Your 2023 Guide to Osh State Medical University

Your 2023 Guide to Osh State Medical University

Of all the top universities in Kyrgyzstan, Osh state medical University is considered one at the top. You are probably here because you plan to be admitted into the Osh State Medical University or need clarification about being admitted to Osh State Medical University. However, this blog will cover sufficient reasons to convince you to get admission to Osh State Medical University. 


Course Name 



NEET exam score 

Age required 

17 or 17+



Course Duration 

5 years

Course Fees 

16 Lakhs- 24 Lakhs 

Medium of Teaching 


The University has a vibrant environment for the students, giving them a lively ambiance and a lot to explore. The education system helps students be productive and encourage learning new things. Know what makes Osh State University a pivot among students.

Why Choose Osh State University? 

MBBS abroad becomes interesting when studying from the right destination and Osh State International University becomes one of the feasible options for the students. This is because it provides a rare opportunity for students to explore the international culture and environment where they can benefit from studying from prominent industry experts and scholars. Know about other gains you can obtain from this university by reading the below-mentioned points- 

  • Study at feasible tuition fees 
  • Convenience accommodation and transportation 
  • Skilled and highly experienced faculty
  • WHO-NMC recognized universities 
  • Globally acceptable degree 
  • The international pattern education system
  • The modernized infrastructure of universities
  • Sufficiently equipped laboratories with the latest technology
  • Safe and secure environment

Osh State University Ranking- 

As previously mentioned the university ranks among the top globally recognized medical universities and has amicable surroundings for students. The Osh State University ranking is as follows- 

  • Country Ranking- 11 
  • World Ranking- 8428

Osh State University Fee Structure- 

The reason which attracts most medical aspirants from around the world is the feasibility of the course. In Kyrgyzstan,Osh State University MBBS Fees are easy on the pockets of students who desire to study there. Above all this, another reason for the attraction is that the university does not compromise even a bit on education. Students get good quality education at affordable prices. 

To get a clear idea about Osh State University MBBS Fees, refer to the below-mentioned table- 



Tuition Fees


One Time Charges






1st Year 





2nd Year





3rd Year





4rth Year





5th Year 






MBBS Course in Osh State Medical University 2023 

MBBS abroad is a hardcore desire for many, however, it becomes achievable with Osh State Medical University where students can complete their medical degree within 5 years which also comprises 1 year of internship. 



Practical Duration


5 Years 

Last 1 Year of Internship

Admission Eligibility Criteria- 

Many universities have rigid eligibility criteria for which students struggle continuously to match the standards. However, this university has simple eligibility criteria and basic requirements that an applicant is required to fulfill. The Osh International Medical University criteria are as follows- 

  • An applicant should have completed the age of 17 or should complete the age of 17 by 31st December
  • A student should have acquired a minimum of 50% in senior secondary school and should have a background in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) 
  • To get admission, an applicant should have qualified NEET exam score which is mandatory for all. 

Documents required- 

  • Marksheet of secondary school and senior secondary school. 
  • NEET exam scorecard 
  • Passport size photograph 
  • Original passport of the applicant 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Bank account statement
  • Offer letter 
  • VISA
  • HIV certificate
  • Covid-19 certificate 

OSH State Medical University Admission Process 2023- 

Relieving you from the comfort and time taking admission process, Osh State Medical University provides students an opportunity to get admitted through a simple admission process. To get admission into the Osh State Medical University- 

  • Visit the official website of Osh State Medical University.
  • Click on the admission section and apply for admission. 
  • Fill out your application form for admission with valid required details.
  • Attach the asked documents and submit the form.
  • Wait for the confirmation and offer letter.
  • On receiving the offer letter submit the fees 
  • Prepare for VISA.
  • Once ready with VISA, you are good to fly to your destination. 

OSH State Medical University Advantages- 

  • Students can acquire their medical degree at the university as the OSH State Medical University Fees are easy to afford. If compared, usually MBBS courses are expensive in most developed and developing countries. At a budget of 17 lakhs to 22 Lakh one can complete his/her Medical degree from Osh State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan. 
  • The global recognition of the university makes a medical degree worth acquiring from Osh International University. The university has gained recognition from prominent institutions such as WHO and NMC and hence, the medical degree is acceptable where a student goes next 
  • The faculties at the university are highly skilled and experienced that not only help students in the in-depth understanding of the course but also guide for the better future opportunities which assure students for high packages or better education. 
  • Students will find OSH State Medical University as a more beneficial choice after knowing that there is no language barrier as the course is instructed in English language which also removes the struggle of language exams to make it to a different country hence students can acquire their medical degree from abroad without any hassle. 
  • MBBS abroad becomes more interesting when students get to interact with people from around the world. This is so because Osh State Medical University has a multiverse culture where people share different regions, religions, and backgrounds from diverse parts of the world. 
  • No entrance exam is required if you want to get admitted to Osh state medical University. However, your NEET exam should have been qualified which is a must to get into the university, without it your application won't be considered.
  • Free medical practice opportunities are provided to the students to rehearse their medical knowledge which not only enhances the resume of the students but also helps them in understanding the course through practical means. 

Students' Life at OSH State Medical University- 

Students get a diverse environment along with a homely feeling as for the students from different countries different cuisines are available. Furthermore, students also get an opportunity to stay in a hostel however, this is up to them to choose the opportunity. 

Mess facilities are provided to the students. The hostel and mess are both maintained daily because of the hygienic conditions. Hence, students get hygienic facilities and a good taste of food which gives students a feeling of home away from home. 

How can We assist you with the right admission guidance?

We understand that taking admission and moving to a whole different country is a challenging and time-consuming process however, we make it easy and guide you throughout the process.

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