Lincoln American University

Lincoln American University

Lincoln American University is a private medical university that is considered to be one of the top medical universities to pursue MD as well as MBBS in Caribbean. Therefore, students coming here can expect a quality academic and non-academic experience.

Located in the city of Kingsford in Guyana, this university offers top-quality in-class training as well as adequate practical exposure in the form of laboratory-based learning, medical experiments as well as various projects and seminars for the students pursuing MBBS in Caribbean. The highly trained and decorated faculty includes top researchers and medical professionals whose works have been published in medical journals 

Additionally, clinical clerkships and rotations across various countries are provided to students during the last 2 years of the program, which is why the Lincoln American University Ranking is high, despite being established in 2017. This university follows the American medical standards in terms of curriculum as well as offers a variety of ECAs and opportunities for leisure to ensure a proper study-life balance of the students.

Highlights Of The Lincoln American University


Lincoln American University School of Medicine






  •  World Directory Of Medical Schools (WDOMS)
  •  National Accreditation Council (NAC, Guyana)
  •  National Medical Council (NMC)/Medical Council of India (MCI)
  •  Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)


8A and 8B Guyana, Water and Barrack Street, Kingston, Guyana


M.D (includes Basic Foundation, Basic Sciences, and Clinical Sciences program)



Lincoln American University Ranking

When we talk about the ranking of the university, we shall look at the Lincoln American University Ranking within the country of Guyana. Currently, it holds the 3rd Rank in all of Guyana.

Considering the fact that it’s one of the fastest-growing universities in the Caribbean and the world, it won’t be long till the Lincoln American University Ranking comes to #1.

Lincoln American University Fees 2022

The Lincoln American University fees include the charges for all the academic and non-academic services provided by the university. This includes the tuition fees, food, and accommodation as well as other charges like visa formalities, airfare, etc.

One great quality about the Lincoln American University fees is that it only includes the costs of the basic amenities. No donations or capitation charges are levied over and above the stipulated fees.


COST (INR) (approx)

5-Year Tuition Fees

26 Lac

Food for 5 years

4 Lac 46 Thousand

Accommodation for 5 years

8 Lac 90 Thousand


39-40 Lakh INR approximately

Eligibility Criteria 2022


Should be at least 17 years old on or before the 31st December of the year in which admission is being taken (Basically born on or before 31st December 2002)


NEET Exam (No other entrance exam required)


  •  Should have had Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotech, and English as compulsory subjects
  •  Should’ve attained aggregate marks of at least 50% in these subjects in Class XII

(45% for Unreserved students having benchmark disability

40% for SC, ST, and OBC without benchmark disability)

Lincoln American University Courses

Pre-Medical/Basic Foundation Course 

  •  This is a 1-year program also known as the “Premed” Program acts as the Foundation Course for the entire MD program
  •  As students are fresh from high school, this course helps them prepare for the university studies that lie ahead. It basically combines the best of UG, graduate-level medical education to act as a prelude for the future 4-year program
  •  Following a US-based curriculum, this program is spread across 4 semesters, providing effective “pre-professional” medical education.
  •  The subjects it deals with include Biology, Physics, Calculus, General and Organic Chemistry as well as English.

Pre-Clinical/Basic Sciences Course 

  •  Just like the above, this course too follows an American standard medical curriculum, that lays primary focus on problem-based learning and clinical correlations.
  •  Additionally, the course focuses on providing in-depth knowledge of medical sciences, including the principles of disease and therapy as well as the legal-ethical issues faced in the field of medicine
  •  Along with Basic Biomedical Sciences, students are also taught Physical Examination Skills, Problem Solving, and Physical Diagnosis.
  •  It’s spread across 4 semesters.

Clinical Sciences/Clinical Rotation Course

  •  This course is taken during the 4th and 5th year of the MD Program.
  •  This is the stage where students actually get hands-on experience in clinical services and more in-depth knowledge of clinical practices
  •  Students also undergo something called the “Clinical Rotations”, where they are sent on clinical rounds. During this process, they interact with everyone, from doctors to hospital administrators and even patients in reputed hospitals.
  •  This is made possible by Lincoln American University’s affiliations with hospitals across Guyana, the US, and Canada. 
  •  Students actually get to live out an entire day as a physician and diagnose patients. 
  •  They are also made to carry out procedures like vaccinating, suturing, collecting blood samples, and analyzing lab data.

Important Documents

This is a basic layout of what all documents are mandatorily required by students to ensure a hassle-free admission process.

  •  Certificates of High school (class 10 and 12)
  •  NEET Scorecard
  •  SC/ST/OBC Certificate (if required)
  •  Passport
  •  Passport size photo
  •  Acceptance Letter from Admissions Review Committee
  •  Medical Fitness and Yellow Fever Vaccination certificates
  •  Police Clearance certificate
  •  Bank statement of last 3 months
  •  Sponsor Letter

Lincoln American University Admission Process 2022

It’s extremely important that students thoroughly go through the admission process to Lincoln American University as mentioned below. Even the slightest mismanagement or miscommunication can lead to cancellation of the application or a need to restart from step 1.

Filling The Application

The first step towards ensuring your enrollment is properly filling all the requisite details in the admission form and attaching the following documents. 

  •  High school certificates
  •  Scanned copy of passport
  •  Scanned copy of passport-size photographs

After this, you need to wait for the Admission Review Committee to process your application.

