Are you Looking for MBBS in Uzbekistan?

Are you Looking for MBBS in Uzbekistan?


Study MBBS in Uzbekistan has been a tremendous/notable choice for Indian medical applicants and other international students. The country facilitates the world standard/ class of education for medical aspirants. 

Uzbekistan is a beautiful country which is located in central Asia and has enclosed with most of the prominent countries named like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. 

Uzbek is the locally acquired spoken language of the country. But, due to increasing no in tourism, localities are also grasping and well-knowledgable about the English language as well. The country has been ranked or positioned 42nd in the matter of concern to the population. 

The people over there have a platonic relationship with their culture & traditional growth. People are highly inculcated in their faiths and beliefs. 

This country has a great inclination towards its historical standing as a nation & also has a great educational history to showcase. 

90% of the population accompanied would be Muslim majoritarians and the rest includes Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus.

There are many MCI-approved medical colleges in Uzbekistan available for candidates who are aspiring to devote their medical journey to this country. The name of the following institutes is as follows: 

Each university assures top-notch educational faculty, with economical budgeting and an updated structured curriculum. 

HIGHLIGHTS of Uzbekistan

All About Uzbekistan 

Capital: Tashkent

Currency: Uzbekistan Som

Population: 35,163,944

Language Spoken: Uzbek & English

Religion Practice: Islam, Buddhist, Christian & Hindu. 

Candidates Friendly: Yes

Uzbekistan has been emerging as a renowned choice for international students considering MBBS courses. The country affiliates various interesting pinpoints for attracting candidates and tourists.

Some of the interesting highlights of the country would be: 

  • White Gold: Uzbekistan is a fast-growing country and the “cotton” industry has been the prominent industry that has fluctuated the growing pace of the country to newer heights and they have named this material as the “ white gold” in the country. 
  • It’s a Double Landlocked Country: the country has been accompanied by the various countries as their neighbors which also influences the cultural forming to a greater extent as well. So, Kazakhstan has been escorted by Uzbekistan in the north, Kyrgyzstan in the northeast, Tajikistan in the southeast, Afghanistan in the south, and at least Turkmenistan in the South-west. 
  • Home to the Enormous Pit Gold Mine: Uzbekistan has been the homeland of the biggest pit goldmine in the world which is Muruntau Gold Mine in the Qizizlqum Desert. 

It has the second highest position for annual production at 66 tonnes. The pit is around 3.3 km by 2.5 km & at least 560 meters deep as well. It was first discovered in 1958 and commercial mining began in 1967. Even in 2020, Uzbekistan is entitled as the world’s largest gold producer country of the world. 

So, these are a few interesting points of the country which encaptures the interest of the candidates to greater length. 

All About MBBS in Uzbekistan

If the students are inclined towards the idea of pursuing their MBBS in Uzbekistan because of a plethora of reasons then they are encompassing many beneficiary points as well in the course time of the learning experience, and that can be: 

  • Nearby Location: the predominant point of benefit for picking Uzbekistan as the country for the MBBS course by the applicants because of less traveling time and if counted the exact hours of traveling from Delhi to Tashkent will take 3.5 hours, which in most countries comparison is quite less. And, costing of the travel will also be inexpensive or on the cheaper side. It is also close to the near ones of the candidates. 
  • Impactful Clinical Exposure: the country has a high rate population because of which candidates have a high chance of clinical learning discoveries and which will lead to greater potential learning of the candidates.
  • Local Language Training: The candidates have the advantage of getting additional training in the Russian language or Uzbek for the candidates although the whole curriculum and teaching will be in the English language only. For their conversational convince.
  • License to Practice: In Uzbbekistani universities students get immediate licensing for practice even without any additional examination process. Only admission is the main criterion for this.
  • Budget Range: Uzbekistan in comparison to many countries is among the cheapest option so far because the currency rate of Uzbekistan is tremendously lower than compared to the Indian currency rate, and because of this the study in Uzbekistan has been the choice of the inexpensive lot. The budget would be ranging between 25-30 lakhs, and it depends from university to university.

Highlights of the MBBS in Uzbekistan

Accreditation: NMC, WHO, etc

Mandates: Qualifying NEET

Medium of Teaching: English

Accommodation Facilities: Yes

Knowing Universities in Detail

Acquiring medical education can be a challenging call for the candidates, but when compared to another field of education, the perks and satisfaction one gain is impeccable and has no room for doubt. 

And, implementing a cherishable medical journey of the candidates while studying abroad for the mobs in Uzbekistan has facilitation of top-quality medical education in these institutes and are 

Tashkent Medical Academy: 

A university is a leading option for many medical aspirants because it offers attainment of overall development of students, It is cheap and offers real-life based learning to their students. Their dream is to traverse their learning Mbbs in Uzbekistan.

Students are offered a multilingual environment to interact with. Innovative-based teaching leads to the attainment of high-quality learning outcomes. 

Students are provided with well-equipped and modern technology.

Fergana State University:

Fergana State University Is the Best Choice For Medical Candidates From All Over the World. The University Is Accredited Underneath Reputable Titles Such As Mci, Who, And Nmc. Additionally, it is a great chance To plan Their Study Abroad Mission with affordable fees rate of medical courses and an abundance Of opportunities to succeed.

Now, if we talk about the Uzbekistan MBBS Fees, The fee structure of the Fergana State University would be 

Fees Structure 2023


Total Fees (USD)

Hostel Fees (USD)

Other Charges (USD)

Total (USD)

1st Year





2nd to 6th Years





Grand Total





And, then lastly, the fee structure of the Tashkent Medical Academy would be as follows:


Tashkent Medical Academy Fees

Course Tuition Fees (USD)

Hostel Fees (USD)

General Medicine

3,000 500


3,500 500


2,500 500


2,000 500

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is the admission process in Uzbekistan for MBBS?

Ans.1. The admission process for MBBS in Uzbekistan would be as follows:

  • Register to the university website
  • Read all the details carefully.
  • Submit the primary documents to the university
  • 10th Marksheet
  • 12th Marksheet
  • NEET Scorecard
  • Original Passport
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Medical Report
  • Hiv Report (Negative)
  • Covid-19 Report (Negative)
  • Then wait for the universities to revert back after the critical analysis of the documents.
  • Offer letter from the university
  • After completion of all the processes submit the fees
  • Apply for the visa and book your tickets
  • And fly to the allocated destination.

Although it completely relies on the university to university for their admission process. 

Q.2. Are there any scholarship schemes available for foreign candidates?

Ans.2. Yes, Uzbekistan implements the idea of provision scholarship schemes for the students. 

Q.3. What are the locations of Tashkent Medical Academy and Ferghana State University?

Ans.3. The location of the universities are as follows:

Tashkent Medical Academy: Tashkent City (capital of Uzbekistan)

Ferghana State Univesity Uzbekistan: Fergana 

Q.4. What are the specific advantages of admission to Tashkent Medical Academy?

 Ans.4. The specific advantages that lay here are that the university is located in Tashkent City which is the capital of Uzbekistan and it has the easiest commute for the Indian candidates. The airways have the shortest or direct route (from Delhi to Tashkent) and daily slots of availability for the candidates to travel.