Way to MBBS Abroad in Kazakhstan!

Way to MBBS Abroad in Kazakhstan!

The MBBS in Kazakhstan is a highly acknowledged course for all medical applicants. As, the premium institutes of Kazakhstan have the recognition of WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC, and NMC.

Most universities have been granting the MBBS degrees. Many of almost 5,000 Indian students come here each year. And, worldwide 60,000 students get their medical degree from any well reputed university in Kazakhstan. 

According to the new change NMC (National Medical Commission) has replaced the MCI( Medical Council of India) in the time period of Sept 2020 under the provisionally Sept 2019.

It has underlaid the provision of improving the accessibility to scholarly and budget-friendly medical education. 

Mbbs Abroad has always ensured the provision of providing high-quality medical personnel in all parts of India. And, aiming for equitable and universal healthcare for each human being.

Adding to these new changes or implementation administrations have undergone so many changes and because of this, it has left a direct impact on Indian medical students. 

Kazakhstan as a country is warm and welcoming towards Indian medical applicants. 

Highlights Of the MBBS in Kazakhstan

When students are aspiring to Study MBBS in Kazakhstandreamthen they are welcomed by the superfluity of experiential and educational opportunities within their sphere of attaining the course degree. Indian medical applicants would be receiving similar living conditions when they enrolled themselves in any esteemed institution in Kazakhstan. 

 Notable features of Kazakhstan

It’s one of the 9th largest countries in the world. 

It's a homeland of more than 120 ethnic groups and has been a place in which diverse nationalities are there. 

All the Medical Universities have the accreditation from NMC, WHO etc. 

Courses are taught in English medium only. 

If the question arises of MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students then students can look for dynamic spheres of advantages for considering this as a vital option for a life-changing decision. 

  • Less duration of the course: considering the fact that when students are aspiring for the dream course such as MBBS in Kazakhstan they get the instant benefit of fewer years of course duration. In comparison to other topmost countries students have to 
  • pursue a 6 years MBBS course. 
  • Similar Weather Conditions: When students are enrolling themselves in a course in this country they get similar living conditions to India only. The fluctuation of the weather conditions is not that unbearable and it is quite pleasant. Summer temperature maximally exceeds 30-35 degree Celsius and in winter too snowing happens but the weather doesn't go beyond -20 degrees Celsius unlike most of the foreign countries abroad. 
  • Reasonable Tuition Fees: When students from India hail to this country to pursue their course they get their living, tuition cost, and other amenities during the course of courses at affordable pricing because of less rate of the currency in comparison to the Indian currency. Like, 1 INR of India is equivalent to 5.47 Kazakhstan Tenge. 
  • Good Clinical Exposure: Kazakhstan has encompassed a huge population of people, which acts as an aid for medical students to facilitate a great clinical learning experience within the country itself. 
  • Modernized Technology and Superior Infrastructure: When students go for options to StudyMbbs Abroad in Kazakhstan the Universities have provision of a well-equipped mechanism of learning, with a great infrastructure to support the transmission of a meticulous learning environment. 

These are some pointers that make the students drawn toward the idea of MBBS in Kazakhstana more vibrant option to seek.

Top Medical University of Kazakhstan

Features some of the Top Medical Universities of Kazakhstan which provide world-class educational learning to the students. Some of the mentions are below 

  • International Medical School 
  • South Kazakhstan Medical Academy
  • Al- Farabi Kazakh National University
  • Kazakh National Medical University
  • Astana Medical University Kazakhstan 
  • Semey State Medical University
  • Kokshetau State University Kazakhstan
  • Karaganda State Medical University

Eligibility Criteria

To Know About Kazakhstan MBBS Fees

As discussed the Kazakhstan MBBS Fees are much lower than the comparison to India’s course fees for a medical degree. Students get their meritorious learning at inexpensive rates. 

  • Semey State Medical University - 22,300 USD
  • Kazakh National Medical University - 23,100 USD 
  • Astana Medical University - 23,050 USD 
  • South Kazakhstan Medical Academy- 23,850 USD 
  • Caspian International School of Medicine - 19,200 USD


QUES.1. Is there any scholarship scheme for foreign students?

Ans.1. Yes, the universities of Kazakhstan have the provision for many scholarship schemes to back their financial needs.

QUES.2. What is the Ranking of Kazakh National Medical University?

Ans.2. The ranking of the university can be checked through various public domains like 4. icu 

Country Ranking: 12

World Ranking: 5274

QUES.3. Are there good hostel accommodations?

Ans.3. Yes, the universities have affiliated the great hostel accommodation for international students with a plethora of benefits. 

QUES.4. Which is the Biggest city in the country?

Ans.4. Almaty is the biggest city in the country and the homeland of the most esteemed universities of Kazakhstan.