NEET PG Counseling’ 21: MCC Notice on Resignation From Seats

NEET PG Counseling’ 21: MCC Notice on Resignation From Seats

Huge Updates on the NEET PG Counseling Process!

Over the past few days, there have been several requests and queries over the resignation of the seats allotted to candidates during the NEET PG Counseling Round 1. In light of this, the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) has come out with a notice clearing all such doubts.

Resignation from Round 1 Seat

The candidates who have been allotted a seat in Round 1 and want to resign from it have a deadline till 3rd February 2022 (till 04:00 PM). After this deadline, the candidates will, by default, be considered as part of Round 2 of the NEET PG Counselling. The rules that are applicable for Round 2 shall apply to them too.

Candidates are also required to ensure that their “Resignation Letter” is generated online by the college where the seat has been allotted. The latter needs to fulfill this task through the official MCC portal. Failing to do so shall tender the resignation “Null and Void”, which means that the candidate shall still be considered holding the seat. Thus the rules of Round 2 will still apply to them.

No other document than the Registration Letter generated online shall be treated as the RL.

Resignation from Round 2 Seat

If the candidates apply for and give consent for “upgradation” in Round 2 but their seat is not upgraded, they cannot resign. Even after this, the candidates are required to retain their seats.

As the candidate has fully participated in Round 2 and has exercised choices, the rules of this round will apply to them fully well. Once again, the option of resignation is NOT available even after “no upgradation” in Round 2.

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