Study MBBS in Nepal in Top Universities for Indian Students

MBBS is a medical abbreviation of the course Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. MBBS is a prominent degree in the field of medical and the surgery which is awarded by the medical institutions to any student who completes the graduation with the same stream.

MBBS degree is awarded by the various medical institutions across the world from every continent of the world. Nepal is the country in the Asian continent and the MBBS degree is also provided by the medical institutions of Nepal.

scope of MBBS in Nepal

So, if you are someone who is planning to pursue the MBBS from Nepal and having many questions in that context then you have arrived at the correct place.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the various aspects of MBBS degree for the country of Nepal which will surely assist you in getting all your answers about the MBBS from Nepal. 

Why Study MBBS in Nepal?

Well, this is the question which should be asked by every student before taking admission into any medical institute for the MBBS degree.

Well answering the question Nepal might seem like the small country with the limited amount of infrastructure, but the County does have the prominent medical Institutions, which offer the MBBS degree and having the same credibility just like any other developed country. Pursuing MBBS from Nepal should not be a doubtful choice for any student.

 list of Nepal medical colleges

Nepal is located in the Asian continent and is attached to the border of India primarily. The county of Nepal is although not developed it is still developing but if you are looking forward to pursuing the MBBS in Nepal then there are some medical colleges from where you can take up the MBBS medical stream.

Fee Structure and Eligibility 2019-20 for MBBS in Nepal

The eligibility criteria for pursuing the MBBS from Nepal is a candidate must be of at least 17 years of age and further the candidate should be qualified of 10+2 education from any school with minimum one subject of the English, biology, chemistry or the physics.

Candidate can apply for the admission in the desired medical institution after qualifying the eligibility criteria. The fees structure of the MBBS varies from one college to the other which can be ascertained by visiting the concerned medical college.

If you are looking forward to pursuing the MBBS from Nepal then you must qualify the MBBS in Nepal Eligibility criteria which concerns educational and other citizenship proof. The educational requirement includes the 10+2 qualified with either of the subjects include biology, physics, chemistry or English. If the candidate belongs to the country other than Nepal then the candidate must bring the certificate issued by the medical council of that country.

Fees Structure of MBBS in Nepal

Well, the fees of the MBBS course in Nepal is a subjective matter, as the fees do vary from the one college to the other. You are advised to first select the desired college and then visit the college in order to get the correct information about the fees of MBBS in Nepal.

The fees structure of MBBS in Nepal is depending upon the concerned college as there is no uniform fees structure of MBBS in Nepal. You are advised to get into the college in order to have the correct fees structure of MBBS in Nepal.

 medical education in china

Scholarship for MBBS in Nepal

It is quite reasonable to understand that the Medical courses such as MBBS require not only a long time but also a huge some of the money which is not possible to meet out for the lower class family. 

Keeping it in mind the government of Nepal has started the scholarship program for the needy candidates who come from the poor background can apply for the scholarship.

 admission in nepal medical colleges

Nepal MBBS Entrance Exam

An entrance exam is a gateway of getting admission into the MBBS and this entrance exam is conducted by every medical college in Nepal. The candidate who qualifies the entrance exam become eligible for the MBBS course.

Nepal Medical College Admission 2019

The year 2018 is about to end and 2019 is approaching it will bring a new session for the medical colleges. So, if you are looking forward to the admission in MBBS Nepal for the year 2019 then you should complete the admission formalities at the right time for the sake of Nepal medical college admission 2019

 fee structure of medical colleges in Nepal

MBBS in Nepal at Lowest Package 2019

We know that pursuing the MBBS literally requires a high amount of fees which is not a cup of the tea for the majority of the middle and poor class family. Here is the good news for such candidates if those candidates are NEET qualified then they can directly take admission into MBBS at reasonable fees which are lower than the other route.

MBBS in nepal for abroad students

Advantages of Studying in Nepal

Well, the answer to this question depends upon the nationality of the students to determine the advantage of studying MBBS in Nepal. Yet the few common advantages includes the lesser amount of fees. Yes, the fees of Nepal MBBS medical college is much lower than the other country’s medical college.

The cost of living and other such expenses are also much cheaper in Nepal and there are the colleges which even offer to pay the fees in installment. You can’t ask for anything better than this.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Nepal

Well just like the advantages there are some disadvantages too of studying in Nepal. Well, the very first disadvantage is that if you complete your MBBS from Nepal and go back to your own country, then you will be required to clear some extra medical exam in order to start your practice in the native country.

Another disadvantage may include that the medical college in Nepal is not that advanced as the developed countries have.

List of medical colleges in Nepal Recognized by the MCI

MCI Approved Medical College in Nepal are following –

·         TRIBHUVAN University

·         PATAN Academy of Health Sciences

·         Kathmandu Medical College

·         Institute of Medicine

·         B.P Koirala Institute of Health and science

 Study MBBS program form Nepal


Medical College in Nepal under Kathmandu University

There are several colleges which are affiliated from the Kathmandu University and are offering the MBBS. The major colleges are below

·         MANIPAL College of Medical Science, POKHARA

·         College of Medical Science, BHRATPUR

·         Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu

·         LUMBINI Medical College, PALPA

·         BIRAT Medical College, BIRATNAGAR

Medical College under TRIBHUVAN University Nepal

The medical college which is affiliated from the TRIBHUVAN university includes as following.

