MBBS in Russia - Top 11 Reasons Why Medical Students Love to Study?

MBBS in Russia - Top 11 Reasons Why Medical Students Love to Study?

MBBS in Russia

Russia has been always a favorite destination for indian student who are looking to pursue MBBS in Russia. The Country has the highest literacy rate of 99.7% in the world. Russian universities occupies highest ranking in the world and most of them comes under top 100 medical universities in the world. 

Medical universities in Russia are known for its high quality medical education and world-class infrastructure. MBBS Fees in Russia is affordable as compared to other country medical universities. Every year lots of medical aspirants all over the world choose Russia mainly for MBBS, BDS, and other medical degrees. 

Russian universities has got approval from NMC, WHO, Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, and other international medical institutions. Every year thousands of international students apply for admission at NMC Recognized Medical Universities in Russia to study world-class medical education.

Russia Highlights

Interesting Facts about Russia

Official Name

Official Name – Russian Federation

Form of Government

Form of Government – Federation


Capital – Moscow


Population – 146,171,015 (2021 estimate)

Local Language

Local Language – Russian


Currency – Russian Ruble (RUB)

Russia, the largest country in the world in the term of area and covers more than 11% of the Earth’s landmass. It shares land borders with China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and other countries and Shares Sea borders with Japan and the United States. The Russian tradition is distinct & widely appreciated and due to its world popular medical education it is the best destination to pursue MBBS abroad.

  •  The largest country in the world.
  •  It is the largest forest country in the world.
  •  It has the world’s coolest town, the Oymyakon. The winter temperature is average -50 C.
  •  The Trans –Siberian Railroad is the largest railway in the world is in Russia. 
  •  Lake Baikal, in Siberia is the largest freshwater lake and deepest lake in the world.
  •  Tetris game is came from Russia.
  •  The region of Siberia, which occupies three-quarters of Russia is 7 times bigger than Texas.

Top 11 Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia

Russia has the most demanding destination among Indian medicos, world ranked medical professionals is the main reason to pursue MBBS in Russia. Here we are discussing the top 11 Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students.

  •  Low-Cost Tuition Fees – Most of the Indian applicants who choose Russian University is due to their low tuition fees. The MBBS in Russia Fees is affordable for all foreign medicos.
  •  No Entrance Test Required – There is no need to appear in any entrance examination to study medical education in the country. Admission is based on the academic score and the qualification of NEET Exam.
  •  World class education - Indian students has a chance to pursue the quality medical education at medical universities in Russia. The Medical universities focuses more on practical knowledge rather than theoretical part.
  •  World Ranked Universities – Russian universities has ranked among the top 100 Universities in the world. 
  •  The Medium of Education – Most of the Russian universities has fully English language curriculum for Indian students. So it’s a good news for Indian students who wants to pursue MBBS in Russia.
  •  Globally Recognized MBBS Degree –. These universities are also approved by WHO, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, and other top medical institutions.
  •  Highly Qualified Faculty – The faculty at top Medical Colleges in Russia are highly experienced and their aim is to deliver the good practical knowledge to medical candidates.
  •  Availability of Indian Food – Universities in Russia offer Indian food and there are so many Indian restaurants available near the university. 
  •  World-class Infrastructure – Russian Medical Universities has modern equipment’s in the hospital for practical study. The Universities also has world class Infrastructure with lots of facilities.
  •  Indian Community Available – Every year thousands of Indian students apply to get medical degree from top Russian universities. So students get Indian community at medical universities in the country.
  •  Hostel with Indian Food – Indian applicants get hostel facility with all the necessary facilities at low cost. They also get Indian food in all NMC approved medical universities in Russia. Separate rooms with furniture, mess, and all other facilities are available for medical students.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Russia

eligibility criteria for mbbs in russia

Top NMC Approved Medical Universities in Russia

What is NMC Approval?

Students who are looking for admission in the top medical colleges in Russia should know that the National Medical Commission has introduced the FMGE Screening Test. Indian students who completed the medical degree from foreign universities need to pass the test in order to obtain provisional or permanent registration with the MCI/NMC. The approval is essential for aspirants to get favorable opportunities for employment and practice in the medical profession in India.

Russia is a home of world’s popular universities who got approval from NMC, WHO, and other popular medical institutions. Students can apply for admission in any of the university to study the medical program by qualifying the admission criteria. We have listed below some demanding NMC approved universities to study MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia Fee Structure 2021

The complete tuition fees of MBBS program at Russian medical universities is affordable for Indian applicants. There are lots of universities in Russia having different fee structure, the MBBS fee is varies between USD 18,000/- to USD 70,000/-. We have listed some universities with their complete medical fees including tuition fees, hostel fees, and other charges. 

