Superiority in the education system by MBBS in Uzbekistan

Superiority in the education system by MBBS in Uzbekistan

About Destination 

Nowadays for Education purposes, many students want to go study abroad. Now, talking about courses provided in Uzbekistan, MBBS is one of the most highly-ranked courses in the country. Doing MBBS in Uzbekistan is not only the perfect choice for those students who are from Uzbekistan but also for foreign students.

The country’s capital and largest city is Tashkent. For the last so many decades the country's education system has been ranked high in the world. MBBS course in Uzbekistan is six years including 1 year internship. Every year many aspirants apply for university admission, but only a few achieve their dreams.

In the education sector, there is tough competition for better success than others. In India, many students give up their dream of becoming a doctor after clearing the NEET exam due to tough competition, high fees, limited seats, and more. After completing the MBBS course, they become highly qualified doctors. 

The Universities of Uzbekistan are recognized by the WHO(World Health Organization) and NMC(National Medical Commission) and universities have highly educated and qualified faculties that provide quality education.MBBS in Uzbekistan is the key to success for those who want to study medical courses.

In addition to its academic rewards, Uzbekistan's rich cultural heritage and historical significance provide a unique and stimulating learning environment. The country has a good transport connection on various roads, which makes it convenient for students from everywhere.

There are so many top medical colleges in Uzbekistan few of them are:

  • Tashkent Medical Academy
  • Samarkand State Medical Institute
  • Fergana State University Medical Centre

Why choose MBBS in Uzbekistan

  • Uzbekistan MBBS fees are affordable which helps those who are financially weak.
  • Institutions provide scholarship facilities for candidates every year.
  • As universities are approved or recognized by big organizations it may help the aspirants to apply for jobs anywhere in the world. 
  • The university has study rooms, laboratory classes, practical classes, Auditoriums, halls, etc.
  • Hostel facilities are also high standard and top-class, with fully-furnished rooms, clean sanitation facilities, mess and canteen facilities with delicious food available there both for veg. and non-veg, etc.
  • Students regularly visit hospitals and clinics for practical lessons.
  • No donations are required for the admission.

Admission Process of the University

  • Registration is the first step to enter the university
  • Recommended letter of admission/recommendation of the applicant 
  • Document verification is the next step 
  • In the next step, an invitation letter will be sent 
  • The visa formalities are completed in the next step 
  • Finally, there was a ticketing and departure

Eligibility Criteriafor Admission to the University


  • Candidates must clear the NEET UG exam.


  • In the 10+2 exam, 50% marks are required from the general category candidate
  • In 10+2 exams, candidates must score 40% for the reserved category.
  • The student must have physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects. 


  • The minimum age is 17 and students who turn 17 before December 31 are also eligible.

This is the perfect admission eligibility criteria for those students who want to study MBBS in Uzbekistan.

Documents Required for Admission to the University

  • 10th and 12th Board Exam Marksheet is required
  • The NEET scorecard of the Candidate is also necessary
  • The original passport of the candidate
  • Passport-size photographs are compulsory
  • A health and fitness certificate is also required
  • COVID-19 report (Negative) is mandatory
  • HIV Report is essential

Student’s Life at the University

Talking about student life at the Uzbekistan medical universities, the university provides all the required necessities to the aspirants which makes their study life easy. Doing MBBS in Uzbekistan for Indian students is the best place

The university has a well-maintained library, museums, auditoriums, lecture halls, etc. The library facilities make it easy for those students who want to study without any noise. Museums make it very comfortable for those students who want to look at historical monuments, sceneries, and many more history-related things.

Classrooms are equipped with audio-visual aids that enhance teaching and training. The university also has a range of other facilities to ensure a pleasant student life. The campus has guarded accommodation with all necessary amenities such as laundry service, room, and kitchen.

Uzbekistan Medical Universities Hostel Facilities

The hostel facilities are also of a high standard including well-equipped rooms, best disinfection, mess, and canteen. Hostel charges are also affordable or reduce the extra burden on candidates' minds regarding finances. 

