Top 10 Facts to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students: 2023

Top 10 Facts to Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students: 2023

After clearing the 12th standard with the science stream many students dream of becoming a doctor. Every year thousands of NEET-qualified understudies apply to Indian medical universities to complete their dream but due to limited seats, high competition in the medical field, and unaffordable fee structure candidates step back to avoid these worthless things. MBBS abroad is suitable for you. 

In this case, overseas medical universities make an ideal place to pursue MBBS. This is the main reason many Indian students go to study MBBS abroad. “Point blank” MBBS broad is really “Out of the world” for those who wish to become specialists in the medical field. 

Students are also looking for inexpensive medical education as well as the standard of instruction offered abroad in clinical universities. The MBBS admission process at clinical universities abroad is extremely simple and hassle-free. In this way, contingent upon financial investment and time limitations, take the choice wisely.

For providing quality education in the medical field there are so many countries that offer “Out of the World” programs. Studying MBBS abroad helps to “Past master” in their favourable field. If you are planning to study abroad to give yourself wings for completing your dream to be a doctor this decision is correct “By all means”. 

All things are better than Indian medical universities. These are the main reasons many students from India as well as international students go to study abroad. Below have shared all information “Alfa and omega” for studying MBBS abroad. 

Top 10 Advantages of studying MBBS abroad 

There are many significant ways to get an MBBS degree from a foreign university. Students get numerous benefits to study MBBS abroad. Below we mentioned all the advantages. 

  • Affordability: The least expensive nations to concentrate on medication that conveys concentrates on MBBS abroad come from Europe, where it is generally low to-reside costs. Assuming we talk about Russia, the complete month-to-month living expenses, including every above cost, are anywhere between 100-150 USD.
  • Quality Education: Foreign medical universities provide excellent quality education at an affordable cost. “By and large” in comparison to India, studying MBBS abroad is much better for Indian medical aspirants. 
  • No Entrance Test: There is one good thing for Indian students, foreign medical universities don’t take any entrance exam to get admission. Indian students are required to take the one and only entrance test for getting admission. 
  • Productivity: In New Zealand, there are more than 17,000 doctors, of which 40% are from outside the country. India has so many doctors that come outside the country. 
  • Highly Qualified Faculties: Overseas medical universities have worldwide qualified faculties that aim to supply excellent medical education with modern technologies. 
  • Easy Admission Procedure: Medical universities of foreign have an easy admission process. Those Indian students who want to get admission to overseas universities follow an easy and simple admission procedure without so much paperwork.
  • Students-Teacher Ratio: There is an ideal students-teachers ratio. Students don’t feel crowded in the classroom. Individual students can get one-to-one attention in the classroom through teachers because the students-teachers ratio is 15:1. 
  • Multicultural Environment: Every year, many Indian students get admission and foreign students from various counties. Students meet and enjoy different cultures together with local people. 
  • Safety & Security: Outside many countries are safer in comparison to India. Those Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad feel very safe. Universities provide extra safety for foreign students who come from outside the country. 

Studying MBBS in India is more expensive while we compare studying MBBS in foreign countries. This is one of the main reasons thousands of Indian students go to study MBBS abroad. So if our ambition is to turn into a specialist, either make a respectable attempt to traverse the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) or check for the schools to seek MBBS abroad for Indian understudies for a minimal price. 

MBBS in foreign countries is very less expensive and gives quality education. Be that as it may ensure you pick the right university abroad for your study.

Check and select the best nation to read up on MBBS for Indian understudies from this top nations list:

MBBS in Russia 

Russia is the best nation to study MBBS. This nation is a good friend of India also. The Russian education system is ranked in the 26th position in the world and this is one of the countries that provide education with modern technologies. Russia has more than 57 MCI-approved medical universities. MBBS in Russia is suitable for Indian students. 

Best Medical Universities in Russia 

  • Altai State Medical University
  • Crimea Federal University
  • Samara State Medical University
  • Perm State Medical University 
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • OMSK State Medical University etc. 

MBBS in Georgia 

Every Year, many students plan to study MBBS in Georgia. This is the 6th safest country in the world and the climate is similar to India so Indian students can easily cooperate in this environment. 

Best Medical Universities in Georgia

  • East European University
  • New vision University 
  • Georgian National Medical 
  • Georgian American University 
  • Batumi International University etc. 

MBBS in Kazakhstan 

This is the most demanding option for Indian students because MBBS in Kazakhstan is a cheap destination to pursue medical science. Currently, there are more than 20,000 Indian students already pursuing their desired destination. 

Best Medical Universities in Kazakhstan

  • Al Farabi Kazakh National University 
  • South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 
  • International Medical School 
  • Astana State Medical University etc. 

MBBS in Philippines 

The Philippines is famous in the education sector. This is the 3rd world-largest English-speaking country in the world. MBBS in Philippines has a short duration in comparison to other countries i,e 4.5 years and a one-year internship program. The total duration is 5.5 years to complete the medical course. 

Best Medical University in the Philippines

  • University of Perpetual Help System 
  • UV Gullas College of Medicine
  • Davao Medical School of Foundation 
  • Our Lady Fatima University etc. 

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 

Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is currently turning into the ideal destination to pursue MBBS at an affordable cost. All the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan are recognized by world-leading platforms such as WHO, NMC, FAIMER and many more and provide MBBS courses totally in the English language so Indian students don’t face any language barrier while studying MBBS. 

Best Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan 

  • OSH State Medical University 
  • Jalalabad State Medical University 
  • International School of Medicine 
  • Asina Institute of Medical Science etc. 

Eligibility Criteria for studying MBBS abroad 

Actually, every university has its own eligibility criteria for getting admission abroad but we share some come requirements that are required in every university. Those students preparing to study MBBS abroad can check carefully. 

  • Students who want to study abroad complete their 17 years of age at the time of admission. 
  • General category students must be qualified 12th class with 50% aggregate marks in PCB.
  • Reserve category students required 40% marks in 10+2 in PCB.
  • Indian students must be qualified for the NEET exam to study MBBS abroad. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why study MBBS abroad the best in comparison to India?

MBBS abroad is absolutely the best “By all means”. There are so many countries that provide affordable medical education without any compromise on the quality of education. This is the main reason every year thousands of Indian students go outside to complete their dream to be doctors. 

2- Which country is affordable to study MBBS abroad?

Undoubtedly, all the overseas countries are suitable for Indian students because most foreign countries are affordable in comparison to Indian medical universities. Countries like:

MBBS in Russia 

MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Philippines 

MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in China etc. 

3- What is the fee range to complete an MBBS course abroad?

Study MBBS abroad fee is really budget-friendly for Indian students as well as international students. Candidates can check carefully below. 

Countries Name

Average Fees Structure (INR)

MBBS in Russia 

14 lakh - 25 lakh 

MBBS in Georgia

15 lakh - 30 lakh 

MBBS in Kazakhstan 

12 lakh - 20 lakh 

MBBS in Philippines 

17 lakh - 25 lakh

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 

12 lakh - 22 lakh

4- What is the MBBS course duration in foreign medical universities?

If we talk about the duration, students spend 5 to 6 years completing their MBBS degrees. This duration includes an internship also. 

5- Is the degree of MBBS abroad valid in India or not?

Yes, why not, if you complete your medical degree abroad from any country the degree is absolutely valid in India and over the world. MBBS degrees are recognized by WHO, NMC, FAIMER and many leading platforms. After completing MBBS abroad students come back to India and clear the FMGE/NEXT exam. This is the licensing exam which is mandatory to clear every student who comes back to India to complete their medical degree abroad. After clearing this exam students are eligible to provide their medical services to the local public.