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The United Kingdom or Great Britain is one of the most developed and glorious countries in the world. The country is located on the European continent and includes the land of Great Britain. 

London is the official capital of the country and is one of the most potent and busiest cities in the world. The economy of the United Kingdom is very robust and developed, where the majority of the population comes from the middle and upper-class income slabs along with the high standard of education.

Study MBBS in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the land of most oldest Universities in the world, which are globally recognised for the excellence of their education such as Oxford University, Cambridge University etc. In a general scenario, it is nothing less than a dream came true to study any educational program from the United Kingdom. 

If we talk about studying medicine in the United Kingdom then it is one of the most sought programs of the country, which is aspired by all the medical aspirants from all around the world including India.

 In India getting medical education into the Universities such as the Oxford, Cambridge Universities is always the dream program for the Indians as these are the top Universities in the world. 

Step by Step Admission Procedure in the United Kingdom’s Medical Colleges For Indian Students

So, if you are curious to study MBBS in the United Kingdom then you should check out the step by step admission procedure, in order to get into the medical institution of the country. 

Here we are simplifying this step by step process of admission for the reference of all Indian medical aspirants.


  • All the admission applications in the Universities of the United Kingdom are made through the Universities and College Admissions Services. Therefore, you need to make your admission application through the same portal.
  • Attach all the required academic and the mandatory exams certificate documents such as the BMAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT.
  • Next, you just need to be patient until your admission application is shortlised by any medical institution of the country.
  • The University/College will contact you to inform you about the admission approval and will send you the admission invitation letter.
  • If you are willing to proceed ahead with the admission process then you can fulfil the other admission formalities such as paying the admission fee and applying for the Student Visa.
  • Once you get your student Visa in hand then you can move to the United Kingdom in order to attend to take up the regular classes.

Eligibility Criteria for Medicine in Singapore for Indian Students 

Well, in order to study any medical course in the United Kingdom the candidates have to meet out specific admission eligibility criteria of the medical institutions of the country. 

Here you can check out the standard admission eligibility criteria of United Kingdom’s institutions.

  • The candidate should either be holding the graduate degree or the class 12th educational qualification from the well-recognised board of education of the United Kingdom.
  • It is highly recommended that the candidates must score 90+% in their class 12th since the admission process is quite competitive and only the candidates with the ace academics are shortlisted for the admission purpose.
  • There should be the other qualifications certificate such as the BMAT, GAMSAT, UKCAT with the candidates as their certificates are required by the majority of the medical institutions in the country.
  • IELTS is mandatory as the language proficiency exam and there should be a minimum overall score of 7.0 in this exam.
  • NEET is mandatory for all the Indian medical aspirants.

Top MCI Approved Medical Colleges/Universities in the United Kingdom 

It’s always recommended to study medicine in the MCI approved colleges of UK since for the Indian students it’s mandatory in order to get the value of their medical degree back in India.

 Here you can check out the names of MCI approved medical colleges of United Kingdom.

  • University of College London 
  • University of Cambridge 
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Birmingham 
  • University of Oxford 
  • University of Edinburgh 

Cost/Fee Structure of MBBS in the United Kingdom 

If you are wondering about the MBBS in UK fee structure then here we are going to simplify the fee structure of some of the major medical institutions of United Kingdom. It will guide you to seek your admission in those institutions which are affordable as per your requirement.


Name of Medical University/CollegeFee Structure of Medical University/College
University of Birmingham1st and 2nd Year-21330 Pounds Per Year

3rd to 5 Year- 36840 Pounds Per Year

University of Manchester22000 Pounds Per Year
University of Bristol31800 Pounds Per Year
University of Dundee32000 Pounds Per Year
University College London 1st and 2nd Year-22620 Pounds Per Year

3rd to 5th Year-33650 Pounds Per Year

University of London1st and 2nd Year – 22620 Pounds Per Year

3rd to 5th Year- 33650 Pounds Per Year

Scholarship Opportunities in the United Kingdom’s MBBS Schools for Indian Students

Well, it’s the harsh side of the Indian medical aspirant’s ambition that the majority of the candidates can’t afford the fee structure of medical institutions of United Kingdom since the cost may go as high as 1 crore or even more. Fortunately, there are some scholarship programs in the country, which can ease out the financial burden from the head of those medical aspirants. 


Yes, you can apply for some of the widely known scholarship programs of the United Kingdom for the native and the international students. It includes the programs such as the Erasmus Mundus, Rhodes, Felix and the Chevening etc scholarship programs of the country. 

You can check out the details description of these scholars programs over the internet along with the eligibility criteria and the quantum of scholarship amount and then you can accidentally prepare yourself to apply for these scholarship programs.

MBBS In United Kingdom’s Degree Recognition for Indian Students

There is a tremendous scope of a medical degree from the UK in India since the country is filled with the globally known and regarded medical Universities be it the Oxford, Cambridge or the Leeds University. There are the significant numbers of the medical aspirants from India who give their all just to seek their medical admission into the top of the standard medical Universities of the United Kingdom. 

There are the significant career opportunities in India which you can get after you earn your medical degree from the UK, for instance, you will get the immense career prospective into the ace private medical hospitals of India, or if you are willing then the doors of government hospitals are also open for your medical profession. 

You can also plan to start your medical practice in India after clearing the MCI screening exam which is mandatory in the case of a foreign medical degree.

Visa Application Procedure for Indian Students in the United Kingdom

So, you are willing to earn your medical degree from UK but before that, you must be having the student Visa in order to step into the country.

 Here you can check out the step by step Visa application procedure of the UK for the Indian students.

  • There is tier 4 student Visa in UK which is applicable for the student over 16 years of age.
  • You will need the admission invitation letter from the medical college of UK in order to be eligible for the student Visa application.
  • Make your student visa application and attach all the required documents along with it such as the proof of funds to support your stay in UK, the academic qualifications documents, and the letter of invitation from the specific medical college of UK. 
  • It will take a few days period of time to process the Visa application and once it is done then you will be informed about the same.
  • You can collect your UK Visa from the UK embassy in India and then you can fly to UK for your educational program.

Hostel and Accommodation Facilities in the MBBS Medical Schools of the United Kingdom 

All the medical colleges of United Kingdom are well known not just for their exceptional standard of education but also for their excellence in campus services to the students. The colleges/Universities take care of all the basic facilities for the students in the course of their education. 

Here is the list of some basic facilities which you will avail in UK medical institutions.

  • Spacious lecture halls and the hostels space.
  • Internet facilities along with the library.
  • Playground and the Gym facilities.
  • 24/7 Medical attention to the students.
  • In campus banking facilities.
  • Transportation facilities for the proper commutation of the students.
  • Other canteen and recreational stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What entrance exams do Indian students need to appear for to apply for medical schools in the UK?

Well, there is not as such specific entrance exams but there are some tests whose scores are accepted into the majority of the medical Universities in the UK. It includes the exam such as GAMSAT/BMAT/UKAT and varies from the requirements of one medical institution to the other.

2. BMAT and UKAT examinations are required for applications to which medical courses?


Both of these exams are required in order to study the graduate level medical programs in the United Kingdom such as MBBS/BDS etc.


3. What are the top MBBS Universities in London?


Well, here you can check out the list of some top medical Universities of London.

  • UCL Medical School 
  • Imperial College School of Medicine 
  • Kings College London GKT School of Medicine 
  • United Medical and Dental School 
  • St. Mary’s Medical School and Hospital
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