Sun Yat-Sen University China

Sun Yat-Sen University China

Sun Yat-Sen University was situated in 1924. under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of the human being in the Republic of China, and strongly supported by means of each the Ministry and Guangdong Province, SYSU University has advanced into a present-day comprehensive university that enjoys a reputation nationally and a renowned university the world over. With five campuses in the three towns of Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen, and ten affiliated hospitals, It is striving to become a global-elegance university and worldwide center of getting to know.

Constructed on a solid multidisciplinary foundation of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, clinical sciences, and engineering, SYSU China is propelled forward via the continuous pursuit of educational innovation. The university is prepared with a globally conscious outlook, and has committed itself to be an institution that is “complete, innovative, and open”. 

The university is pushing ahead the transformation from outside improvement to inner development, the transformation from routine improvement to active development, and the transformation from blessings in humanities, social sciences, herbal sciences, and scientific sciences to a college in which humanities, social sciences, herbal sciences, medical sciences, and engineering can integrate and expand while retaining their specific characteristics.

Now, status at a brand new starting point, Sun Yat Sen University China strives to foster an educational environment where all disciplines broaden distinctively yet systematically, for this reason blossoming into an organization with impact and effect on a worldwide scale.

Sun Yat-Sen University Highlights 2021

Sun Yat-Sen University highlights are constructed by the education department of the university. These highlights are very important as they show the major information about the university. This is one of the best China MBBS colleges. This the medium to show how and when a university was established and what is the motto of the university and how a university works. 

Highlights 2021


Sun Yat-Sen University

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Why Choose Sun Yat-Sen University?

Sun Yat-Sen University Guangzhou is one of the well-recognized universities in China. It comes under the top 10 medical colleges in China for Indian students. University has a lot to offer to the students as they have several facilities like hostel, mess, labs, library, scientific centers, research clubs, and many more within the campus only. They have a high-quality educational agenda ready for their student’s bright future. Students who are willing to pursue their medical careers choose Sun Yat Sen University can turn out to be the finest choice of all.

University has a staff of almost 17,022 they have very supportive staff. Also have highly experienced professors and well-trained doctors under which supervision students are going to get their training. They also have all kinds of new gadgets available in their labs. 

The huge infrastructure of the university attracts many students from outside the country. There are lots of amazing facilities available for international students like good accommodation and healthy and hygienic food service.

Sun Yat-Sen University Ranking

Sun Yat-Sen University ranking is recognized everywhere. It is the best medical college in China. They provide perfect training to their students and do not create any confusion in the training procedure. The country ranking of the university is 38 and the world ranking of the university is 250-300.

Universities offer ideal education procedures to their students, as they have got well-experienced professors and experienced medical doctors under their supervision students will attain the right quality of education and medical supervision.

Sun Yat-Sen University Fee Structure 2021

Sun Yat-Sen University fee structure is very minimal as it is considered to be a low-cost MBBS University in China. They form it according to every student whether it is about a national student or international scholar. University offers all the facilities like hostel, mess, labs, library and plenty of more within the campus area. This price structure is particularly constructed for students to recognize the complete university process. The fee structure for university is:

Sun Yat-Sen University MBBS Fee Structure 2021







Sun Yat-Sen University Courses 2021

Sun Yat-Sen University courses all are set by the head of the university. They have an amazing MBBS program with well-trained professors and doctors. Students will not face any kind of problem regarding their studies as they have all subjects available for the medical courses.

Even universities also provide very good study material to their students. Teachers also provide handwritten notes to their students and explain each and every topic in a proper manner. As study MBBS colleges in China is very beneficial for the students' medical careers.

Medical Courses that the University Provides are:

  •  Preventive Medicine
  •  Immunology
  •  Diagnostics
  •  Internal Medicine
  •  Surgery
  •  Obstetrics and Gynecology
  •  Pediatrics
  •  Chinese Medicine,

Eligibility Criteria

Sun Yat-Sen University eligibility criteria is quite normal as other universities in China. As they are considered in a top medical college in China their criteria are set according to both national and international students. University is MCI / NMC approved medical college in China.

Eligibility Criteria for SYSU China are:
  •  The student should be 17 years or above.
  •  Need to have a fitness certificate.
  •  Rankings of English in excessive college information should be Grade C or above (50 points or above out of one hundred)
  •  Rankings of arithmetic, chemistry, biology, and physics in excessive school statistics must be Grade D or above (50 factors or above of one hundred), and Grade C or above as a minimum one of the subjects amongst physics, chemistry, and biology.
  •  a valid score is compulsory in NEET-UG Exam.

Sun Yat-Sen University Admission Process 2021

Sun Yat-Sen University admission process is well organized by the authority of the university. University is considered to be the best medical college in China. They have created it very nicely for student’s welfare and that will not create any kind of confusion for the student’s admission system. University only asks for a few documents check and some basic procedures. University admission process is:click here


Sun Yat-Sen University needs some basic documents from students to need to verify their details. It is important to give all the documents asked by the university if a student fails to do that. It can cause disqualification from admission in the university. As it is the basic requirement university asks for.

Documents for SYSU University are:
  •  Identity proof
  •  Residence proof
  •  Working passport
  •  Student visa
  •  10th and 12th mark sheet and certificate
  •  Health certificate
  •  NEET valid scorecard


  •  Sun Yat-Sen University is MCI / NMC Recognized Medical Colleges in China.
  •  University has a massive infrastructure built for their students.
  •  They a highly educated doctors and well-experienced professors under whose supervision students are going to get a high-quality education.
  •  The advantage of Sun Yat-Sen University is that they have all kinds of facilities available for the students coming from abroad like a hostel, mess, and many more within the campus only.
  •  They have all new gadgets in their labs from which students can experiment in their particular field.
  •  They provide graduation, post-graduation, and Ph. D courses in the university.
  •  Has an amazing accommodation facility.
  •  University teaching mode is the English language which helps a lot for international students and national students to communicate easily with each other. As well as it helps international students to understand the notes easily and make studying easy for them.

Hostel in Sun Yat-Sen University

  •  Sun Yat-Sen University offers on-campus widely known housing for worldwide college students and it's far from rental-fashion.
  •  University college students are provided with single and double rooms at the hostel, but due to one-of-a-kind fixtures and centers, their prices vary.
  •  All rooms are ready with a restroom, a separate restroom, water dispenser, kitchen, air conditioner, television, smooth fixtures, cellular telephone, and broadband internet.
  •  Foreign students can prepare dinner by themselves. It’s going to help them to shop their coins spent on meals and it's also a brand new kind of lifestyle for them.
  •  Worldwide university college students stay fortuitously inside the dormitory, because of authentic residing situations and reading environment.
  •  At the campus of Sun Yat Sen University, there's a college health facility, eating locations, stores, supermarkets, banks, and some of existing carrier facilities, basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, tennis, desk tennis, and wonderful outdoor sports activities venues.


Que.When Sun Yat-Sen University was established and where it is situated?

Ans. Sun Yat-Sen University was established in 1924 and situated in Guangdong, China.

Que.It is compulsory to give FMGE exam for enrolling in the Sun Yat-Sen University?

Ans. Yes, it is compulsory to give FMGE exam for enrolling in Sun Yat-Sen University.

Que.What is the motto of Sun Yat-Sen University?

Ans. The motto of Sun Yat-Sen University is to study extensively.

Que.How much staff does Sun Yat-Sen University hold?

Ans. There are almost 17 thousand plus staff in Sun Yat-Sen University.