Why should you choose Georgia to study MBBS abroad

Why should you choose Georgia to study MBBS abroad

Georgia is often seen as popular among students who desire to study abroad and there are not just one but multiple reasons to pursue your Medical Education in Georgia.

 To the people who are confused about the queries related to studying abroad or about studying MBBS in Georgia, this article will probably help you in sorting all your queries along with making you decide how right your decision of pursuing MBBS in Georgia is.

What does Georgia bring to Medical Students?

Georgia is a country that is counted among the best countries for Medical Universities and the Medical Universities there are counted for providing the best facilities to medical students. The education facilities provided there to the students are world-class and the standard has been kept international. The faculty focuses more on practical knowledge and a better understanding of students.

The students who are willing to study MBBS in Georgia should feel advantageous to know that education in Georgia is affordable for students. Hence, the financial pressure upon students regarding the loan or financial payments decreases at a good level. 

The faculty in the Medical colleges of Georgia is highly qualified and experienced which provides extreme exposure to the students and helps students in obtaining in-depth knowledge and focuses on meeting the requirements of the students. Also, the best medical colleges in Georgia are WHO(World Health Organization)/NMC(National Medical Commission) approved which allows students to practice their profession across the world once after completion of their MBBS course. 

Moreover, after going away from their country, students need not worry about the culture and food. Georgia has enough Indian food and culture will not to let the students feel homesick. 

The medium of instruction is English and due to the national as well as the international crowd in the medical colleges, the students get an opportunity to interact with students from across the world. 

The tuition fee in the medical colleges in Georgia is low and the degree provided by the medical universities in Georgia are valid across the world which eases the stress among students to pursue their profession in the medical field.

The students who are often seen as worried about preparing for a different type of entrance or language exams do not need to worry about the same to get admitted to the medical universities of Georgia as there no necessity is required to clear any entrance exam.

If not the entrance exam then what?

Although the medical universities in Georgia do not ask for any type of entrance or language exam it does not mean that there is nothing required to get admitted to the medical universities of Georgia. A student who is willing to apply to the MBBS course must have qualified NEET exam on what basis his/her selection will be made into the Georgian Medical universities.

Is neet the only requirement for admission?

No! There is no such thing as only NEET is required to get admitted to the Medical Universities of Georgia. However, every university has there own criteria to shortlist students. Moreover, certain documents are required while the admission process to make it successful. 

Below is the list of required documents for the admission process-

  • Original Passport of the student.
  • Passport size photograph of the student
  • Minimum of 50% marks in secondary school and senior secondary school
  • For reserved categories minimum of 40% in secondary school and senior secondary school. 
  • Bank account details
  • Qualified NEET score
  • Offer letter from the university
  • COVID-19 certificate(should be negative)
  • HIV/AIDS certificate

If the university is provided with all these documents the student can get his/her admission successfully

Further, there is much more for the students as the MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is feasible to afford. Students who are willing to go behind the Medical line in Georgia are often seen confused related to the fee structure of the Medical universities of Georgia. To make it easy for you all, here we have shared an average of the fee structure for the students. 

MBBS in Georgia FEE 

  • Tuition Fees in Georgia can go between an average of 4,000USD - 8,000USD per year.
  • For the hostel, an average including food can go up to 2,000USD.
  • For the miscellaneous expenses, an average budget can be kept at 2,000USD
  • For the Medical checkup, students can keep an average of 350 USD.

From the above given average MBBS Georgia Fee you must have got an idea about how affordable the country and the medical education there is.

Now after the fee structure, students should also know about the-

MBBS course duration in Georgia-

The total cost duration of the MBBS course in Georgia is 6 years which is divided into 5 years the course. 

1 year is for the internship in the hospital which is to be affiliated with the university.

What are the intakes for MBBS Georgia? 

Generally, the classes for the Medical course commence by the end of September, and the seats are given to the students on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

To get admitted to the Medical University of Georgia it is better to apply between July-August if the student does not want to face any issues.

Here to make it easier for you all, we have provided the admission procedure for the students.

Admission procedure for MBBS Georgia- 

  • An online application for admission should be filled out by the student with the correct and original details.
  • The university provides an offer letter after a successful admission procedure.
  • Once an offer letter has been provided to the student, the payment should be made by him and the student can begin with the Visa process.
  •  If your payment is successfully done, get a student VISA card.
  • The procedure is done, and the student needs to pack his bag to change his dream of wearing a white coat into reality. 

Students will not only be able to get themselves educated in the precious universities but also will be able to explore the European culture and also will get an opportunity to interact with intelligent minds across the world.

What makes Medical Universities in Georgia famous?

The best medical Universities are WHO and INC/NMC-approved as mentioned above in the blog. Moreover, the universities provide extreme exposure to students under highly qualified faculty. 

The Medical Universities provide MBBS in Georgia for Indian students, at an affordable price which makes them more special, the medical universities in Georgia do not compromise the quality of education.

The infrastructure is Top-notch and all the facilities for the students are provided as per their needs and requirements. The university also allows students international exposure. For your reference here are some best medical universities in Georgia for students-

  • Caucasus Medical University
  • Georgian National University
  • European National University
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • Akaki Tsereteli State University

What else do Georgian Medial Universities bring to students?

  • Students do not feel any safety concerns while being in the country.
  • Being in the European continent the students can still enjoy the Indian culture and cuisines.
  • The weather in Georgia stays favorable and does not a matter issue for the students.
  • The country Georgia is economical and is almost 2.5 times cheaper than other countries.
  • Students from across the world migrate to the country for many different reasons along with studying. Hence, students will get to interact with people and professionals from across the world.
  • The universities provide internships and working experience under the best medical colleges in the country which not only helps students in building their CVs but also enhances their practical knowledge.
  • It has been noticed that the country provides a 100% visa approval rate to students.
  • The universities provide the best salary packages to the students.
  • No language test like IELTS/TOEFL is required.

I hope this blog must have helped you in some way to get you clear about the Medical universities in Georgia and the admission procedure and its requirements. 

We wish you all the luck!