Approx 80% Rise in Other Countries MBBS Aspirants Reveals RTI with Medical Council

The MBBS medical course in India is considered to be the top-notch medical course, which attracts huge enthusiasm and the popularity from the medical stream students. This is one fact and you will be shocked to know the other recent fact about the course, which shows the significant changes in the pursuit of MBBS from the other Countries instead of India. 

Yes, you heard it right as per the recent RTI reply from the Medical Council of India it has been revealed that there has happened to be a significant change in the numbers of the students who are willing to pursue MBBS from the other foreign Countries.

Medical Council further revealed the stats about the numbers of the eligibility certificates as has been issued by it to the MBBS aspirants, who are willing to pursue their MBBS program from the other foreign Countries.

The statistics have been issued by the Medical Council of India proves that there has been an 80% increase in the numbers of the students, who now prefer pursuing the MBBS from abroad. The 80% change is a considerable percentage which could be the cause of concern for the medical council of India.

In the Year 2015-16, there were approximately 3400 MBBS aspirants who were issued the eligibility certificate by the Medical Council of India and this figure raised to the numbers of over 14500 MBBS aspirants taking a considerable hike.

There could be the various reasons behind such shift of MBBS aspirants towards the foreign Countries to undertake their MBBS course and one of those major reasons is the fewer MBBS seat availability in India for the aspirants.

In India, there are approx 60000 combined seats, which are offered both from the private and the government medical colleges to the MBBS aspirants while there are the million of the aspirants who fight over those seats.

This is the prime reason which justifies the migration of Indian students to the foreign Countries MBBS program. Further, there could be the other reasons as well such as the MBBS aspirants from India get the lucrative package of MBBS from the foreign Countries, which is available at the lower cost in the comparison of India.

If you have any question arises in your mind about is MBBS safe from Abroad?

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The standards of foreign MBBS education conforms to the norms of international level medical education, and all these reasons in combined make the MBBS program from the abroad more appealing than from India.

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