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MBBS from Russian National Research Medical University has always been the top criteria for the Indian medical aspirants, who want to go to Europe for their medical education. 

Russia is a very culturally rich Nation which has the modern medical infrastructure, which offers the world-class medical education to the aspirants not just in its native region, but the aspirants from India and all over the world opt Russia medical University for their MBBS program. 

Here in this article, we are basically going to cover the same topic of MBBS in Russia from the Russian National Research Medical University, which is going to be a helping guide for all our medical aspirants who want to move to Russia for their medical education. 

We urge you to go through the whole article in order to get all the information regarding medical education from Russia at one single place.

Study MBBS in Pirogov Russia National Research Medical University 

Russian National Research Medical University and Medical Colleges offer a broad range of medical courses to the medical aspirants, who want to become the world-class medical professionals or the practitioners. There are many medical courses in the University, which have the global recognition across all the countries in the world.

The culture of the country is very adaptive with the welcoming people of the country and this is why you can witness the students from the different parts of the world studying medicine in Russia and you can surely go-ahead for your own medical program in the country.

Is Russian Research Medical University MCI Approved?

Well, it is not that that complicated process of securing MBBS admission in Russian Research Medical University, but for the Indian medical aspirants it is significant to check out the MCI clearance certificate of such University/Colleges since it is the first key criteria for the Indian students.

The good news here is that the majority of the Russian medical University including the Russian Research Medical University are approved not just by the Medical Council of India (MCI) but also by the other prominent medical bodies such as WHO,UNESCO etc, therefore the Indian medical aspirants don’t need to bother themselves to verify the MCI clearance certificate of the concerned medical University/College. 

You can check out the names of all the MCI approved the medical University of Russia in the later sections of the article.

List of Medical Courses Offered in Russian National Research Medical University

If you are seeking for the information about the university’s medical courses, then you can check out the list of all courses here below in this section.

  • General Medicine 
  • MBBS
  • Nursing 
  • BDS 
  • Stomatology 
  • Medical Diplomas
  • Hygiene and Diseases Prevention Programs
  • Dentistry 
  • Pharmacy programs 
  • Biochemistry and Clinical Programs etc

Russian National Research Medical University MBBS Course Fee Structure & Scholarship 

Russian National Research Medical University MBBS fee structure program is always trending keywords in the search items of Google’s search engine since the majority of the Indian and other Nation’s medical aspirants want to have the full information about the MBBS program of the University.

 We are listing down the full MBBS fee structure of the Russian Medical University for the reference of all medical aspirants. 

Number of Year Fee Structure (approx.)
First Year Fee$8850
Second Year Fee$8150
Third Year Fee$8150
Fourth Year Fee$8150
Fifth Year Fee$8150
Sixth Year Fee$8150
Total Fee Structure Inclusive of Hostel Fee (approx.)$49600

Further, if we talk about the scholarship facilities in Russian medical University then yes it offers the scholarship programs to the students. The scholarship eligibility criteria of the University is based on the merit and the financial background of the students. 

We urge you to check out the scholarship program of the University by visiting the official website of the University and then you can accordingly make your application for the scholarship program.

Online MBBS Application Form of Russian National Research Medical University

The University MBBS Admission Process is based on the online admission applications, therefore candidates can easily make their application online. 

You can check out the step by step admission process of the Russian medical University then below.

  • Visit the official website of the University and there click on make medical admission application then you will be redirected to the admission form.
  • Fill the entire form with the information required and make sure that you satisfy the admission eligibility criteria of the University.
  • Next, you must attach all the required documents in the form to prove your eligibility and then submit the form to the University.
  • You are now advised to be patient to receive the response of the University regarding the admission application.
  • Once you receive the admission approval from the University then you can go ahead to fulfil the other admission formalities and pay your admission fee. 
  • Once you get your student Visa from the University then you can move to Russia to start your academics studies.

Admission Eligibility Criteria of RSMU For Indian Students

The admission eligibility criteria of the university is something, which all the admission aspirants must check out to make sure that they satisfy the eligibility criteria.

 The aspirants can check out the full eligibility criteria here below.