During theMBBS abroad, students who are looking for a residence, especially foreign students, University hostels have all the required facilities whether it is for living purposes, food, gym, sports, etc. So many aspirants from outside the nation prefer to stay in the hostels of Uzbekistan. The university provides separate hostels to both boys and girls. Internet or Wi-Fi connection is also provided to the candidates of the hostel.

Each type of dish is available for every candidate whether he/she is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Chefs work full of diligently. So many delicious food items are provided to the candidates according to their choice every day and on the weekend provide something special for them. The hostel has 24-hour security guards, CCTV cameras, etc for security.

MBBS Fees in Uzbekistan 

The MBBS fees in Uzbekistan are around Rs.15-20 Lakhs for the whole course. Uzbekistan is popular among Indian students because the MBBS course here is very affordable compared to other countries. 

Study method at Uzbekistan MBBS Universities

Uzbekistan MBBS Universities offer English language education to students. English mainly helps those students who do not understand the official language of the country. It also helps candidates from different countries to communicate with each other. However, learning the Uzbekistan language can be an additional advantage because it allows better communication with patients in clinical practice. 

Intake of MBBS in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan MBBS admission starts in July. Applicants must submit their application starting from the 1st week of July. But remember that the last day of registration is the last week of August. MBBS course in Uzbekistan starts in the first week of September.

Culture of MBBS in Uzbekistan Universities

The culture of the Uzbekistan Universities is student-friendly, as candidate feel that they are living in their own backyard. Universities provide quality education with financial support to candidates who do not have strong money power. The university has beautiful gardens, top-class infrastructure, greater mankind, etc.

The scholarship is offered to students during MBBS in Uzbekistan

Every year, the universities of Uzbekistan offer a scholarship to applicants based on their academic performance. It is awarded based on several criteria, including educational achievement, diversity and inclusion, athletic ability, and financial need. MBBS in Uzbekistan fees for Indian students can also be managed through scholarships offered by the university. Therefore, MBBS in Uzbekistan is an ideal university for MBBS courses for Uzbekistani students or international students.

Indian food at Uzbekistan Universities 

Indian food is not part of the meal plan. However, students can choose from options that offer Indian food, such as private Indian markets and Indian restaurants. Joining Indian mess would cost about $150 per month. On the other hand, many students find it easier to prepare their own food, which ultimately turns out to be a generally hygienic and cost-effective option. 

Education loan to study MBBS in Uzbekistan

There are a number of private and public banks that can offer loans to international students who want to study MBBS in Uzbekistan. In addition, applicants can also prove their financial strength with the help of pension fund accounts, scholarships, educational support for a family member, or financial assistance from guarantors.

Visa Formalities for MBBS in Uzbekistan

Students must have a valid passport and visa to study MBBS in Uzbekistan. The validity of the passport is five years from the date of issue, confirmed by the stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The steps for issuing the Visa are mentioned below:

  •  Invitation sent by the Embassy of Uzbekistan
  •  Original copy of passport
  •  10th. Certificate
  •  12th. Certificate
  •  Medical certificate containing HIV and COVID report
  •  Certificate of issue 
  • 15-20 passport-size photographs


Que 1: Which exam is needed to qualify for admission to Uzbekistan Medical Universities?

Ans 1: The NEET exam needs to qualify which is compulsory for Indian students to Uzbekistan Medical Universities.

Que 2: Write some MCI-approved medical colleges in Uzbekistan?

Ans 2: Some of the best MCI-approved medical colleges in Uzbekistan are:

  • Bukhara State University
  • Andijan State Medical University
  • Tashkent Medical Academy

Que 3: Are medical Universities of Uzbekistan safe for foreign students?

Ans 3: Uzbekistan is safe for foreign students with the best security measures taken at all medical universities in Uzbekistan for students.

Que 4: Are Uzbekistan Universities WHO and NMC recognized?

Ans 4: Uzbekistan Medical Universities are recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and NMC (National Medical Commission) or approved which helps candidates to be eligible for job placement anywhere in the world. 

Que 5: What is the minimum age required to be eligible for admission to Uzbekistan Medical Universities?

Ans 5: The minimum age limit is 17 years and students who turn 17 before December 31 are also eligible.