Avicenna Batumi Medical University | Georgia | Fee Structure & Eligibility Criteria

Avicenna Batumi Medical University | Georgia | Fee Structure & Eligibility Criteria

MBBS in Georgia serves as an excellent choice for students who are looking to study in Europe within a budget, yet with world-class education and ease of access to education. Batumi is one of the major attractions for MBBS as it is second largest city in Georgia; and is known for a perfect blend of 19th-century classical buildings and ultra-modern skyscrapers housing hotels and casinos. Located on black Sea and surrounded by palm trees and mountains, it has a healthy environment with pleasant weather with an average temperature of 14.5 degrees Celsius.

Avicenna Batumi Medical University is dedicated to transforming its motto, "learning for life" into a tangible reality through the implementation of modern and innovative methods in teaching, learning, and research that adhere to Western standards. The university places a strong emphasis on internationalization and the cultivation of international relations, which are essential for fostering a global academic environment. 

By focusing on the development and sharing of knowledge, the university strives to become a renowned academic platform, offering superior quality medical education. Its commitment to these principles guarantees that students receive a thorough and state of the art education that prepares them for lifelong learning and professional excellence in the medical field. The university teaches to work by focusing on history of the patient, prevention of the disease to recovery. This helps to achieve an inclusive quality of healthcare these qualities makes it the first choice for MBBS Abroad in Georgia.

Avicenna Batumi Medical University Summary





Medium of Instruction


MBBS/MD Duration

5 years of academic studies+1 year internship

Recognized by

NMC, WHO, Higher Educational Institution Accreditation Council of the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Should have attained 17 years of age.
  • 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.
  • 50% in Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
  • Should have qualified NEET.

Entrance Exam Required for Indian Students


Courses offered at Batumi Medical University

MBBS, MD, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Postgraduate Courses, Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, Pedagogy Courses.

NOTE: MD is equivalent to MBBS in Georgia.

Why Choose Avicenna Batumi Medical University?

  • The first university in Georgia was founded with a foundation based on a network of hospitals, integrating healthcare facilities into its educational framework from the outset.

  • The integrated teaching approach covers the entire spectrum of human life, addressing everything from preventive measures to rehabilitation strategies i.e., an educational approach that includes instruction across all stages of human life, from preventing health issues before they occur to providing care and rehabilitation after illness or injury. This holistic approach ensures that students receive a thorough understanding of healthcare that spans the entire lifecycle, promoting well-rounded expertise in medical practice and patient care.

  • A simulation training center is allocated to the students which is designed as per latest American standards, and serves as a facility where they can earn practical training in simulated medical scenarios. It also has advanced technology and tools that replicate real-world conditions, allowing them to practice clinical skills in a controlled setting. They have mannequins and simulation software that mimic patient responses, enabling realistic learning experiences. This helps to enhance the skills of healthcare providers of Batumi Medical University Georgia’s students to effectively manage medical situations with certainty and proficiency.

  • Health and Longevity Scientific Research Centre is aimed at promoting health via innovations and scientific knowledge. Their main focus is on disease prevention, premature aging, lifestyle diseases, etc. With the help of medical intervention, the center is working to prevent disease, delay aging caused due to multiple factors, and poor lifestyle that contribute to overall well-being and extended life expectancy. They have interdisciplinary collaboration with healthcare professionals and researchers.

  • The Continuous Professional Development Center serves the purpose of engaging in various educational activities such as workshops, seminars, courses, and certifications. These are designed to enhance professional competence, promote innovation, and excellence in practice.

  • Avicenna Batumi University’s teachers and students uphold social responsibilities. They actively engage in community services, ethical conduct, and environmental stewardship, that aims to contribute positively to society beyond their academic pursuits.

  • The environment is safe and there are multiple ethnicities. Students from different backgrounds are admission to the university. This promotes a multicultural environment in the university.

  •  Its classrooms offer a dynamic learning environment based on American standards for students pursuing medical education. The university equips these spaces to support interactive teaching methods and practical learning experiences, crucial for comprehensive medical training.

  •  The medium of teaching is English which makes it convenient for Indian students to study.

  •  Budget-friendly tuition fee of 4000* US Dollars annually which is less compared to Western countries.

  •  The low cost of living  250-270* US Dollars makes it an ideal place to live as a student

Avicenna Batumi Medical University Ranking

Avicenna The university is recognized by World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), which accredits medical education programs worldwide; Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG); United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE); World Health Organization (WHO); ISO certified which helps educational institutions improve their management system and enhance their reputation in the education sector, International Certificate Network (IQNET) certified.

