NBE Notice; Passing Certificates for December’21 FMGE Exam

NBE Notice; Passing Certificates for December’21 FMGE Exam

Huge updates for Candidates passing the FMGE!

The National Board of Education (NBE) has recently come out with a notification that highlights some important details regarding the distribution of passing certificated for the FMGE Exam (December 2021 Session)

Therefore, candidates who have passed this exam (declared “PASS”) are advised to check all the important details and formalities regarding this on the official website https://nbe.edu.in/

Important Details regarding Distribution 

The passing candidates can visit the NBEMS Office between February 1st, 2022 to March 1st, 2022 according to the timings prescribed on their entry slip.

  1. The PASS certificates will ONLY be issued to the candidates “in-person”
  2. Only those who have qualified the December 2021 session of the FMGE Exam are eligible to get this certificate.
  3. The certificate shall only be made available once the candidate has produced all the required documents and his/her Face ID has been verified.
  4. No person, even if the authorized representative, other than the candidate will be handed the FMGE PASS Certificate.
  5. Candidates are required to bring all the documents (in the ORIGINAL format) listed in his/her Entry Slip and prescribed in the Information Bulletin along with the “Entry Slip” itself to gain entry into the NBEMS office.
  6. The National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) office is located at the PSP Area, Sector 9, Dwarka, New Delhi.

Candidates coming here need to report at the date and time prescribed and shall be following all the requisite Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB)

Failure to Follow Protocol

As mentioned above, the candidates need to report on the specific dates and times as mentioned in their entry slips. If they fail to do so, they have to wait for a slot that is vacant. This can take days.

In case there are some other reasons why a candidate cannot collect their certificates at the assigned date and time, s/he can’t turn up any other day. They first need to send a request for rescheduling at the NBEMS Communications Web Portal and seek approval from them for a revised schedule.

That is all one needs to know about the Distribution of Passing Certificates for the FMGE Exam 2021 (December Session). We shall keep bringing you updates on the various exams and other developments in the educational sector. Follow us at https://mbbsadmissionabroad.in/news to stay updated.