Tianjin Medical University, China

Tianjin Medical University, China

Tianjin Medical University is one of the oldest medical Universities in China, as it was established long back in 1951. It is the first ever medical university in the Country which was approved by the State Council to provide the medical educations in the Country.


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In the present scenario, the University is offering the prominent medical courses in China such as MBBS, Nursing Science, Dentistry and so on courses. 
If you are planning to pursue MBBS or any other medical course from this University, then you must go through this of our article once to understand all the relevant information about the medical courses from this University.

Courses Offered by the Tianjin Medical University 

There are several types of courses offering by the Tianjin University which includes the dentistry program, nursing program, preventive medicine program and the most important the MBBS program. 

MBBS program from Tianjin University is the most undertaken study program by the students under the medical field. The duration of the MBBS program is of 6 years which includes both the academic session and the internship session as well.

The Course has been designed into the three stages in the first stage the students are taught about the culture of China in the context of its medical system and the natural sciences in the first stage the students are provided the strong foundation about the Chinese medicine system.

In the second stage, the students are taught the comprehensive system of Chinese medicines which includes the fields of such as Anatomy, biology, Physiology, biochemistry and so on medical sciences. 

In the third and the last stage, the students are taught about the clinical medicine system, and it also includes the internship period where the students are provided the practical exposure of applying their knowledge.

Tianjin Medical University China Fee Structure

Amenities and the other Facilities 

In the Tianjin medical university, all the students are provided with the basic amenities and the other facilities which are relevant for the better study environment. It provides the following amenities and facilities.

  • Library and the Internet facility to keep the student’s knowledge purview broaden.
  • Basic hostel facilities along with the mess to provide healthy food to the students.
  • The big lecture and the living hall to offer enough space for each student.
  • Separate hostels living facilities for both the girls and the boys.

Tianjin Medical University Fee Structure

Students need to be aware of the fee structure of the medical courses before they seek to pursue MBBS or any other course from the Tianjin Medical University. Here is the fee structure below for MBBS.

  • First Year- 47000 RMB
  • Second Year- 47000 RMB
  • Third Year- 47000 RMB
  • Fourth Year- 47000 RMB
  • Fifth Year- 47000 RMB
  • Sixth Year- 47000 RMB 

This fee structure doesn’t include the living cost and the other kinds of associated costs which need to be determined by visiting the campus.

Tianjin Medical University Scholarship Program

Students who belong to the financially weaker section and can’t afford the fee of the University can apply for the scholarship program of the University. There are many kinds of Scholarship programs run by the Tianjin University such as the people scholarship, chen lude nursing scholarship and so on programs.

Students can apply for these scholarship programs, and the qualifying students will be awarded the scholarship to fund their studies.

Placement and the scope of MBBS from Tianjin Medical University China

As we know that the Tianjin Medical University is the first-ever medical university in China which was approved by the State Council hence the MBBS or any other course from this University holds significant recognition.

The MBBS degree from the University is recognized by all the medical bodies of the major countries hence you don’t have to be concerned about the scope of MBBS degree from the university. 

You can easily get a job in any of the major hospitals of China after earning the MBBS degree and further you can also start practice in the other countries as well by clearing the screening exams of that country. 

Climate and the Contact Details of China’s Tianjin Medical University 

Any MBBS aspirant candidate from China should also be aware of the climate reports of China in order to know about the living conditions of China. The climate of China is basically of the dry nature along with the wet monsoons.

Summer is here dry with the normal temperature and in the winter as well the winds are dry and cold. Overall the climate of the Country is of the normal standards. 

In order to contact the officials of the Tianjin Medical University to ask for any query, you can contact them at the following contacts details. 
Contact Number- 86-22-83336911
Email- fenglin8886@hotmail.com
Website- http://www.imstmu.edu.cn/ 

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