MBBS Admission Abroad

MBBS Admission Abroad

MBBS in India is very complex so Indian students choose abroad to pursue their Medicine, MBBS Admission Abroad is becoming popular due to the benefits and financial help programs from International Countries. 

Foreign Universities provide quality Education and modern features to international students in this blog we discuss which country and University are good for Indian students. 

Every year, over 10,000 Indian students enrol in foreign medical universities and colleges to pursue MBBS. This figure is expected to lift as competition for MBBS seats in Indian medical college heats up. 

Over 30 lakh students compete for the 30,000 government-allocated seats. Furthermore, NEET is another barrier that many aspirants fail to overcome to gain admission to the desired medical University. 

Many countries are ranked among the top MBBS Course providers such as Georgia, Russia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. 

Benefits of MBBS Admission Abroad for Indian Students

There are numerous advantages of MBBS Admission Abroad from a foreign country, and some of the advantages of pursuing the MBBS degree from a few popular countries are listed below:

  • An MBBS degree from a top foreign university can add significant value to one's resume.
  • The quality of the same degree obtained abroad is very high, allowing an individual to gain a better grasp and understanding of the subject.
  • Aside from obtaining an international degree, pursuing MBBS from abroad allows one to learn about the diverse cultures around the world.
  • Aspirants can study a variety of specializations through the course abroad.
  • A detailed survey of the medical industry in Australia (2019) revealed a consistent growth rate of 16.1%.
  • Among the various types of practicing doctors, psychiatrists are expected to generate the most jobs in foreign countries until 2028, followed by family and general practitioners.

Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students

The global landscape offers a range of prestigious medical colleges that provide excellent academic programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and international exposure. Here are some of the Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students to consider:

Voronezh State Medical University

Voronezh State Medical University is one of the Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. 

The curriculum is created to meet international criteria, and the faculty comprises experienced professionals. Indian students benefit from affordable tuition fees, a multicultural environment, and the opportunity to gain clinical experience in leading hospitals.

  • Medium of Program - English
  • Annual Tuition Fee - 3,64,000 RUB
  • Location - Voronezh, Russia
  • Students Enrolled 3000+
  • Recognized by - WHO/NMC
  • Exam - NEET Exam

BAU International University

BAU International University, located in Georgia, provides comprehensive medical programs for international students. The university offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program. 

Students receive a well-rounded education through a combination of classroom learning, practical training, and research opportunities. The university's affiliation with renowned hospitals and healthcare institutions ensures hands-on clinical experience.

  • Founded Year - 2015
  • Medium Language - English
  • Recognized By - WHO, MCI, etc.
  • Yearly Tuition Fees - USD 4,500/-
  • Currently Enrolled Students - 5,000+ 

Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University is one of the Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students, attracting students from around the world. The university offers a range of medical programs, including General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Nursing. 

The curriculum is delivered in English, making it accessible to international students. The university's modern facilities, affordable tuition fees, and multicultural environment make MBBS Abroad for Indian students an Attractive Choice.

  • Founded Year - 1930
  • Medium Language - English
  • Recognized By - WHO, NMC, etc.
  • Yearly Tuition Fees - USD 6,200
  • Currently Enrolled Students - 2,000+

Brokenshire School of Medicine

The Brokenshire College School of Medicine in the Philippines is a popular destination to do MBBS Abroad for Indian students seeking quality medical education. 

The college offers an MD program with a strong focus on clinical training and patient care. The faculty consists of experienced medical professionals who provide mentorship and guidance to students. 

The low cost of education, English-speaking environment, and cultural similarities make it a favourable choice for Indian students.

  • Founded Year - 1954
  • Medium Language - English
  • Recognized By - WHO, MCI, etc.
  • Yearly Tuition Fees - INR 3.2 Lakhs 
  • Currently Enrolled Students - 2,000+ 

OSH State University

OSH State University in Kyrgyzstan is another one of the Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students that offers medical programs for Indian students. The university provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses in General Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. 

The curriculum is designed to meet international standards, and students gain practical experience through clinical rotations in affiliated hospitals. 

The affordable tuition fees and low cost of living make it an attractive option for Indian students.

  • Founded Year - 1951
  • Medium Language - English
  • Recognized By - WHO, NMC, etc.
  • Yearly Tuition Fees - USD 3200
  • Currently Enrolled Students - 1,500+

These MCI-Recognized medical colleges abroad provide Indian students with the opportunity to receive a high-quality medical education, gain exposure to diverse healthcare systems, and develop a global perspective. 

Aspiring Indian medical students should thoroughly research each institution, considering factors such as curriculum, faculty expertise, clinical training opportunities, affordability, and cultural environment.

Best Countries to Study MBBS Abroad

Choosing the best country to study MBBS abroad depends on various factors such as quality of education, recognition of the degree, language of instruction, cost of living, cultural fit, and future career prospects. Here's an overview of the countries you mentioned:

  • Georgia: Georgia has been gaining popularity as a destination of one of the Best Countries to Study MBBS Abroad. It offers a study MBBS abroad fee structure in your budget, a good standard of medical education, and recognized medical degrees. Georgia has collaborations with several European universities, providing opportunities for student exchanges and research. However, it's important to ensure that medical councils recognize the university you choose in your home country.
  • Russia: Russian medical universities are renowned for their high-quality education and globally recognized degrees. The country has a long-standing tradition of medical excellence and offers a wide range of medical programs. Some universities provide English-taught courses, while others may require proficiency in the Russian language. Russia has a strong healthcare system and ample clinical exposure opportunities. However, living costs and cultural differences should be considered before making a decision.
  • Philippines: The Philippines is also one of the Best Countries to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian students pursuing medical studies. Many universities offer English-medium MBBS programs, and the country has a good number of MCI-Recognized medical colleges abroad. The Philippines follows the American education system, which can benefit students considering further studies or practice in the United States. However, it's essential to check the accreditation of the universities and consider the cultural adjustment and climate differences.
  • Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan has been actively promoting medical education to international students. The cost of living in Kazakhstan is relatively affordable, and the universities are equipped with modern facilities. However, recognition of the degree in your home country, as well as language and cultural considerations, should be taken into account.

Considering that you mentioned Kazakhstan twice, it appears to be duplicated. Nonetheless, both countries offer medical education opportunities, and the factors mentioned above would apply.

Ultimately, the Best Countries to Study MBBS Abroad depend on your personal preferences, financial situation, career goals, and specific requirements. 

It's crucial to thoroughly research and evaluate different options, and consider the curriculum, language requirements, recognition of the degree, and other relevant factors before making a decision. 

Consulting with educational advisors or professionals in the field can also provide valuable insights tailored to your circumstances.

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Modern medical universities are complete with lots of amenities and world-class faculty, make studying MBBS abroad a huge success among Indians. 

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students provides international exposure and the opportunity to practice in a foreign land and a holistic experience that will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

When you study medicine abroad, language becomes a major disadvantage. However, it also allows you to become immersed in a new language. There are numerous advantages to learning a new language, including:

  • It improves mental performance.
  • Enhances memory.
  • It improves your multitasking abilities.
  • It also improves decision-making abilities.

Students who study MBBS abroad gain more global exposure, access to large university campuses, superior laboratory access, and a lower student-teacher ratio. 

Candidates who choose to study abroad can also work in the host country and eventually settle down. Students studying abroad have access to all of this and much more at a very low cost.