MBBS in Fudan University China

Fudan University is one of the most prominent medical universities in China. It is located in the city of Shanghai and is an integral part of the C9 League of Chinese medical association.

Further, the University is A class double first-class standard university and these special points of Fudan University make it one the favourite medical university of medical courses aspirants.

So, if you are looking forward to studying MBBS in Fudan Medical University then this article is specifically going to be for you.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you with all the relevant aspects of the MBBS program from Fudan University, which will help you to analyze the program with a clear perspective.

Courses Offered by Fudan University

If you are keen to pursue any medic course from the Fudan University and for that purpose, you are wondering as to what kind of courses are actually being offered by the University, then here we are going to tell you about the courses offered by this University.

Fudan University offers the numbers of bachelor programs in medicine such as the MBBS, Pharmacy, Nursing, and clinical medicine.

You can visit the website of Fudan University to know more about the courses offered by the university. There are other masters and the doctoral medicine programs from the Fudan University for the medical courses aspirants.

Fudan Medical University china for MBBS

MBBS Program of Fudan University

As we have discussed above that there are numbers of the medical courses that you can undertake from the University. MBBS is one of the most undertaken programs of the University, which is studied by the vast numbers of the aspirants both from China and also from the foreign Countries.

The MBBS program from Fudan University is of the 6 years, which contains both the academic and the internship session. The program has been very decently divided between the academic studies of medicines, and then the internship session is also provided.

The first 5 years of the MBBS program have been dedicated to the academic session and the last 1 year is all about the internship period. In the internship period of the program, students are provided the practical exposure, where they are allowed to test their medicines knowledge on a practical basis.

The academic session of the MBBS program of the Fudan Medical University China includes the studies of following medical branches.

1. Human Anatomy

2. General Medicines

3. General Surgeries

4. Biochemistry

5. Radiotherapy

6. Biochemistry

7. Physiology

8. Anesthesiology

9. Obstetrics

These are the subjects which are studied by the aspirants in the MBBS program of the Fudan University.

Amenities and the other facilities provided by the Fudan University

Students of the Fudan medical university china are provided access to the basic facilities which are necessary to complete their studies in a good manner.

Here we are listing down those amenities and the facilities which are provided by the Fudan University to the MBBS aspirants.

1. Hostel and the mess facilities for the proper shelter and food services to the students.

2. Other facilities like Gym, basketball court and other access to such sports activities.

3. Library and Internet Facilities.

4. Spacious Lecture halls for the students.

Fudan Medical University Fee Structure

If you have finally made up your mind to pursue the MBBS from the Fudan University then it is better to be aware with the MBBS fee structure of the University, so that you can make your budget accordingly.

Here we are providing you the fee structure of MBBS from the Fudan University.

This is the complete MBBS fee structure of the Fudan University and this fee structure includes the tuition and the accommodation fee as well.

Fudan Medical University fee structure

Scholarship Program of Fudan University

If you can’t afford the fee of the Fudan University yet you want to study MBBS from this University then you can apply for the scholarship program at the University.

Yes, Fudan University offers the scholarship program to those students, who belong to the financially weaker section of society and can’t afford the MBBS fee of the Fudan Universit.

There is the various scholarship program from the Fudan University such as the Chinese government scholarship, Chinese local government scholarship and many other scholarship programs.

We advise you to visit the official website of the University to know more about the scholarship programs and their eligibility criteria as well so that you can apply for the scholarship program at the correct timing.

Scope of MBBS from Fudan University

Fudan University is one of the most prestigious medical universities of China, as it has its name in the C9 league of the China medical association. This is the reason why the majority of the MBBS aspirants wish to study MBBS from this University.

The MBBS program of the Fudan University is recognized by the major medical bodies of other countries such as WHO, GMC or MCI hence the MBBS from this university is going to be recognized everywhere in the world.

You can apply for the job in the medical hospitals of China or if you want to start your own practice, then you can start that as well by clearing the screening exam of that country.

Climate of Shanghai (China) and Contact Details of Fudan University

There are four major climate seasons in the Shanghai (China) which are summer, monsoon, cold and autumn. The weather here is of subtropical nature where the temperature can fall even beyond 0 degrees in winter, and you may even witness some snowfall.

The summer temperature here can reach easily 34 and beyond in the month of July, and you can avoid extremely hot and cold in the month of March April and May.

If you are having any more query about the Fudan University related to admission or anything else, then you can reach them by visiting their website or calling them directly.

Here below we are providing you the contact details of the Fudan University below.

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