Following NEET PG Revised Schedule, Demands For MDS Postponement

Following NEET PG Revised Schedule, Demands For MDS Postponement

Several medical aspirants have taken to Twitter demanding the postponement of the NEET MDS 2022 exam. The main reason put forward was that a huge chunk of students has not yet completed their mandatory internship, without which, they aren’t eligible for the exam.

The students say that if the NEET PG Exam 2022 schedule can be revised, the date for the MDS can also be postponed from the scheduled date of March 6th, 2022.

Outpour of Support

The protesting students have faced support from almost all corners of the medical fraternity.

  • The All India Dental Student Association have given their support towards establishing “equality and justice”
  • The United Doctors Front Association also wrote to the Dental Council of India. It highlighted the delays in the MDS 2021 counseling, and how an entire year of the candidates was wasted. It highlights that if the 2022 exam happens on the scheduled date, there will be 2 batches in the colleges at the same time, which will only create more confusion and inconvenience.
  • The fact was also highlighted that many interns from across the country have not completed their internship period, which will make them automatically ineligible for the exam if held on March 6.

The point that was stated was that due to the Covid pandemic 2021, the internship started late. Thus, the last date for the NEET MDS Admissions was extended till 31st July 2021. As far as the criteria for this academic year are concerned, the decision for the same shall be decided by 31st March 2022.

This means that more than 2500 interns will not be eligible for the exam. Thus, to make up for the delay in the internship, postponing the NEET MDS 2022 exam by 3-4 months is justified.

What Now?

Currently, there has been support from all over the country from various members of the medical fraternity. Among them is the United Doctors Front Association, whose President Dr. Deepankar Choudhary has reiterated the above points.

He has compared the scenario of the MDS to the NEET PG exam, and says that if a relief in dates has been provided in the latter case, MDS shall also be given the same treatment as the medical interns of the MDS exam are also facing the same problems.

He claims to have approached the Education Minister, the HRD Ministry, the Union Health Ministry, the DCI, and the NBE.

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