Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia

Siberian State Medical University which is also known as the medical college is a Russian medical institution. It is located in the Tomsk (Russia) region and is the oldest medical school in the country having its establishment year as 1878. It is counted on the second spot among the top 3 medical institutions of Russia.

So, if you are looking forward to having the admission into this medical institution then we urge you to go through our article before that. It will help you in gathering more information about it so that you can go ahead for the admission along with the full information.

Course Offered by Siberian State Medical University

Siberian State Medical University which was previously known as the Siberian State Medical school. It is the oldest medical school in Russia and is having the largest academic medical course offerings for the keen medical students both from Russia and overseas.

Here below we are providing you the major courses offerings from this medical University.

  • Medical Doctor Program
  • Master of Pharmacy Program
  • Economist of Manager in Health Care Program
  • Medical Nurse with Higher Education Program.
  • Medical Social Worker Program
  • MBBS Program
  • Clinical Psychologist Program

These are some of the major medical course that you can pursue from this medical college or the University.


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MBBS from Siberian State Medical University

Well, there are the wide numbers of the candidates who are interested particularly in the MBBS program of the Siberian State University and for that reasons, the candidates are often seeking to have enough information about the MBBS program of the University.

Here we are going to discuss the MBBS program of the Siberian medical institution.

The MBBS program has the typical 6 years of the duration just like any other medical institutions. The 6-year span of the MBBS has been divided between the academics and the internship session.

Here below we are listing down the major fields of studies which you will study in the MBBS studies of Siberian State Medical University (SSMU).

  • Human Anatomy
  • Biochemistry and Orthopaedics
  • Human Physiology and Biophysics
  • General Medicine and Surgery
  • Radiotherapy
  • Obstetrics
  • Forensic Medicines
  • Anesthesiology etc.

These are the major fields of studies which you will study in the MBBS program of the Siberian State Medical University. The last 1 year of the program has been allocated to the internship session, where the students get the chance to test their medical knowledge on a practical basis.

Siberian State Medical University Fees Structure

The fee structure of any medical institution is the significant aspect which the students must make themselves aware with so that they can take the admission related decision.

Here below we are listing the MBBS few structures of the Siberian medical institution.

  • First Year Fee- $3000
  • Second Year Fee- $3000
  • Third Year Fee- $3000
  • Fourth Year Fee- $3000
  • Fifth Year Fee- $3000
  • Sixth Year Fee- $3000

This fee structure doesn’t involve the living and the other associated costs hence students need to consider it while taking the admission.

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Amenities/Facilities Provided by the Siberian State Medical University

If you are wondering as to what are the basic facilities, which will be provided by this medical institution in the course of studies then you should be reading it below.

  • Separate Siberian State Medical University hostel for the boys and girls students.
  • Internet and the Library facilities.
  • 24/7 medical facilities for the students.
  • Canteen for the refreshments to the students.
  • Spots ground and the gym facilities etc.

Scholarship Program by the Siberian State Medical University

There is the scholarship provision from the Siberian State Medical University to the students who can’t afford to pay their fee and yet want to study in this medical institution. The scholarship which is offered by the Siberian medical institution is based on the merit and also on the financial background of the candidates.

We urge you to visit the campus of the medical institution in order to have more information about the scholarship program and the eligibility criteria as there is not much information available on the internet in this regard.

Scope of Medical Courses from the Siberian State Medical University

Well, if you are concerned about your medical degree’s scope from the Siberian State Medical University Tomsk Russia then you are under an illusion, my friend. It is a renowned medical institution, which is approved and recognized by all the major medical bodies in the world.

No matter which degree you earn from here it will be having full value and the recognition across the whole world. You can work either as a doctor or start your own practice after getting your medical degree from the Siberian medical institution.

Contact Details of Siberian State Medical University and Climate of the Tomsk(Russia)

As you are going to spend your six next years of life in the Tomsk region of Russia thus it is always advisable to make yourself aware of the climate of this region. Well, this region is one of the most extreme coldest regions of Russia along with the significant rainfall.

The average temperature in the region during the winter is around -1-degree Celsius which can fall below very normally. The rainfall scale here can reach up to 532 mm which is very significant. The maximum temperature here can be around 16 degrees in the summer season of July.

You may find some difficulties initially living here if you come from the region, where you have never witnessed below 0-degree temperature. It will be hard in the beginning but gradually you will get used to it.

If you are looking for the other any information about the Siberian State Medical University then it would be good to reach the officials of the University. You can get the contact information on that below.

Phone- +7 (3822) 53-04-23


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