What are the advantages of studying at Crimean Federal University?

What are the advantages of studying at Crimean Federal University?

Crimean Federal University has served as a hub for academic and vocational medical education and medical science in Crimea while also offering a specialized course ‌ Medicine and Pharmacy. The Crimean Federal University enrolls around 4.7 thousand students, including 1.7 thousand foreign students from 40 countries, including 1000 Indian students. Since 1999, English has become the second language of teaching at Crimean Federal University, making it an appealing option for overseas students pursuing an MBBS degree.

The worldwide Faculty of Crimean Federal University has an outstanding national and global reputation for teaching, research, academic service, and collaboration. The University's activities reflect its ideals of academic achievement, diversity, fairness, human rights, social justice, and responsiveness to public health concerns. The University's 500 full-time academics come from various disciplinary backgrounds, ranging from social to biological sciences, increasing multidisciplinary methods necessary for general medicine and public health. More than 100 honorary staff members contribute to academic activities.

Why Do Indian Students Plan to Study at Crimean Federal University?

  • Crimean Federal University is one of Russia's oldest institutions, dating back more than a century.
  • Its lengthy history and legacy in education indicate its dedication to academic success.
  • The institution provides a diverse range of academic programs and courses across several fields.
  • Students can explore many disciplines of study and follow their passions while gaining a thorough education.
  • Crimean Federal University respects students' financial restraints and aims to deliver an inexpensive education.
  • Tuition and living expenses are low, making it a suitable alternative for those seeking a great education without an enormous financial burden.
  • The institution is committed to providing high-quality education through its skilled professors and well-crafted curriculum.
  • The emphasis on practical learning, research opportunities, and hands-on experiences prepares students for their future employment.
  • Students may widen their viewpoints and engage in cross-cultural experiences thanks to international cooperation, student exchange programs, and connections with prestigious schools.
  • The university's medical programs are accredited by prominent medical organizations such as the National Medical Commission (NMC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • This accreditation assures that degrees earned at Crimean Federal University are widely regarded and appreciated worldwide.

Courses at the Crimean Federal University for 2024

The Crimean Federal University provides English language courses to Indian applicants in the following specializations:

  • General Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Pediatric
  • Dentistry

Fee Structure of Crimean Federal University

Crimean Federal University offers a affordable MBBS fee structure for Indian students; for a complete fee schedule, please see below:


Tuition Fees



One-Time Charges

1st Year





2nd Year





3rd Year





4th Year





5th Year





6th Year





Grand Total


Ranking of Crimean Federal University 2024

Crimea Federation University ranking is regarded as one of Russia's most prestigious and popular medical colleges. The institution is one of the recognized universities identified by the World Health Organization and the National Medical Commission. 

Country Ranking: 31st

World Ranking: 4341st

How can students get admission to Crimea Federal University?

Admission to the Crimean Federal University requires many steps:

Step 1: Students must first fill out the application form, which is available on Crimean Federal University's internet portal.

Step 2: After completing out the registration form, the qualifying student will get an invitation letter.

Step 3: Once students have received the invitation letter, they can apply for the visa procedure.

Step 4: Inform the consultant about your expected arrival date so that the representative can assist you in accessing the university.

Eligibility criteria Crimea Federal University 2024 

Indian students applying to Crimea Federal University to study MBBS in Russia must meet the following requirements:

  • Academic requirements: 10+2 with a minimum aggregate score of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Age requirement: You must be 17 years old as of December 31st of the admission year.
  • NEET requirements: Qualified NEET Exam (50th percentile for general/EWS and 40th percentile for unreserved category).

CFU Teaching Staff

The Crimea Federal University employs around 700 instructors (c. 100 doctors of sciences and c. 350 candidates of sciences). The University has 39 professors who are academicians and corresponding members of local and international Academies.

Campus and hostel buildings

The Crimea Federal University campus (excluding the clinical bases) covers 17.3 hectares. It features 16 school buildings, five dormitories, a covered track and field athletics arena, a sports complex (which includes a stadium and a swimming pool), and various eateries. The university's library fund totals over 600,000 volumes. Crimea Medical University also has its own publishing facility.

Benefits of pursuing MBBS at Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University is one of Russia's oldest and most reputable medical universities for MBBS studies. Here's why.

  • The university ranks 25th in Russia.
  • International students benefit from low entry costs and a simple admission procedure.
  • CFU-awarded medical degrees are valid in India, Europe, Asia, America, and across the world.
  • High-quality medical education is provided by 7000 highly educated and experienced teachers.
  • Students receive extensive practical instruction throughout their clinical rotations.
  • Since 2016, the entire MBBS course has been taught in English medium.
  • CFU now enrolls around 3000 international students.
  • Government hospitals provide students with practical clinical experience.

Duration of the MBBS program at Crimea Federal University

The duration of an under-graduate program, particularly MBBS in Russia, is six years, which includes one year of apprenticeship and five years of classroom study. The length of MBBS is nearly identical at every medical university in Russia.

Intake at Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University is one of Russia's top medical colleges in terms of quality education, practical knowledge, low cost, variety, and so on, and it attracts foreign students from Nepal, the UAE, Africa, Pakistan, India, and many more. The university's September intake has a restricted number of seats available.

Indian Students and the Crimea Federation University

Crimea Federation University is one of the best possibilities for Indian students looking to do MBBS abroad.

  • MBBS in Russia is far less expensive than private colleges in India.
  • The Crimea Federation University is well known for the curriculum it uses to educate pupils.
  • The MBBS graduate from Russia can practice medicine anywhere in the globe.
  • Students see this as an appealing opportunity to return to their home country and practice their career.
  • Students can qualify for this by taking and passing the NMC screening test administered by the Indian government.
  • Additionally, the Crimea Federation University guarantees extraordinary security to students from all over the world.

Hostel Facilities at Crimean Federal University.

  • Campus hostel amenities are offered to students here.
  • Shared rooms help you save money.
  • The hostel facilities maintain a unisex study environment and provide 24/7 supervision to ensure your safety.

Food in Russia

  • There are many styles of food, including Chinese and Indian.
  • So you will not have any issues with the meal.
  • On the university campus, you can also find Indian food.
  • You may discover inexpensive eateries here.
  • There are various sorts of veggies, commodities are accessible in supermarkets.

Weather Conditions in Russia

  • Summer is warmer because of its mild climatic zone.
  • It is cool in winter

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Who has authorized Crimean Federal University?

Yes. Crimean Federal University is recognized and certified by the World Health Organization, and it is included on the WDOMS (World Directory of Medical School) web.

Q2. What is the entry test for Crimea State Medical University?

The entire course is taught in English, however there are also bilingual and Russian language courses. There are no entrance tests for admission to Crimea State Medical University.

Q3. Is Crimean Federal University good?

Crimea Federal University, also known as V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, is one of Russia's premier medical universities, founded in 1918 and located in Crimea.

Q4. Is English the medium of instruction at Crimean Federal University?

CFU is a fully English-medium university that follows European educational standards. CFU is Russia's premier medical institution, and we use current technology to instruct students.