  • The minimum educational qualification of the aspirants should be 10+2 in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology along with the minimum passing percentage of 60% to be eligible for the majority of the medical University admission application.
  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years.
  • NEET is mandatory for all the Indian aspirants.
  • There is no such entrance exam. However, some medical University may require TOEFL scores.

Documents Required for Admission in Russian Research Medical University 

It is highly advisable for all the aspirants to have some specific set of documents with them in order to complete the university admission process and have the better chance of availing the admission into the country. 

Here is the list of all those documents which are mandatory in nature for all the admission seekers.

  • 10& 10+2 academic qualification documents of the candidates.
  • A valid passport of the candidate 
  • Passport size photos of the candidates.
  • NEET certificate for the Indian candidates.
  • Transfer and the character certificates of the candidates.
  • Medical fitness certificates etc.
  • Other required documents.

Visa Application Process For Indian Students For Studying in Russian National Research Medical University 

As we all know that student Visa is mandatory for all those students, who are willing to study abroad for the specific period of time and in the similar manner the Russian medical University also requires the students Visa from their foreign students. The process of student Visa is very easy and almost automated for the students as the University takes care of the whole process. 

When a student is shortlisted for the admission purpose by the Russian medical University then the University itself issues the students Visa to such candidates after filling some certain formalities by the students. 

The Visa can be collected then from the Russia embassy in India or from any other country where the students belong and thereafter the candidate is permitted to fly to Russia for the sake of their medical education.

Benefits of Studying Medicine at Russian National Research Medical University 

Russia National Research Medical University’s hostels, scholarship and the other facilities are well recognised around the world, but in addition to these facilities, there are many benefits of studying medicine in Russia. 

You can check out some top advantages of MBBS from Russia here for your reference.

  • Russia is the major country of Europe which has the modern medical infrastructure and the medicine syllabus which offer modern medical education to the students.
  • The internship program of the Russian Medical University is a well-versed program which offers decent exposure to the students.
  • All the medical University of Russia are approved and recognised by the major medical bodies in the world such as WHO, MCI, UNESCO etc.
  • The cost of living and the tuition fee for MBBS program in Russia is affordable to the majority of the students.
  • The medium of MBBS program is English which is accepted at the international scale.
  • The culture and the people of the country are very friendly and welcoming to foreign students.

Hostel Accommodation Facilities at Russian Research Medical University 

We have provided you with the whole review of University for your easy consideration so that you can understand all the aspects of the medical institutions of the country. The hostel facility of the medical institution is always on the top point as you can find the hostels attached with almost every other medical University/College of the country. 

The hostels are attached to the campus of the colleges so that the students don’t have to waste their much time in the daily commute from hostel to the college/university or vice versa. Hostels provide all the other basic facilities to the students such as the mess facilities, a decent gathering hall and the spacious rooms where the students can study with their own space.

Russian National Research Medical University MBBS Highlights

As the majority of the aspirants are concerned with undertaking the medical education from Russia, therefore we are attaching the MBBS highlights in this section of the article for the reference of all the MBBS aspirants.

Name of ProgramMBBS
Duration of Program6 Years
Medium of Program English
Eligibility  50% Marks in PCB
Full MBBS Fee Structure$49600
Cost of Living $150-$200 Per Month
Climate Characteristics Cold/Moderate
Admission Window September p;

Climate of Russia & Contact Information of Russian National Research Medical University

It is not always the straight decision for any student to study MBBS in the foreign Nation since there are many aspects which have to be considered before making the final admission call and the climate is one of those aspects. 

Climate is something which affects the foreign students right after moving to Russia, therefore, all the aspirants must check out the climate characteristics of the country.

The climate of Russia can be defined and understood as the continental influence climate which highly varies from its one region to the other. You can witness here the mixup climate of hot, dry summers and the dead chilly winters depending upon the region of the country where the temperature can reach as low as -30degrees.

On the other side, you can witness the hot summer days just like the Asian continents and the climate of the country is highly fluctuating in nature due to the large size of the country. 

Overall you are not going to face any major issue during the course of your living in Russia. However, the winter season in some of its regions can be extremely tough to bear for the Indian students who are not prone to such winters. 

You can check out the contact information of the University below to reach them for any other query.

Website- https://www.russiansmu.com/

Phone+ 910 328-19-89

Email-  info@russiansmu.com

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