Achieve Ultimate Success with MBBS in the Philippines

Achieve Ultimate Success with MBBS in the Philippines

Many are dreaming of pursuing MBBS in the Philippines and many have turned this dream into reality. The number of students who go out to study MBBS in the Philippines every year is above 10,000; an increase can be seen in this number over the years. This is because of the facilities available for medical students in the Philippines. In this blog, you will gain a fair idea about Studying in the Philippines and how it can be a successful plan for your career and beneficial opportunities in life. 

About the Philippines- 

An archipelagic country, the Philippines is globally known for its beauty of islands and beaches. The country is rich in biodiversity and has an effective systematic approach toward the sustainable development of humans. It is officially known as the Republic of the Philippines and is situated in Southeast Asia. Where Manila is the capital of the country, on the other hand, Quezon is the largest city in the philippines. 

By then, the Philippines had an emerging market and was slowly turning from agriculture to service and manufacturing oriented. It is also one of the pioneer members of the UNO, WHO, ASEAN, Asia-Pacific Economic Forum, and the East Asia Summit. Over the past many years, the country has come a way long in terms of growth and development. 

Highlights about MBBS in the Philippines- 

Course Name 

MBBS the Philippines 


NEET exam score 

Age required 

17 or 17+



Course Duration 

5.5 years to 6 years 

Course Fees 

15 Lakhs- 23 Lakhs 

Medium of Teaching 


Why choose MBBS in the Philippines?

MBBS in the Philippines has a vast scope of medical aspirants. For those who choose to study MBBS in Philippines, it's an opportunity they can acquire a global perspective along with a globally recognized degree. 

Many dreams of studying MBBS abroad, however many turn it into reality, but many do not, and one of the major factors found in not accomplishing this dream is the financial burden which can be afforded by many but by many, can not. When it comes to studying MBBS in the Philippines, it is one of the countries that allow students to achieve their aim of studying MBBS abroad, as the country provides Medical courses at affordable prices which makes Philippines MBBS fees for Indian students pocket-friendly, however about which students will get a brief further in the blog. 

Here, let’s put light on the factors that will make you choose MBBS in the Philippines.

  • Globally recognized universities- The Philippines has some prominent Medical universities that allow intensive courses to students in medicine. These universities are recognized by the top authoritative bodies such as World Health Organization (WHO), National Medical Commission (NMC), and similar organizations. 
  • A degree acquired from MCI-approved medical colleges in the Philippines which is now NMC, is considered all around the world and helps students in securing a worthy future anywhere in the world. 
  • No More BS course- In the Philippines, the pattern of BS+MD has been removed. Students now only have to complete the MD course which is 5.5 years which also comprises an internship and will be equivalent to an MBBS degree in India. However, If a student has no background of B.SC or B. Pharma, then him/her needs to pursue AB psychology and attempt the NMAT exam only after which a student will be considered eligible for an MD course in the Philippines. 
  • No Entrance required- While applying to any university or course, students often found worried about preparing for an entrance exam or language test however, if you are planning to take admission to a prominent medical university in the Philippines then give up on the worry of the Entrance test as there is no entrance of language test required.
  • However, you must have a qualified NEET exam score which is required to get admission to MBBS in Philippines
  • Faculty of Experts- Get the benefit of being taught by a faculty of medical experts and scholars who not only focus on your in-depth understanding of the course through practical and theoretical means but will also provide reasonable guidance for better future opportunities in the medical career. 
  • International standard education- Many might have thought that being affordable, the option to study MBBS in Philippines could have low educational standards. However, the country ensures its education quality. With the affordable cost of medical courses, the country provides an international standard of education. For more, the medical education quality of the country can be ensured by analyzing the USMLE rate which is 100%. 
  • Affordable course- As mentioned previously in the blog, the country provides affordable courses ensuring a good quality of education. A student can have a budget of 15 to 22 lakh and he/she can easily complete the medical course from a prominent medical university in the Philippines. This also makes the Philippines MBBS Fees for Indian students affordable as well. 
  • Multicultural Environment- Students from different corners of the world choose to study MBBS at some of the prestigious universities of medicine in the Philippines, this grants learners a multicultural environment where they share diverse cultures and backgrounds on the same campus. In such an environment, students can share different opinions on various global topics. They also get an opportunity to learn from different scholars. 
  • International exposure- As mentioned previously the Philippines has a good education quality hence for the same reasons some of the prestigious universities have collaborations with prominent national and international medical institutions which help in conducting academic activities such as seminars, round-table conferences, educational seminars, debates, and such several other competitions. This helps students in immense growth and development. 
  • Top-Notch University Infrastructure- Some of the MCI-approved Colleges in the Philippines have International standard-based infrastructure that is completely equipped with the necessary tools and resources that help in the skill development of the students. Such as laboratories, hi-tech classrooms, libraries, study halls, etc.

