Top Tips to Get Good Rank in NEET Exam Based on Ex-topper’s Experience

Are you preparing for India’s biggest medical entrance exam? Yes, we are talking about the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).  If yes then it may be possible that you have completed the whole syllabus of NEET and doing revisions. Some of you may be messed up with Important notes, textbooks, NCERT books, and still worried about how to get a good score in NEET?

In this blog, we have selected 10 tips and tricks to get a good rank in NEET 2020 These tips are based on the experience of various years NEET toppers. See, only one month left now for the exam. You all know this time is crucial for your last-minute preparation. We have tips for NEET exam, to help you.

1. Plan for exam-  yes, you need a plan on which you will take your exam. In this plan, your schedule of how to do you deal with questions. How much time you will give a question. Also. Don’t forget to keep in mind that there is negative marking also, so avoid those questions which create confusion.

2. Study Routine- You may have seen two types of students. One, who studies 5 to 6 hrs in a day and get good marks and another study whole day but some time they get lower grades than the first one. The main reason behind it is planning. First student studied 5 to 6 hrs in the day but he/she was studying so long with dedication. It may happen that second student, has started late preparation.

3. Clear Concept-  Never be in confusion about the concepts of topics. Whatever you have studied just be clear what is all about. This plays an important role in the exam hall. When your concept will be clear then you can answer without confusion and if the concept is not clear then it can happen that you answer wrong.

4. Keep Practicing – Whatever you have studied yet, just practice. This, not a time to start a new topic to study.

 5. Study with self-prepared notes– If you have made your own notes then it will help you at the time of revision. You don’t need to put extra effort.

6. Eat healthy–  take balance diet and eat only good things

7. Take proper sleep- 8 hours of sleep is mandatory.  Less or more an affect your memories.

8. Take a short break–  Keep a short break during your study after every 1 hrs.

9. Exam day strategy- Take a visit of exam entre where  your exam will be organized. Plan your visit and route, take documents, and other mandatory preparations.

10. Previous year question papers and mock tests are important- collect previous years question papers and practice with it. Also, mock tests are important in NEET Preparations.

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