.
  •  Students can also access a wide variety of sporting facilities like Cricket, Soccer, Flag Football, Athletics, and Tennis among others. In fact, there are even student-created clubs that inculcate talents in these sports by providing opportunities to students.
  •  Finally, there’s the Student Government Association, which is the officially elected student body and represents the voices of the students. They represent students in various capacities as well as hold events, celebrations, and other activities.


Que. Does the American University of Antigua have safeguards for PwDs?

Ans. Yes! In fact, there are student-created and student-led organizations for this purpose. The AUA Asthma League, Oncology Interest Group, HIV Community Reach etc work towards community awareness towards these and ensure availability of resources for people suffering from these.

Que. How can students who’re pursuing MBBS in Antigua access banking services?

Ans. It’s better if students get a Visa/Mastercard and open a joint account with family members, as these will make monetary transactions and withdrawals easier. However, opening a bank account requires the student to show the passport as well as matriculation letter from Residential Services (which states the current place of residence)

Que. Do students of the American University of Antigua get any kind of financial aid?

Ans. Yes! The American University of Antigua has approval from the U.S Department of Education to participate in perhaps the largest student loan program in the USA called the William D.Ford Federal Direct Program. Under this, it provides Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans.

Que. Is a degree from the American University of Antigua globally recognized?

Ans. Definitely! The curriculum is based on American Medical standards and therefore makes it easy for students to, later on, give the USMLE Exam that allows practice in the USA. In fact, there’s a BSIC test after completion of part of the course, which prepares students for USMLE Stage 1. That’s why the USMLE Passing rate of the American University of Antigua is 95%.

Que. Does the university hostel also provide towels, linens, and bedding for students?

Ans. No! Students need to bring their own towels and bedding as well as linens. However, it’s better to contact an education counselor or the university itself as they may provide these in a queen size.

Que. How can students who’re pursuing MBBS in Antigua commute across Antigua?

Ans. Along with public transport, there are a number of rental agencies as well as private dealers whom students can approach to rent/purchase cars.