Acceptance Letter

Once your application is accepted, an Acceptance Letter will be issued, which shall be accepted by you within 15 days from the date of issuance.

  •  Students are also required to pay 25% of the fees against the advanced fees
  •  Indian students also need to submit their original documents to the university’s administrative office located in Noida.

Document Submission

Make sure you possess all these documents. Contact the university or our counselors to be up-to-date regarding the 

  •  10th and 12th mark sheets and certificates
  •  Medical Fitness Certificate
  •  Police Clearance Certificate
  •  Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
  •  Sponsor Letter
  •  Bank Statement of the last 3 months (minimum account balance should be US $7000)

Student Visa Formalities

After successfully submitting the documents, you need to wait around a month to get a Student Visa.

  •  Pay the remaining 75% of the fees (25% of the fees paid in the “Acceptance Letter” step)
  •  Applicants also have to pay for the food and accommodation as well as air tickets


After all the above-mentioned are done, applicants only have to wait for information from the University Head Office. It’s them who will decide the date of travel and the ones to book the tickets because air ticketing for the entire trip will be done together.

Reaching The University

On reaching the university campus, applicants will be greeted by the University members, who shall show you the ropes. Here, you shall complete your enrollment formalities.


The Lincoln American University doesn’t just ensure the cultivation of efficient doctors and medical professionals but also ensures a wholesome environment for the students enrolled there. This is because the university believes that a friendly environment (coupled with the right guidance) goes a long way in improving one’s academic performance.

Therefore, there are safe and spacious hostel accommodations that ensure that all students have a comfortable experience here. The various facilities that are provided as part of the resident programs are: -

  •  All hostel rooms have a safe and secure Wi-Fi connection and air conditioners.
  •  The campus is under 24x7 CCTV surveillance as well as consists of round-the-clock security personnel.
  •  The Cafeteria and Messes have maintained utmost cleanliness and hygiene and offer a variety of Indian and Continental cuisines.


  •  Primarily, the Lincoln American University has been approved and accredited by top authorities like the WDOMS, NMC, ECFMG, and the National Accreditation Council of Guyana.
  •  The classrooms have state-of-the-art technologies and systems which assist traditional learning in order to make concepts clearer to the students. These even have simulation technologies for training.
  •  Additionally, the university library has a plethora of top medical journals as well as books of various disciplines that are available 24x7.
  •  Online learning resources are also available, along with top-quality laboratory facilities. There’s an Anatomy Lab, Biotechnology Lab, Chemistry Lab, Research Lab, and even a Computer Lab.
  •  Lincoln American University takes special care in maintaining a study-life balance and therefore offers a variety of non-academic activities. This includes Sports Days, Excursions, and Cultural Events.
  •  In fact there are both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.
  •  Having affiliations with hospitals across Guyana, the USA, Canada, Nepal, etc, students have an opportunity (as part of their clinical rotations) to experience working in these top institutions.
  •  Eventually, thanks to the curriculum, students passing out from Lincoln American University will find it easier to crack the licentiate exam of the USA i.e. the USMLE as the university provides USMLE coaching. Passing this exam will ensure a license to practice medicine in the USA.
  •  Students also need not worry about transportation problems as Lincoln American University provides a university bus service, which students can use to commute within the campus, between hostel and campus, and even for trips and excursions.
  •   University Administration shall help students get financial aid, including loans as and when required. Students can also trust them for visa and passport formalities and other emergency services.
  •  Guyana is the only predominantly English-speaking country in South America. In fact, English is the official language of the country. This makes it easy for the international students pursuing MBBS in Caribbean here to communicate with locals.


Q. Do students have to give any proficiency tests to enroll in Lincoln American University

Ans 1. No! Admission into Lincoln American University is a fairly easy process as there’s a system of direct admission. Students only need to pass the NEET exam as well as 10+2 with decent marks in order to be eligible. No IELTS, TOEFL.

Q. What are the safety measures for female students studying MBBS in Caribbean here?

Ans 2. The Lincoln American University has a separate hostel for girls, which is strictly supervised. To go out at night, special permission is required by the warden and hostel management and can only go out if the reason is genuine. There’s also round-the-clock security and CCTV Surveillance.

Q. How long is the student visa valid for MBBS in Caribbean in Guyana?

Ans 3. A student visa is valid for a period of 3 years and cannot be adjusted to increase its validity. Students would therefore need to renew their visa before completion of 3 years.

Q. Can students get easy access to financial services at Lincoln American University?

Ans 4. The University Administration ensures ease of financial access for students. Whether it’s a loan or any other financial need, the University Accounts and Admissions Department is available to guide you.

Q. Do Visa formalities cost extra for students pursuing MBBS in Caribbean?

Ans 5. No! Visa applications and formalities are complementarity carried out by the university. There are no additional costs involved even when it’s a case of urgent applications.

Q. Is Lincoln American University good for Indian students?

Ans 6. Lincoln American University is one of the most wholesome places for Indian students. Students pursuing MBBS in Caribbean here, get an environment that’s a home far away from home. The university celebrates all major Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, Lohri, Eid, Christmas, etc.

Additionally, this is one of the MCI approved medical colleges and therefore, students getting a degree from here can come back to India. Here, they can give the licentiate exam i.e FMGE (soon-to-be NEXT Exam).