Study MBBS From Amur State Medical University

If you are aspiring to study the MBBS program from Russia then Amur State Medical University could be one of the best medical universities in Russia. It is located in the Blagoveshchensk Amur Oblast and is offering the many kinds of bachelor, masters and the doctorate degrees.

So, if you are looking for the various aspects of the MBBS program from the Amur State University then you should be reading ahead this of our article.

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We are going to cover all the relevant aspect of MBBS from Amur State Medical Academy so that you can make the most of this article.

Courses Offered by Amur State Medical University

Amur State University Russia is a prestigious University of Russia with the rank of 344 and 9322 worldwide. There are many types of medical courses and degrees offered by the University, which includes the bachelor, masters and the doctorate degree. You can study the various types of medical courses here such as MBBS, Nursing, Dentistry, and many such other medical programs.

MBBS is the most featured and the prominent course of the University which is preferred both by the national and the international MBBS aspirants. The MBBS program in this University is of 6 years program, where the aspirants can take the direct admission without any donation. English is the official language medium so that international students can also study without any language barrier.

As we have discussed above that the MBBS program from this University is of 6 years, where the students are taught the complete medicine system of Russia from the beginning to the advanced stage.

The program has been designed in such a manner that in the first 5 years students need to go through the basic academic session of the medical studies, and in the last 1-year students are provided the internship session.

In the internship period, students are given the practical exposure of applying the academics knowledge on a real-time basis, to learn the medicines and their application in the best way.

In the academics session, students undergo various medical branches and the major of those we are providing below.

  1. Human Anatomy
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Physiotherapy
  5. Physiology
  6. Radiotherapy
  7. General Surgery
  8. Obstetrics etc.

Amur State Medical University MBBS fee structure A

Fee Structure and the Scholarship Program of the Amur State Medical University

Fee Structure is the significant aspect of the MBBS program hence if you are willing to pursue MBBS from the Amur State Medical University then you must make yourself aware with their fee structure. Here is the fee structure below for your concern

  • First Year Fee- $3404
  • Second Year Fee- $3404
  • Third Year Fee- $3404
  • Fourth Year Fee- $3404
  • Fifth Year Fee- $3404
  • Sixth Year Fee-$ 3404

This is the complete fee structure of 6 years for the MBBS in Amur State Medical Academy and this fee also includes the hostel fee in it.

Further Amur State Medical Academy also provides the Scholarship Program for those students who can’t afford the above-mentioned fee structure of the University.

You can visit the official website of the university to check out the scholarship program, and also the eligibility criteria of the program. The scholarship program can refund the entire of the partial fee of the students depending upon the financial status of the student.

Amenities and other Facilities for students by the Amur State Medical University

Being a student of the Amur State Medical University you will be provided with many kinds of basic facilities so that you can easily study MBBS there without the lack of necessities.

Here is the list of amenities or facilities which are provided by the University

  • Library and the Internet Facilities
  • Canteen and the Mess Facilities
  • Students Club for Recreation Purposes.
  • Gyms and Sports ground for the students
  • Medical museums
  • Computer classes for research and exploration purposes.

These are the basic facilities provided by the Amur State Medical University to make sure that students don’t face any trouble in the course of their studies.

Scope and Placement of MBBS from Amur State Medical University

This aspect might be the cause of concern for the majority of the MBBS aspirants since we all want to study MBBS from any such medical University which has the decent scope and placement opportunities for the MBBS program in Russia.

Talking about the MBBS from Amur State Medical University the University is well recognized across the World and the MBBS program from the University is accepted by the medical bodies of every other country.

After studying the MBBS from Amur State Medical University you can either start practice in Russia or anywhere in the world after clearing the screening exam of that country.

Amur State Medical University MBBS fee structure B

Climate of the Russia and Contact Details of Amur State Medical University

As you are planning to study the MBBS from the Amur State Medical University hence it becomes important for you to know about the climate of the Country since you are going to spend next 6 years of your life there.

The climate of the country is kind of very extreme where the average temperature of January can be around – 10 degrees and even lower than that, on the other hand, the summer average temperature can be around 22 degrees in the month of July. Overall the temperature of winter is more of challenging in the summer is on the average scale.

If you are having any query about the admission process or about anything else then you reach out to the officials of the Amur State Medical University to get your query resolved.

Here below we are providing you the contact details of the University


Phone: +7- 4162 234-500


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