Omsk State Medical University, Russia

Omsk State Medical University is the Russian medical University which is located in the Omsk region. Omsk is a city in Russia which is one of the major cities of the country. University was established back in the year of 1974 and is a very famous medical University of Russia.


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This University has the legacy as one of the most oldest medical Universities of Russia as it has undergone through the many changes. In the current scenario, it offers extensive medical educations not only to the Russian aspirants but also to the overseas students as well.

If you are planning to study MBBS courses in Russia or any other course from this medical University then we urge you to go through this entire article. Here we would briefly discuss all the aspects of this University so that the candidates, who want to study under this University can get some benefits from the article.

Courses in OMSK State Medical University

OMSK is the name of a very premium and one of the best medical Universities of Russia which offer a wide range of medical programs to the aspirants. Here in this University, you can study almost all kinds of medical programs with the world-class medical infrastructure and at a very reasonable fee structure.

Here below we are adding the name of some major courses that you can study from the OMSK State Medical University.

  • MBBS Program
  • Preventive Medicines Program
  • Dentistry Programs
  • Nursing Programs
  • General Medicine Programs 
  • Faculty of Pharmaceuticals
  • Faculty of Stomatology 
  • Pediatrics Faculties 
  • Other Master Programs in Medicine 

These are some of the major medical courses which you can study from this University. MBBS is the most popular program of the University, which is subscribed by the vast majority of the native and the International aspirants.

It is comprised of the 6 years where 5 years are about the academic studies of the medicine and the last 1 year is about the internship session.

OMSK State Medical University Fee Structure

After having the basic information about the University the next important thing which needs to be discussed is the fee structure of the OMSK State Medical University. The fee structure is the important aspect of the University in the perspective of the majority of the aspirants since we all plan our MBBS program in accordance with the fee structure of the University. 

As we know that MBBS is the major program of the University which is sought by the wide numbers of the admission seekers. Here below you can see the MBBS fee structure of this University for your consideration. 

  • First Year Fee- $2100
  • Second Year Fee- $2100
  • Third Year Fee- $2100
  • Fourth Year Fee-$2100
  • Fifth Year Fee-$2100
  • Sixth Year Fee- $2100

All the candidates are hereby informed that the above-mentioned MBBS fee structure of the University doesn’t include the living and cost of food charges. It is the tuition and the admission fee and the other charges would be paid separately by the candidates.

We still feel that the fee structure of the OMSK State Medical University is very economical in the comparison of the other medical Universities and this is why it is a decent choice for the MBBS studies.

Indian Students in OMSK State Medical University

Well, if we analyze the perspective of the Indian MBBS aspirants in the context of the MBBS education then they seek the two important aspects in this program. Those two aspects are the affordable fee structure of the University along with the ease of admission.

Fortunately, the Indian aspirants can find both of the aspects into this University and moreover it is even approved by the Medical Council of India. 

NEET is the mandatory admission criteria of OMSK State Medical University and further, the language proficiency exams such as IELTS/TOEFL is also required to be qualified.

The level of competition in Russia for MBBBS education is less severe in the comparison of India, thus Indian aspirants have more chances of getting MBBS admission into the OMSK State Medical University.

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