University Name
Complete MBBS Fees(in USD)

Kabardino Balkarian State University


Amur State Medical Academy


Crimea Federal University


Chuvash State Medical University


Omsk State Medical University


Bashkir State Medical University


Saratov State Medical University


Orenburg State Medical University


Altai State Medical University


Far Eastern Federal University


Kazan Federal University


Voronezh State Medical University


Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University


Peoples Friendship University of Russia


First Moscow State Medical University


Top 7 Universities for MBBS in Russia

V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University 

  •  Best university for medical education in Simferopol, Russia.
  •  It spread across 42 hectares in area.
  •  100+ year’s oldest university in Russia.

v.i. vernadsky crimean federal university russia

Founded in 




Tuition Fees

$3,000/ year

Hostel Fees

$500/ year

Chuvash State Medical University

  •  Main university in Cheboksary, Russia.
  •  Recognized by NMC, WHO, and other medical organizations.
  •  It has the biggest anatomy museum for medical applicants.

chuvash state medical university russia

Founded in 




Tuition Fees

$3,200/ year

Hostel Fees

$700/ year

Kabardino Balkarian State University

  •  It is a multidisciplinary modern classical university.
  •  It is known for its good traditions among students.
  •  Famous academics and professors, and participants work here.

kabardino balkarian state university russia

Founded in 




Tuition Fees

$2,500/ year

Hostel Fees

$250/ year

Bashkir State Medical University

  •  Best university for MBBS in Russia.
  •  Multidisciplinary clinic and research laboratories available for clinical education.
  •  6 dormitories available for foreign medical applicants.

bashkir state medical university russia

Founded in 



UFA, Russia

Tuition Fees

$3,900/ year

Hostel Fees

$200/ year

Kazan Federal University

  •  More than 215 years old university of Russia.
  •  Ranked among the top 10 Medical Universities in Russia.
  •  Best university to study MBBS in Russia.

kazan federal university russia

Founded in 



Kazan, Russia

Tuition Fees

$5,600/ year

Hostel Fees

$100/ year

Peoples Friendship University of Russia

  •  Located in one of the most beautiful city in Russia.
  •  Hostels with proper facilities are available for Indian applicants.
  •  NMC Approved Medical University in Russia.

peoples friendship university of russia russia

Founded in 



Moscow, Russia

Tuition Fees

$9,500/ year

Hostel Fees

$1,500/ year


Voronezh State Medical University

  •  100+ year’s oldest university.
  •  Leading educational & research institutions in the country.
  •  Hospital for medical treatment and clinical training.
voronezh state medical university russia

Founded in 



Voronezh, Russia

Tuition Fees

$6,000/ year

Hostel Fees

$850/ year

MBBS in Russia vs India for Indian Students


Literacy Rate 




Few Universities

World Ranked Universities

MBBS Tuition Fees

Rs.31L – Rs.90L 

Rs.15L – Rs.45L

Cost of Living

Rs.5,000-Rs.15,000/ month

Rs.4,000-Rs.12,000/ month


High NEET Score

NEET Qualified

COVID-19 Guidelines to Study MBBS in Russia for Indian candidates

  •  Indian students need to acquire a negative COVID-19 test report no more than three days prior to departing Russia.
  •  After arrival, applicants are asked to isolate themselves and test again within 72 hours.
  •  Once the COVID-19 test results come out negative, students can leave the isolation phase.


Que - How students can contact their parents while studying in Russia?

Ans - Applicants can contact directly by Phone call, E-Mail, or any social media networks. Students get the international sim card while arriving Russia so they can easily contact by using it.

Que - Is MBBS good in Russia?

Ans - It has the top 100 medical universities in the world to offer cheaper education than other popular study destinations. The Universities are approved by NMC which means you can also practice in India after completing the medical degree from Russia. So, Study MBBS in Russia is the best choice for Indian applicants.

Que - Which are the top Universities to study MBBS in Russia?
  •  V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University 
  •  Chuvash State Medical University
  •  Kabardino Balkarian State University
  •  Bashkir State Medical University
  •  Kazan Federal University
  •  Peoples Friendship University of Russia
  •  Voronezh State Medical University
  •  First Moscow State Medical University
Que - How to get MBBS admission in Russia?

Ans - To get admission in Russian medical universities students need to meet the criteria for admission. 

  •  Applicants must attain the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year in which he/she is applying for admission.
  •  Must complete the 12th class exam with at least 50% marks in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).
  •  They need to qualify for the NEET Exam to study in Russia.
Que - Can I apply for MBBS in Russia without NEET?

Ans - Yes, it may possible that applicants can get admission in Russia without qualifying the NEET Exam. Due to the COVID-19 current scenario medical aspirants are given a conditional exception to apply for MBBS in Russia without NEET.