FMGE Exam Result Out for the December 2021 Session

FMGE Exam Result Out for the December 2021 Session

Huge medical updates coming!

The past few days have seen a couple of very big developments in the field of Postgraduate medical education; one pertaining to the doctors’ strike concerning the NEET Counselling delays and the other concerning the FMGE Exam. 

FMGE December 2021 Exam Result Declared 

The National Board of Examinations (NBE) has officially declared the results for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE Exam), particularly of the “December 2021” session.

The FMGE Exam is basically a screening exam held in India for all those Indian medical students who have a degree from any foreing university. Giving this is compulsory for said students if they seek to obtain a license to practice medicine in India thus, also making it the official licentiate exam of India.

Details of the Result 

As far as the results and other updates regarding this exam is concerned, the passing rate for this session was 23.91%, which is slightly higher than the 23.7% of the June 2021 session. Other details are as follows: -

  • A total of 23,691 candidates appeared for the December 2021 session of the FMGE Exam, which is a significant increase from the June 2021 number of 18,408.
  • Number of Candidates who Qualified = 5665 
  • Number of Candidates who Failed = 17,607 
  • Number of Withheld Results = 77

Although there has been a 1000+ increase in the number of qualified candidates (4283 in June 2021), that of the failed candidates also rose by leaps and bounds (12,895 in June 2021). However, as mentioned above, the overall pass percentage has seen a rise since June 2021.

Around 342 students were absent from the exam

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