Hebei Medical University, China

Hebei Medical University is one of the high ranking universities in the Hebei region. This university is founded by the governor Li Hongzhang in 1894. Hebei medical college, Hebei college of traditional Chinese medicine and junior medical college of Shijiazhuang merged in one college, which named Hebei Medical University. IN HMU, currently more than 15000 teaching and administrative staffs.

Hebei Medical University China fee structure

Hebei Medical University is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei province which is 4 hours away from Beijing by car and 1 and a half hours by train. Hebei Medical University established in 1894.

Hebei Medical University is AAA graded and one of the oldest medical university in China.

The university has six affiliated hospitals.

Hebei Medical University has long records of international students who are coming from other countries for medical courses. Most students come from united states, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan, etc.

Courses in Hebei Medical University:

Hebei Medical University has four post-doctoral, 37 doctoral and 52 masters programs. Four postdoctoral programs are clinical medicine, basic medical science, biology and integration of TCM and western medicine.

Different types of courses provided in undergraduate and graduate programs like Teaching Programs, Teaching Quality projects, clinical teaching.

admission in Hebei Medical University China

MBBS course from Hebei Medical University:

Duration of the MBBS program: 6 years

This course duration is 5 + 1 (internship) year.

One year internship is compulsory. For international students, the MBBS course is taught in English.


Hebei Medical University provided a high standard accommodation facility. HMU gives all necessary facility to students like electricity, TV, telephone, washing machine, AC, water dispenser, desks, bed, beddings, and closets etc. separate hostel for boys and girls with security arrangement.

Fees of MBBS in Hebei Medical University:

Fees of MBBS in Hebei Medical University

30000 5500 35500 366147


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