Is Orenburg State Medical University Good?

Is Orenburg State Medical University Good?

Orenburg State Medical University (OrSMU) is one of the oldest, and globally recognized medical universities located in Orenburg city, Russia. It is situated 1,456 kilometers away from the city of Moscow, the capital of Russia, and nearly 2,166 kilometers away from Saint Petersburg. Countries like India, the United States, Canada, and Australia globally recognize MBBS program offered by this university. It was founded in 1944 by State Committee of Russia. The first-ever batch of MBBS graduates from this university was released in May 1946.

Globally known for its strong academic foundation, hands-on clinical training, research research-focused education. About 1200+ Indian students and 2500 International students are currently enrolled in OrSMU Orenburg State Medical University. OrSMU is affiliated with 18+ different hospitals in Russia with 8000+ beds available so that students can have hands-on experience in the field of medicine by the time they complete their MBBS. More than 500 students qualify for OrSMU’s MBBS Program every year.

What Makes Orenburg State Medical University Desirable?

  • It offers 6 years of MBBS abroad including a year of internship.

  • English as the medium of instruction: It is one strong point why foreign students choose this university for education.

  • It is one of the oldest universities in Russia, trusted globally for its well-known reputation.

  • It provides quality education with up to medical pieces of equipment and infrastructure.

  • The education is theoretical as well as practical. They provide practical education through experiments.

  • MBBS curriculum is designed as per International standards.

  • It consists of a total of 54 subjects for which practical training is provided to the students.

  • 18+ clinical hospitals for hands-on experience.

  • Huge Faculty: 300 experienced professors, associate professors, and doctors.

  • A total of 47 departments including General Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Dentistry, Department of post-graduate training for specialists, Pediatrics, Preventive care, Pharmacy, and Nursing care.

  • It has its own research center.

  • It holds 350+ patents under its name.

  • It has rich libraries consisting of 400,000 books.

  • 900+ students in the hostel.

  • MBBS degree from this university is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), MCI/NMC (National Medical Commission), listed in World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), registered with Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

  • Affordable tuition fees.

  • Globally ranked University.

What is Orenburg State Medical University Ranking?

  • It is one of the top universities in Russia. It is recognized worldwide for its medical education by Medical Council of India, Medical Council of Canada, World Directory of Medical School, and Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.

  • It offers an opportunity to study medicine to domestic as well as international students and become doctors of international repute, in 6 years.

  • Orenburg State Medical University  ranking is 321 country rank and 8710 world rank by Uni rank.

  • Forbes, the leading American business magazine, ranked it the 2nd best medical University in Russia.

  • It is ranked 9225 in the world out of 14,131 universities; 2182 out of 2,785 universities in Europe; 299 out of 385 in Russia; and 3 out of 4 universities in Orenburg by Edurank.

  • Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA) University Ranking is 401-450 by the Q.S. world ranking.

Orenburg State Medical University Faculty?

Orenburg State Medical University Faculty depend upon the program the student is opting for. There are multiple faculties and departments mentioned below: 

Medical Faculty

    It has multiple departments namely:

    • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,

    • Department of Hospital Surgery,

    • Urology Department of Childhood Diseases,

    • Department of Human Anatomy,

    • Department of Hospital Therapy named after. R.G. Mezhebovsky,

    • Department of Faculty Surgery,

    • Department of Polyclinic Therapy,

    • Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases,

    • Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics,

    • Department of Faculty Therapy and Endocrinology,

    • Department "Training Simulation Center",

    • Department of Physical Education,

    • Department of General Surgery, and 

    • Department of Pathological Anatomy.

      Faculty of Dentistry

    • It consists of

    • Department of Normal Physiology,

    • Department of Operative Surgery and Clinical Anatomy,

    • Department of Ophthalmology,

    • Department of Pathological Physiology,

    • Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery,

    • Department of Therapeutic Dentistry.

    Faculty of Pediatrics 

    It has 12 departments namely:
    • Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology,

    • Department of Hospital Pediatrics,

    • Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology,

    • Department of Pediatric Surgery,

    • Department of Dermatovenereology,

    • Department of Radiation Diagnostics, Radiation Therapy, Oncology,

    • Department of Neurology, Medical Genetics,

    • Department of Otorhinolaryngology,

    • Department of Faculty Pediatrics,

    • Department of Phthisiology and Pulmonology,

    • Department of Forensic Medicine and Law,

    • Department of Outpatient Pediatrics.

    Faculty of Clinical Psychology

    It has 3 departments: 

    • Department of Psychiatry and Narcology,

    • Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy,

    • Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology

       Faculty of Medicine and Prevention

      • Department of Hygiene of Children and Adolescents with Food and Occupational Hygiene,

      • Department of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases,

      • Department of Microbiology, Virology, Immunology,

      • Department of General and Communal Hygiene,

      • Department of Clinical, Laboratory Diagnostics, and

      • Department of Disaster Medicine.

      Faculty of Higher Nursing Education

      It has 2 departments:
      • Department of Nursing and,

      • Department of Social Sciences and Youth Policy.

        Faculty of Public Health

        It has only one department.
        • Department of Public Health and Healthcare No.1

          Faculty of Pharmacy

          It has 4 departments:
          • Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmacognosy,

          • Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry,

          • Department of Foreign Languages,

          • Department of Pharmacology.

