Is NEET Mandatory For MBBS Admissions In Abroad?

In India, the exam of NEET which stands for the National Eligibility Entrance Test is a mandatory exam to be taken and the qualified by every medical aspirant. This exam is required by almost each private and government medical hospitals to be undertaken by the students.

Once the students qualify the NEET exam then they can study their desired medical courses such as MBBS, BDS, and other concerned prominent medical courses.

Here in this article today we are going to discuss the relevance of the NEET exam in the context of the medical studies and we would also discuss that when the exam is mandatory to be taken by the students.

NEET for Abroad Students

MCI which stands for the Medical Council of India is actually the body which regulates the medical profession in India. The body makes the rules and regulations for the medical course in India which are implemented by all the medical institutions and the students as well.

Generally, the exam of NEET is mandatory to be taken by all the medical aspirants even by those students who are going to study MBBS or such other medical courses from the abroad or foreign countries.

Here in the year of 2018, MCI has given great news or relief to all the medical aspirants in the context of NEET exam. As per the notification from the MCI, all those medical aspirants, who want to study MBBS or such other medical exam from the abroad can now skip the NEET exam. This relief from the MCI to those students is only valid for the year of 2018 and there is one other condition as well in this regard from MCI.

The other condition which must be satisfied by the aspirants to redeem this relief is that only those students can take this exemption from the NEET exam who had not registered and appeared in the NEET 2018 exam.

It means the students who got themselves registered and appeared in the NEET 2018 exam but couldn’t qualify the exam can’t avail this NEET 2018 exemption from the MCI.

This exemption is only valid for the 2018 year and from the 2018 onwards NEET exams all the medical aspirants who want to study MBBS or other medical program are required to have qualified the NEET exam first.

MBBS in Abroad Without NEET

NEET is the mandatory exam which needs to be taken by every medical aspirant from India, whether the aspirant wants to study medical course in India or even in the abroad. As of now, there is no such provision of skipping the NEET exam for the students who want to study MBBS abroad.

It means even if you are planning to study MBBS in any of the foreign countries then first you will be required to appear in the NEET exam and then qualify it as well with the minimum passing marks.

Once the MBBS aspirant qualifies the NEET exam then such student can apply for the approval of studying the MBBS in abroad from the MCI. After the MCI provides the approval to the concerned MBBS aspirant, then the aspirant can directly seek admission in any of the foreign medical institutions for pursuing the MBBS.

Can I take Admission Without NEET in India

The straightforward answer to the question is clearly no. NEET is the mandatory exam in the context of taking admission into any of the medical colleges for the medical courses such as the MBBS, BDS, and other bachelor’s medical program.

NEET exam has been made mandatory to be qualified by every medical aspirant by the Medical Council of India. MCI is a medical profession and the medical educational regulatory body in India, which can make the rules and regulate all the medical professionals and the medical institutions in India.

Presently there are coming some news about granting the exemption from appearing in the NEET exam to those students who want to study MBBS abroad. The case is still pending with the Supreme Court, and until the case gets the otherwise verdict the compulsion of qualifying the NEET exam will be valid for the foreign MBBS aspiring students as well.

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