Courses Offered- 

The MCI-approved medical colleges in the Philippines provide a variety of medical streams to medical aspirants so that they can pursue their dream at their convenience. These courses are- 

  • General Medicine 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Dentistry 
  • Surgery 
  • Postgraduate courses

MBBS in the Philippines Fees-

As mentioned previously in the blog, the Philippines MBBS fees for Indian students are affordable for the students which is one of the reasons for fulfilling the dream of many students to pursue MBBS from abroad. On average, a student can complete his/her MBBS from the Philippines between the budget of 16 Lakh to 25 Lakh as per the Indian currency. 

Also, the university does not ask for any type of donation or extra payments, it's just the idol fees of the personal expenses of the students on which money has to be spent. 

Eligibility for MBBS in the Philippines- 

If you have a desire to make it to the best medical colleges in the Philippines, then you must have a clear idea about its eligibility criteria. Read the below-mentioned points for the same- 

  •  Certificate of Secondary and senior secondary education. 
  • A Minimum of 50% in the 12th standard is required from a general category applicant. 
  • A minimum of 45% in the 12th standard is required from a reserved category applicant. 
  • Proof of senior secondary with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) background. 
  • Qualified NEET exam score.
  • The candidate should have the age of 17 or 17+ or should complete the age of 17 by 31st December of the admission year. 

Required documents for MBBS in the Philippines- 

  • ScoreCard of senior school and senior secondary school. 
  • NEET scorecard (qualified).
  • Original passport
  • Passport size photograph 
  • Bank Statement 
  • Offer Letter 
  • HIV Certificate 
  • Covid-19 certificate
  • Visa of the applicant 

How to apply to study MBBS in the Philippines?

  1. Visit the official website of your desired University.
  2. Go to the admission section and apply for the admission.
  3. Fill the application with valid information.
  4. Attach the required documents.
  5. Submit the application.
  6. On hearing from the university, submit the course fees. 
  7. Prepare for Visa 
  8. Once you have acquired your visa, you are good to fly to your dream university and start with your chosen medical program. 

Is Medical Degree from Philippines valid in India? 

Many of the students are often seen going through a confusion about the validation of a medical degree from the Philippines. The answer is Yes! 

A medical degree acquired from the MCI- approved Medical College in Philippines is valid all across the globe however, students might be asked to qualify for the eligibility exam to obtain a doctor. For example, If a student completes his/her medical degree from the Philippines and wants to pursue a medical career in India, it is important for the candidate to attempt the NEXT (National Exit Test) exam to be officially registered as a Doctor in India. 

Facilities available to students? 

Being one of the pivot destinations among medical students the best medical colleges in the Philippines provide adequate facilities for students which allow them a good survival such as- 

  • Get taught by experienced and highly skilled faculty.
  • Healthy learning environment. 
  • Convenient accommodation and hostel facilities.
  • Multicultural environment to explore and contact with people from different regional backgrounds. 
  • Lively campus environment and cafeteria facilities for students.
  • Modern way of learning.

Top Medical Universities to study MBBS in the Philippines-

  1. University of Philippines System 
  2. University of Santo Tomas 
  3. University of Cedu
  4. Our Lady of Fatima University 
  5. University of Philippines, Manila 
  6. Far Eastern University in Philippines 
  7. Davao Medical School Foundation 
  8. AMA School of Medicine