All About Brokenshire University: MBBS in the Philippines

All About Brokenshire University: MBBS in the Philippines

Mbbs in the Philippines has been a significant attraction spot for Indian medical aspirants. As a seat in India majorly strives for stiff competition, it is primarily because of its scenic location and well-structured academic environment. Brokenshire College Philippines has been among the top-notch names for the esteemed Philippian medical universities in the world. 

Philippians has been amongst the most popular tourist spots because of its beauty and of the habitual weather conditions which are following the Indians mostly. The weather conditions in the Philippines are primarily tropical. 

For Mbbs Abroad, thePhilippines is the 13th most populous country in the world, and India is amongst the most frequent countries to have entrants for the notable universities of the Philippines.

It is calculated that in the year 2022 about 15,000 Indian students will be admitted to most of the universities in the Philippines. And, from this 5,443 students emerged for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) and about 2,019 students passed the screening Test.

Experts presumed because of the tough competition existence in India, in the foregoing years, many countries globally like the Philippines, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and many more, candidates are diverting their choices to attain a medical degree from these following countries in the last six-seven years. 

Those who have sufficient amounts to splurge or can meet their medical fees cost prefer the US, UK, or Canada. And, doesn't want to return afterward as the fees range over a crore. And, continue to work in that particular country. 

Instead, the candidates who are hailing from a middle-income group and are hesitant towards bearing the high cost of medical expenses plus the living cost aspire to study off their dream course in the countries where the hassle of competition is much lower and fees are appropriate according to their budget.

While the NEET UGcounseling is amongst the highest in the country since time passed by, and following that counselors are facing off attending the question of “ Quality education with nominal fees rate”. And, MBBS Abroadfulfills that dream.

To Study Mbbs in the Philippines, candidates are not bound to pay heavy expenses or any extravagant living or traveling expenses. 




INSTITUTE TYPE: Private University

Eligibility: 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology ( physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory) 

(40% for Reserved Categories)

LOCATED IN: Davao City, Philippines





Brokenshire College also known as Brokenshire College of Medicine or Brokenshire School of Medicine is situated in the splendid city of Davao since 1954 and has been serving the nation and the world with its premium quality of education for 4-decade long time. 

The University has been a generative spot for so many medical aspirants to the brilliant medical professional.

The choice of MBBS in Philippines in Brokenshire College has well-versed amenities to inculcate an attractive deal for the students who are aspiring to make study abroad in the Philippines a one-stop destination and especially the Brokenshire Medical University. 

The reasons are the following:

  • VARIED COURSES: Brokenshire College isn't just home to medical studies but a variety of courses are also taught to the students such as arts, sciences, and business.
  • MULTICULTURAL ENVIRONMENT: The university predominantly boasts a multicultural environment of students and an inclusive learning environment within the sphere of Brokenshire College. 
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Brokenshire College lays its hands on social activities too for a constructive approach in the students which also leads to affirming the social values in the candidates for a better person and a doctor shortly. 
  • ECONOMICAL: The university is an autonomous institute but yet the prices are reasonable and predominantly lesser than most of the privately owned universities of India.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Living in the Philippines is quite distinguished from most foreign countries, as Brokenshire College is a budget-friendly option so students get hostel facilities at a much lower price. 
  • Well Accredited: The university acclaimed a much higher rapport on a global spectrum and is amongst one of the top medical universities in the Philippines. It has been recognized under various governing bodies such as WHO, NMC, CHED, USMLE, ECFMG, and FAIMER.

Special cases like when students who hailing from India and aspired to get admission in MBBS in Philippines have not completed any specified courses such as B pharma or Bsc then students need to make sure to get the degree of one year course known as AB psychology and then need to proceed it with an NMAT exam for getting admitted in MD course which is equivalent to an MBBS course of India. 

And, if the students have done a basic course then they are eligible to get admitted directly into the MD degree with any other specifications. 

All about Brokenshire Fee structure 

Now, lying concentration on the most important point while students make or break the choice to study abroad or for Mbbs Abroad would be the pricing or particularly talking about Brokenshire College fee Structure. The concern or question is the main scrutiny of students around the world who are addressing the idea of shifting their education background for MBBS Abroad. Behold the fee structure of the university would be a topic of prominent interest. Although, the university fee structure is pretty compact. 

Students are prepared to pay for a good education and the Philippines is a noteworthy country to aid students to bridge the gap between their dream and reality. 


Fees (Peso/INR)


(1 YEAR)

1st installment


2nd installment


1st Year MD


2nd Year MD


3rd Year MD 


4th Year MD 






Additionally, students can also look for some more top universities to have a conceptual idea of some more esteemed universities of the Philippines that are:

  • University of Perpetual Help System Dalta
  • AMA School of Medicine
  • Our Lady Fatima University
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College 


Q.1. Is there any scholarship provision for international students?

Ans.1. There are many scholarship schemes available for deserving candidates when they choose MBBS in Philippinesand for further details, medical applicants can look for them on the website of Brokenshire College.

Q.2. How is the environment of Brokenshire College?

Ans.2. The university is surrounded by the southern Philippines of Davao City which has scenic beauty and a favorable environment as the main attraction spot for tourists. 

Q.3. What is the admission process for Brokenshire College? 

Ans.3. The process of getting admission to the university is simple and compact the process is as follows:

  1. Registration
  2. LOR needs to be submitted
  3. Documentation
  4. Letter of Invitation