            Faculty of Foreign Students

            It has 2 departments:
            • Department of Russian Language,

            • Department of Internal Medicine.

              Institute of Pre-University Education

              • Department of Biology,

              • Department of Biophysics and Mathematics, and

              • Department of Chemistry.

                Institute of Vocational Education

                • Department of Surgery,

                • Department of Pediatrics,

                • Department of Preventive Medicine,

                • Department of Clinical Medicine,

                • Department of Management, Quality Management and Digital Technologies in Healthcare.

                Orenburg State Medical University MBBS Fees is mentioned below (yearly):

                Year of MBBS


                Hostel Fees

                One Time Charge

                1st year

                6000 USD*

                (Included in fee)

                2000 USD*

                2nd year

                6000 USD*



                3rd year

                6000 USD*



                4th year

                6000 USD*



                5th year

                6000 USD*



                6th year

                6000 USD*



                • Mess Charges: $100-120 Per month.

                • Medical insurance + Visa extension: 200$ per year.

                • The curriculum for MBBS in 6 years has 21600 class hours of which 6948 class hours are devoted to major subjects.

                • There will be more than 15 clinical trials provided to the student for practical training.

                • 88 Candidates of Medicine & 26 Doctors of Medicine teach at prescribed departments.

                • Students after each year of completion of MBBS:

                • 1st year: Assistant of medical attendants.

                • 2nd year: Assistant of a charge nurse.

                • 3rd year: Assistant of a treatment nurse.

                • 4th year: Assistant of a hospital-based physician.

                • 5th year: Assistant of a physician at the adult polyclinic.

                • 1-year Internship provided in 18 specialties.

                • Check your Eligibility here to get admitted to Orenburg State Medical University.

                How is Life at Orenburg State Medical University?

                Orenburg State Medical University (OrSMU), provides world-class facilities to its students. Mbbs in Russia they work for students’ education quality, comfort, and aim to provide better facilities.

                • Library: Orenburg State Medical University has more than 4000 books in the library. It is highly rich in medical books and students can study in the hall.

                • Mess: There are a variety of foods available in the mess. It is well taken care of to provide foods of the student’s choice. They take care of good hygiene practices and high-quality food to be served to the students.

                • Laboratory: There are laboratories for practical skills development, research, and practice, innovation and development, and experiments on dissection and pathology.

                • Modern classrooms: Interactive Learning Technology and digital resources, are used in the classroom for learning. Both theoretical and practical learning are focused on. 18 teaching hospitals are provided to the students for different research fields.

                • Hostel: There are more than 900 students in the hostel. Accommodation is provided to domestic students as well as International students. A cupboard, bed, kitchen, and common hall are provided to the students.

                • Cultural activities: International Cultural Festivals are organized where students can showcase their cultures through folk dance, music, crafts, and traditional attires. There are events like evenings of poetry, literature, cultural and educational tourism for overall development of students.

                • Vibrant campus: Over 500+ students pass out each year from different parts of the world. 300+ experienced professors are there to teach them. The university encourages diversity. Hence, they work on creating a multicultural atmosphere where different student population perspectives, cultures, traditions, and growing environments are encouraged.

                • Sports club: There is a sports complex for the students to play basketball, football, Volleyball, Lifting, Skiing, Chess, and Tennis, for fitness and teamwork. It has a gym, swimming pool, and indoor/outdoor sports complex.


                Orenburg State Medical University is a well-known medical school. It has a multicultural campus, focused on academic excellence. Its modern infrastructure, research, and innovation make it ranked on top worldwide. Recognized by countries like India, Canada, the U.K., U.S.A. speaks about its International reputation. Not only that, it promotes cultural exchange, team building by volunteering, and personal growth.

                Frequently Asked Questions?

                Ques.1) What is the tuition fees of Orenburg State Medical University?

                Ans: The tuition fee of Orenburg State Medical University is 36000 USD.

                Ques.2) Is there hostel facility in Orenburg State Medical University?

                Ans: There are 3 hostels in Orenburg State Medical University, it offers clean rooms, internet, bed, cupboard, etc.

                Ques.3) What is Orenburg State Medical Academy- Sports club?

                Ans: Orenburg State Medical academy promotes sports that offers Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Aerobics, Indoor soccer, Table tennis, Lifting, Skiing, Chess, Track and field athletics. The sportsmen participates in Municipal level, Regional level, Inter-regional level and National level. The students studying in the university can participate in various activities and can become a member of this academy.

                Ques.4) What is scientific and research work at the Orenburg State Medical Academy?

                Ans: At Orenburg State Medical academy scientific and research work is carried on Human ecology and environmental hygiene, Epidemiological and pathogenetic aspects of prophylaxis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases at the stages of cardiological continuum, Neuroendocrine mechanisms of regulation of morphogenesis, regeneration and adaptogenesis of cells and tissues, Surgical pathology of abdominal cavity organs, Pathology of joints: clinic, diagnostics, therapy, etc.

                Ques.5) Does Orenburg State Medical University offers MBBS in English?

                Ans: Yes, Orenburg State Medical University offers MBBS in English language to foreign students.