Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University

Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University

MBBS in Russia has been a noteworthy choice of so many Indian students and which has been reason because so many deemed universities meritorious affiliate education such as Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University is a pinnacle example of quality education with tremendously reduced rates of education fees. 

A big helping hand of the Ministry of Health and Education has constantly strived for excellence and invited candidates from all over the world through a markdown in tuition fees to an extreme level. 

Students are recently getting inclined to the idea of MBBS Abroad because almost 20 lakh students sit to take the NEET examination every year with the insufficient number of seats available which are about 85,000 and this leads to many fallouts in India. 

When the students fail to achieve any government seat under their name they shift the focus to pursuing their dream of attainment of a medical degree from a privately owned medical institute which incurs an unreasonable or exorbitant rate to bear. 

Mostly, families of medical students are in a great fix to choose between a quality education or the heavy expenses coming their way. Students who are setting up their minds to achieve an esteemed degree of MBBS have already incurred so many fees for the preparation of the prior exams and it extensively becomes a costly affair to get into any privately honed institutes for the degree. 

To eliminate this fear students tend to give the direction of making them inflow towards the idea of MBBS Abroad

MBBS Abroad is extremely beneficial to students who are looking for ample opportunities with reasonable costing, but the candidate needs to make up their mind before picking a choice from the vast option of the ocean. 

Students can choose USA, UK, or CANADA or can go with the choices like Russia. These things are counted according to the budget with which the candidate is most comfortable. 

Preferably MBBS in Russia is the superlative choice because it is a mix of both quality education and with the addition of budget-friendly options. 

Kabardino Balkarian State University Tuition Fee for MBBS

The biggest concern of students approaching the thought of changing their educational background for an MBBS abroad is the question or concern regarding the Kabardino Balkarian State University tuition fee for MBBS. Consideration of the university's fee schedule would be a subject of great importance. 

Students are eager to pay for quality education, and they can count on Russia to help them close the gap between their ideal education and what is actually available. 

Kabardino Balkarian State University Tuition Fee for MBBS 2023

1st Year 


2nd-6th Year


Grand Total 10,80,000

Eligibility Criteria for Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University

Eligibility Criteria for Kabardino Balkarian State University For attaining a seat and becoming a student in the university Kabardino Balakrian state university eligibility criteria need to be met, however, for different universities, the criteria differ or vary for this particular university the criteria as follows:

  • 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology ( physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory) 
  • 40% for Reserved Categories
  • NEET Qualified is necessary
  • The minimum age of the candidate must be 17 years at the time of enrolment in the university or by the 31st of December of that particular year. 


  • Academic records of 10th and 12th
  • HIV (negative report)
  • Covid certificate
  • Passport validity of 18 months
  • Bank statements
  • NEET Scorecard

Kabardino Balkarian State University World Ranking

If the topic of Kabardino Balkarian State University world ranking is popping then it should be noted that it’s one of the universities which has made its space in top rankings that can be checked by many online public domains and one such website which can be evaluated will be 4icu.org. 

It represents the calliber of university it holds in the place of the medical field. It is among the popular choice of not just parents or students but it ranks and beholds its huge recognition in a country like Russia. 

  • Country Rank: 87
  • World Rank: 3716

Why Russian Universities are the Preferred Location for Indian Students?

Russia has become the prominent choice of many medical aspirants because it’s a feasible option and a provider of ample opportunities to the candidate in a meritorious environment of learning. Russia is a beautiful country situated in the striking position of Eurasia. The country is in between Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

The country is well known for its large area captivating the esteemed medical universities of the world under it. Russia has a great set of relationships with India based on Political, economic, cultural, and bilateral relationships altogether. 

Russia is a warm and welcoming country toward international candidates. Russia’s one of the most sorted countries for opting for it as a medical student, because the fee structure is quite nominal in comparison to India. 

In Russia, the students are awarded the MD degree because the course is of a six years duration in which the MBBS and one year of MD are included. 

And, in the case of India, the MBBS is affiliated with the MD degree unknowingly and the candidates for the attainment of the post-graduation or medicine doctoral program undergo a separate course eventually.

Recently MCI has diligently strived on the favourability of candidates pursuing their MBBS Abroad for a plethora of reasons which will be working in the favour of the candidate's career scope:

  • Like candidates will be freed from any bound of fighting for the limited seating in the esteemed government medical universities.
  • Medical Applicants will not be incurring the heavy cost of private universities which is almost ranging from 50 to 80 lakhs in the universities of India.
  • Students will be relieved from the fear of losing their precious time for the attainment of their medical degree.
  • It will be an opening to the international platform of learning for the candidates.
  • Candidates become more adaptable to the multilingual environment.
  • Students have a high chance of relocating to a foreign country only even after the completion of their medical degree, instead of coming back to India.
  • Students almost have a null entrance examination process to enter foreign countries' universities and especially in Russia. 
  • Students are relieved from attempting any language-based assessment such as IELTS or TOEFL for becoming eligible for the admission process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University is MCI approved?

Ans.1. Yes, it is just not attained recognition from the MCI which represents the Medical Council of India but as well as many other deemed government bodies. The other government bodies which give the recognition would be the WHO and MERSEF.

Q.2. Is Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University have the English Medium of Education?

Ans.2. Yes, it has the provision of affiliating their educational program of MBBS in English medium only, and not just the medium of teaching constrained to English Medium but also the course and curriculum as well. 

Q.3. Does this university offers local language training?

Ans.3. University has the provision of facilitating the training of local language to the students which aids in the communicational gap with the localities during their clinical internship interaction period.

Q.4. How are the accommodation facilities in Russia? 

Ans.4. In Russia, international students have the best accommodation facilities for the students at reasonable pricing and with top facilities for affirmation of great value in considering this as an option for MBBS Abroad.