·         Institute of medicine

·         Institute of Science and Technology.

·         PATAN Academy of Health and Science.

·         Nepal Medical College.

List of Private Medical Colleges Nepal

There are both the private and the government medical colleges available in Nepal. Here are the names of the top private medical college in Nepal.

·         CHITWAN Medical College

·         College of Medical Science

·         Institute of Medicine

·         Gandaki Medical College

·         Kathmandu Medical College

·         National Academy of Medical Science

Top 20 Medical Colleges in Nepal

There is a hub of the medical college in Nepal both from the government and from the private hands. Here we are going to suggest you top 20 colleges of medicine in Nepal.

·         BP Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences 

·         Kathmandu Medical College 

·         CHITWAN Medical College 

·         Nepal Medical College 

·         KIST Medical College

·         NEPALGUNJ medical College

·         LUMBINI Medical College 

·        Nobel Medical College

·         BIRAT Medical College 

·         DEVDAHA Medical College

·         JANAKI Medical College

·         Institute of Medicine

·         University College of Medical Sciences and Teaching Hospital 

·         NAISHS College of Medicine 


·         UNIVERSAL College of Medical Science 

·         National Medical College

·         PATAN Academy of Health and Science 

Nepal is although not that prominent country in the world with its infrastructure and other things, yet the County produces some of the best doctors on the earth. There are plenty of people who come to Nepal medical colleges to pursue their medical edited from the Nepal Medical College.

You can also check this video for Top Medical University in Nepal

plenty of the government and non-government medical colleges in Nepal. Some of those offers the full-time MBBS programs and here are the names of those MBBS colleges in Nepal

·         MANIPAL College of Medical Science

·         Kathmandu Medical College

·         CHITWAN Medical College.

·         Nepal Medical College.

Best Medical College for MS in Nepal

Well if you are looking forward to pursuing the MS from the medical colleges of Nepal then here we are putting ahead some of the best names.

·         Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu

·         Nepal Medical College, Kathmandu

·         BP KOIRALA Institute of Health and Science

·         Institute of Medicine

·         KIST Medical College

Low-Cost Medical College in Nepal

Completing the medical course from any college at low cost is indeed a great deal. So, if you are planning to pursue your medical education in Nepal, then here we are suggesting you the low-cost medical college in Nepal.

  • Janaki Medical College
  • UCMS – Universal College of Medical Sciences
  • Gandaki Medical College
  • Kist Medical College
  • National Medical College

Nepal MBBS Top Colleges List with their Fee Structure

Nepal is the country which is known worldwide for offering the medical stream courses such as MBBS at very economical fees so that a medium class student can afford it. If we talk about the average fees of pursuing the MBBS from Nepal then it is estimated to be around $60000 which is economical than the other countries.

Here below we are providing you some of the best MBBS medical colleges in Nepal along with their approximate fees figures.

  • PATAN Academy of Health and Science

PATAN Academy is the great option of pursuing the MBBS from Nepal. You will be required to pay around 39 Lac Nepalese currency in order to complete your MBBS from here

  • BP KOIRALA Institute of Health and Science 

If you are planning to pursue MBBS from BP KOIRALA institute of health and science then you will be charged to pay the fees of around 38 to 40 Lac of Nepalese currency

  • Institute of Medicine

Institute of medicine is the other medical college for the MBBS and here you need to pay around  $50000 to 60000 for completing the MBBS

  • Kathmandu Medical College

Here you will be required to pay approx the 35 Lac Nepalese currency for the complete MBBS Program.

  • College of medical science BHARATPUR 

In this college, you need to pay the fees of approximately 46 Lac Nepalese currency which is comparatively higher than other medical colleges in Nepal.

  • MANIPAL College of Medical Science 

Here in this medical college of MANIPAL college of medical science, you will be needed to pay the amount of whopping $80000 which is on the higher side.

  • Nepal Medical College 

In the Nepal medical college also you will be required to pay the average amount of around $60000 to $65000 as your MBBS fees.

So, here above we have provided the fees structure of some prominent MBBS colleges in Nepal. This is the standard fees figure which may be subject to certain variations hence you are advised to visit the concerned medical college in order to get the exact fees structure.


If you are planning to pursue MBBS from Nepal then it is in your best concern to understand the country well before spending the next 6 years of your life in Nepal. Nepal is basically the country, which is located in the Asian continent and it is landlocked from the three sides by India.

Population and the Land Area

The land area of Nepal stands for 147181 square km and as per the Census 2016, the country is having a population of around 2.9 crores.

Capital and Largest city

The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu and it is also the largest city in the country with a population of 1.5 million. Further, the climate of Nepal can be divided into typical four seasons of winter, summer, rainy and the spring just like the majority of the Asian continent countries.

The winter temperature can go down even below the 10 degrees and the summer season temperature can also reach up to the 40+ degree temperature easily. It is a beautiful country surrounded by the valley and the mountains.


Indo Aryan which is the branch of Eastern PAHARI language is known to be the official language of Nepal. Nepalese rupee is the official legal currency of Nepal.

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