Batumi Medical University's world ranking is 8,377th and ranked 13th country-wise.

Avicenna Batumi Medical University Eligibility Criteria

  • The student should be 17+ years of age.

  • They should have completed 10+2 schooling with at least 50% marks in aggregate from subjects Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

  • The board of schooling should be recognized such as CBSE, ICSE, State Board, etc.

  • The candidate should be NEET qualified.

 Avicenna Batumi Medical University Admission Process

  • To apply to this university, one needs to fill out the application form with details.

  • Upload all necessary documents.

  • Receipt/Proof of tuition fee payment.

  • Copies of educational documents attested.

  • Passport.

  • Identity Card

  • Submit the application form.

Required Documents 

  • Passport,

  • X, XII Marksheets.

  • X, XII Certificates.

  • Proof of English proficiency (if English is not taken at 10+2).

  • Medical Certificate.

  • 10 Passport-size photographs face visible with ears.

  • NEET Scorecard.

Avicenna Batumi Medical University Fee Structure

Avicenna Batumi University Georgia MBBS fees are described below:

Academic Year

Academic Year (semester-wise)

Tuition Fees*

Fee for Hostel + Canteen*

1st year

1st semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

2nd semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

2nd year

3rd semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

4th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

3rd year

5th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

6th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

4th year

7th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

8th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

5th year

9th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

10th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

Clinical rotation 6th year

11th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

12th semester

2000 US$ 

2750 US$

There is flexibility in paying Avicenna Batumi University Georgia MBBS fees semester-wise. Students can choose to pay it annually or by semester.

Avicenna Batumi Medical University Hostel and Campus

The University offers 5 clinical bases. There is a clinical practice from the first year onwards.

  • Simulation training centers are for Improved clinical skills; Enhanced decision-making abilities; and Increased confidence levels.

  • Scientific-Research Center for Health and Longevity.

  • There are 3 phases of concept program: Basic phase, Preclinical Phase, and Clinical Phase.

  • Avicenna Batumi Medical University Hostel is well-equipped with a Bed, Chair, and Study table. The rooms can be shared with 2 or 3 roommates.

  • There is student space on the campus for self-study.

  • Large digital classrooms for lectures.

  • Laboratory for experiments, research, and innovations in healthcare sector.

  • There are research priorities of the university that includes the following:

  • Research on biomarkers linked to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and their genetic origins.

  • Identification, prevention, and management of regional, epidemiological, and socioeconomic factors in bronchial asthma and COPD.

  • Post-COVID population health studies.

  • Liver transplantation and immunology.

  • Growth and development of children before and during puberty on a global scale.

  • Tumor screening in asymptomatic populations using various tumor markers.

  • Biomarkers and genetic factors of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Investigation of coagulopathies in different groups.

  • Study of addiction.

  • Research on diabetes and thyroid disorders.

  • Air and seawater pollution research.

  • Advocacy for women's rights and the prevention of femicide.

  • There is a library, conference space, and recreational space for student’s education and overall development.

Student’s life at Avicenna Batumi Medical University

  • At Avicenna Batumi University, a student is fully supported by student support services. The goal is to promote a multicultural environment and diversity.

  • The university is dedicated to promoting fitness among students therefore they organize activities such as sports (Volleyball, Football, etc.).

  • The campus has a gym for physical training.

  • There are joint events, and workshops to build teamwork; and cultural exchange.

  • Students get dedicated faculty with interactive learning in the classrooms.

  • Networking opportunities are there to connect with peers, and experts to exchange knowledge.

  • There are cafeterias where students can relax.

  • Batumi is a beautiful place where students can experience different cuisines, see historical figures, and enjoy their time at Batumi Beach. There are aqua parks, a botanical garden, a Batumi Dolphinarium, etc. to spend time and destress.

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    Frequently Asked Questions?

    Ques 1: What are the fees for MBBS at Avicenna Batumi Medical University Georgia?

    Ans: The tuition fee for MBBS at Avicenna Batumi Medical University, Georgia is 24,000 US$ for 6 years.

    Ques 2: How long is MBBS course at Avicenna Batumi Medical University?

    Ans: MBBS is equivalent to MD in Georgia the course is for 5 years of academic studies succeeding a year of internship.

    Ques 3: Which language is used to teach at Avicenna Batumi Medical University?

    Ans: English is used to teach MBBS/MD programs at Avicenna Batumi Medical University to foreign students.

    Ques 4: Is Avicenna Batumi Medical University recognized?

    Ans: Avicenna Batumi Medical University is listed in WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) which includes data of 3,700+ schools, with information on curriculum and enrollment.