All about MBBS in Uzbekistan: fulfill your dream to study abroad

All about MBBS in Uzbekistan: fulfill  your dream to study abroad

About the country Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistanis located in Central Asia and Turkmenistan Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. The Country uzbekistan has a vibrant culture includes, music, dance,

About why the students should choose country uzbekistan

Every medical aspirant has a dream to go abroad to study MBBS. Uzbekistan can be a best option for the aspirants, who want to pursue MBBS abroad. The country has several top universities for the students, with top facilities and to fulfill there are several positive points about the country Uzbekistan, why students should choose this country for their MBBS courses. Some highlights are given below.

  • The expense factor is one of the most noticeable points to choosing Uzbekistan. The fees of MBBS courses in this country are quite affordable, which attracts medical aspirants. Though the fees are less, compared to other countries, there are better modern facilities and education infrastructre of the universities of MBBS, in Uzbekistan.
  • The nature of Uzbekistan is quite adorable with the vibrant colors of culture. Uzbekistan culture is filled with music, dance, and traditional arts. The weather of Uzbekistan is quite different, as it is generally warmest in the south, and coldest in the north, of Uzbekistan.
  • The universities of Uzbekistan are recognised by MCI and WHO.
  • The nature of Uzbekistan, the country, and its MBBS universities, are quite adorable. There is modernization, and there are several top universities in this country, which provide the best facilities and environment to their MBBS students

Quick Highlights to study MBBS in Uzbekistan

Recognised by 

WHO and NMC approved 


50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Aggregate. 

Duration of the MBBS courses. 

6 years. 


Yes, compulsory 


Not required 

Medium of Teaching (MBBS courses)


About of Benefits of MBBS in Uzbekistan

  • The country, Uzbekistan, provides the best education, facilities, and future eopportunities to their students.
  • The universities of MBBS colleges, and universities, are recognised by the MCI and WHO.
  • There not only is the MBBS course fee quite affordable, but the accommodation, and hotel fees, are also quite affordable.
  • Though the medical universities in Uzbekistan provide all the modern facilities, use trending teaching methods and trends, and also provide the best future opportunities to their students, their universities are quite affordable and have an easy admission process also.

About Cost studying for MBBS in Uzbekistan,

The cost of study for MBBS in Uzbekistan is quite affordable. The total fees includes, hostel and accommodation fees, tuition fees, and few other expenses. The affordable prices attract students to pursue their dreams of studying MBBS in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan MBBS fees structure, is given below in the bracket:

About the process of Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan

The admission process of studyingMBBS in Uzbekistan, is quite simple.All the proper steps are given below.



The students need to apply on the universities portal. 

Send all the documents, scanned copies. 

The invitation letter will be provided within 48 horses. 

In the fourth step, the students need to pay registration fees. 

In the next step, the students need to apply for a visa. 

The visa will be provided to you within two weeks. 

In the next step, you need to inform them about the date of your arrival. 

Now, you need to fly to Uzbekistan and attend your lectures. 

About the required documents for the MBBS in Uzbekistan.

Before, they got admission in the universities of Uzbekistan, for MBBS. The students need to have all the required documents.

1. Passport copy.
2. Mark sheets copy.
3. Invitation letter, copy.
4. A medical certificate.
5. Passport size photos. ( 8 photographs).

About the Eligibility Certerical for MBBS in Uzbekistan

1.The students should pass out 12th with a regular examination board.
2. Minimum 60 % marks in boards, with subjects physics, Biology, and Chemistry.
3. The student should clear the medical entrance exams “ NEET”
4. The students should be fluent in English, Language. ( IELTS NOT REQUIRED. )

About scholarships provided to the Students for MBBS in Uzbekistan.

The scholarships provided by the universities of Uzbekistan are not offered during the admission process. The university scholarships provided by the universities helps students to decrease the financial burden. The scholarships help the students, in their tuition fees, Hotel and accommodation fees, etc. The universities offer a 6 years MBBS degree programme, including internship. The universities of Uzbekistan has skilled professors and not only provide theoretical knowledge, but also provide the best practical experience.

The list of top universities in Uzbekistan for MBBS, are given below.

University Name 

Year of foundation. 

Samarkand State Medical University 


Tashkent State Dental Institute 


Bukhara State Dental Institute 


Andijan State Medical Institute 


About the Syllabus of Uzbekistan MBBS degree.

Every student should know about the MBBS syllabus, which helps students to create a proper sight to their dreams. The list of the syllabus is given below.



First Year 

Human Anatomy, Cytology, Internal Medicine, Bioorganic Chemistry, Elective Courses, General Psychology. 

Second Year 

Histology, Psychology, Patient Care, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, 

Third Year 

ENT, Forensic Medicine, Radiology, Embryology, Medical Chemistry. 

Fourth Year 

Infectious Disease, Ophthalmology, Gynecology and Obstetrics. 

Fifth Year 

Infectious Disease,Gynecology and Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, etc. 

Sixth Year 

In the sixth year, an internship is provided by the skilled Doctors in private or Government Hospitals. 

Frequently asked questions about MBBS in Uzbekistan.

Question:1 What is the duration of MBBS courses in Uzbekistan for?
Answer:1 The duration of the MBBS course is 6 years, in the universities of Uzbekistan.

Question:2 Is the exam “IELTS” necessary to study in Uzbekistan?
Answer:2 No, IELTS is not compulsory to study MBBS, in Uzbekistan.

Question:3 Is Internship, is compulsory to pursue MBBS courses in the country “Uzbekistan”
Answer:3 One year internship is compulsory to pursue an MBBS course in Uzbekistan.

Question:4 What is the age criterion for MBBS admission in Uzbekistan?
Answer:4 The age of students should be more than 17 years and should be less than age 25 years.

Question 5: Is the MBBS degree provided by the universities of Uzbekistan, accepted by India.
Answer 5: The degree of Uzbekistan is valid not only in India but also accepted worldwide.

The list of top medical universities in MBBS Abroad.

Name of university 

Founded year


Fergana State University 


Country rank 23 & world rank 8293

Tashkent medical academy 


Country rank 4 & world rank 6296 

Andijan State Medical institute 


Country rank 15 & world rank 7896. 

Samarkand State Medical Institute. 


Country rank 1 & world rank 5250 

Tashkent State Dental Institute


Country rank 55 & world rank 10717

Conclusion: The universities of Uzbekistan stand in the list of best universities of the world. The degrees are valid all over the world. The universities provide the best facilities, guide towards students’ dreams, and offer the best medical opportunities. The medical aspirants who want to pursue The medical aspirants who want to study MBBS abroad, can choose this country, as there are top medical colleges and future opportunities.